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  • Weekend Getaway

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                         WEEKEND GETAWAY

                           MOVIE REVIEW


    Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance.


    Director: Desmond Elliott.


    Producer: Ini Edo, Emem Isong, Monalisa Chinda.


    Writter: Emem Isong


    Screenplay: Kehinde Joseph, Bola Aduwo, Uduak Ogwamanam.

    Starring: Genevieve Nnaji,  Ramsey Noah, Monalisa Chinda, Ini Edo, Uti Nwachukwu, Bobby Obodo, Beverly Naya, Brian Okwara, Alex Ekubo, Uru Eke, Ini Ikpe Etukudo, Ime Umoh, Ekere Nkanga.


    Media Company: Royal Arts Academy.


    Year: March 29, 2012.


    Duration: 1 hour, 4mins.


    Reviewer: Nwankwo Stephen Uba.






        Weekend Getaway is a comedy drama that focuses on relationships. There are five couples or “lovers” in the movie sharing in their conflicts and misunderstandings. The movie shows controversies that come with relationships and also clearly shows romance. The setting of the movie is subtle, natural and serene. There is a little bit of adventure in the movie as all the major characters travel to Akwa Ibom to stay in the Le Meridian Hotel for one reason or the other mainly relationship issues and official purposes. The movie has a little action and ends with suspense.




        The movie centres on five couples with relationship issues who spend the weekend at the exotic, Le Meridian Hotel, Akwa Ibom. The movie kicked off with adventure as Genevieve Nnaji taking a trip to Akwa Ibom. Then the conflict starts with Beverly Naya and Bobby Obodo who are newly weds and always quarrel. A Medical Executive was played by Ramsey Noah who fell in love with Uru Eke his assistant. A rich and bore bachelor was played by Brain Okwara who travelled to the Le Meridian to hook up with his blind date. Monalisa Chinda on the other hand brings her younger boyfriend or “sugar boy”, Alex Ekubo on a business meeting. Ini Edo and Ime Umoh play the Hotel workers. Ini Edo works as a waitress and room service attendant while Ime Umoh works as a luggage attendant. They are both in the Hotel’s customer service.

        There was spite, quarrelling and misunderstanding in the movie which can be seen clearly in various scenes. Misunderstanding is clearly seen when Brian Okwara meets Ini Edo and thinks that she is his blind date. Quarrelling can be seen in the life of the newlyweds and also in the life of the “sugar mummy” and “sugar boy”. A little action in performed by the amazing Genevieve Nnaji In one of the Hotel rooms. Jealousy can also be viewed in the relationship between Ramsey Noah and his assistant, Uru Eke, and let’s not forget they had very good chemistry together, maybe they would act together again in another movie. Not forgetting the hilarious scenes played by Ini Edo and her Co worker, Ime Umoh,  especially the beg for a kiss part where Ime Umoh was slapped seriously in the face. Uti also didn’t have to shout in his role, what a relief but he and Genevieve didn’t establish that connection together. The movie also made use of flashback.

        Desmond Elliot did a great job as the director.  He brought his A game on and made good short and sharp transitions of the scenes and also the fading into scenes was precise. Royal Arts Academy also did a great job on the perfect sound and picture quality. This shows that Nollywood is really improving. The telephone calls were not really understood and I felt that some scenes were very unnecessary, but all the same great job by Desmond Elliot.

        The movie, Weekend Getaway, has one of the best cast in the Nollywood industry. I like the subtle promotion of the Hotel and depiction of the cultural heritage and richness of Akwa Ibom. I’m sure you will enjoy the movie if your expectation is not too high, toms up to the producers. All the same my rating for the movie is a 6/10.



                      ELEMENTS OF PRODUCTION

    Camera shots:

    -Long shot














    -Median shot


    -Close up shot






    Camera Angle:

    -High Angle



    -Low Angle




    -Mid Angle



    Camera Movement:

    -Horizontal Movement which involved panning and tracking shot.

    -Vertical Movement which involved Dollying.



    -Fading into scenes was precise.

    -Short and Sharp transitions.


    Camera Speed:

    -Mainly Normal Motion with a bit of Slow and Fast Motion.


    Flashbacks were also used in the movie at various scenes.



    It is a 2014 Nigerian drama film set in the Benin kingdom. It was directed by Femi Arase. It stars Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin, Bukky Wright, Yemi Blaq and a host of others.
    Initial release date: May 8, 2015
    Director: Frank Rajah Arase
    Screenplay: Frank Rajah Arase
    Producer: Frank Rajah Arase
    Genre: Drama,film
    Cast: Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin
    Camera movements: internal, horizontal, and vertical movements

    One would think of iyore as Rajah Arase’s own inception, an epic, mind blending, time travelling film within a film.

    Iyore (The Return) or as I like to call it “Playing with Reincarnation” is a twisted tale of love transcending from one lifetime to another and growing stronger each time it is reenacted. It tells the story of Osarugue (Rita Dominic) a married Secondary school English teacher in the 80’s who is in love with a crown prince of Benin Kingdom Azuwa (Joseph Benjamin) but it is forbidden for she already belongs to another man Osas (Yemi Blaq). The Prince Azuwa is to be married to Ajoke (Okawa Shaznay) a Yoruba Princesss who might be a Reincarnation of Amenze on of the scared Virgins of the ancient Benin Kingdom who had an affair with Edosa the warrior and had to elope with when rather than be buried alive with the dying king.
    The movie opens with an aged Joseph Benjamin and a smooth faced Rita Dominic who apart from her clothes hasnt aged at all. They are lovers reunited again after a series of tragic events that would hunt thier love affair from the beginning till the end. Dominic’s character narrates the story to her whiny teenage son.And this shocking, bittersweet tale of hers spans generations and continues even up till the present. Employing a series of time shifts, flash backs and forward cuts, Rajah Arase juggles multiple story arcs in the air at the same time, zig-zagging through time and space.
    There is the aged lovers, Osarugwe and Eweka, (Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin), then in a series of flash back scenes, the origins of their romance is traced to when big haired Osarugwe was a young wife, teaching History at the local high school, and married to another. By some stroke of genealogy, Mr Benjamin (Eweka) becomes the crown prince of the entire Benin kingdom, but is also engaged to another. Both Eweka and Osarugwe were childhood sweethearts and now, Eweka resurfaces and wants back into Osarugwe’s life. Custom dictates otherwise though and he is expected to marry a princess from a neighboring Yoruba kingdom (Okawa Shaznay).
    This thread bears a striking similarity to events of previous generations, one which has been encapsulated as history and which Osarugwe narrates to her eager students. In this narration, a maiden queen shares a forbidden passion with a foolish warrior that ends in bloodshed. In yet another narration, occurring much earlier, an act of betrayal leads to devastating consequences. Somehow, all of these story arcs are related, somehow they must add up.
    At its core, Iyore is a tale of 2 star crossed lovers, doomed by fate to remain eternally apart and this central romance, as well as what becomes of the lovers, is interesting enough to power a much more disciplined and reflective film.
    As such Iyore quickly finds itself succumbing to the director’s excesses. Too much is going on at the same time, too many plot swings and time jumps, but not enough time to follow anything to a satisfying conclusion. The arc between Osarugwe and Eweka especially suffers short shrift and the tension explodes prematurely instead of igniting to a slow burn.
    Rita Dominic is a movie star, While Dominic is dependable as usual, she does not quite disappear into the role of a Benin maiden. Her movie star looks constantly get in the way and it probably would have helped, if she had learnt a few lines of the local dialect.
    Joseph Benjamin has built a career playing boring second fiddle to famous co- stars. He is at it here again and while his hard work shows, he is still overpowered by his more famous co-star. Cameroonian Okawa Shaznay plays multiple roles that are essentially the same but raised on Rajah-Arase’s style of rushed film making, she finds herself overpowered by the demands of her roles. Paul Obazele has a brief but scenery chewing role as a powerful Oba.
    The picture is crisp, with plenty to look at in terms of fine scenery and colorful period costumes but the locations, even those from the pre-colonial days have a contemporary feel, not quite convincing of their authenticity. Some noticeable energy is put into staging the fight scenes, but Iyore, like most Nollywood films still has more than its fair share of dialogue. The work of the make-up team shows so much that Rita Dominic looks more like a Zaron cosmetics model than a frumpy school marm. Special effects do fine work until they have to stage a lightning scene that just comes off silly.

  • Unfaithful husband



    Title: UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND part 1

    Genre: Drama

    Location: Lagos

    Date of release: March 2015

    Duration: 1hr 36mins 26secs

    Director: Dickson Iroegbu

    Screenplay: Emmanuel Anikwe

                           Reginald Ebere

    Producer: Alex Odun

    Main cast: kennenth okonkwo

                        Monalisa Chinda

    Continuity: Austin comedy Ojinaka

    Camera shot: The shots mainly used in this movie were close up shots and long shots.

    Close up shot:




    Long shots:



    Camera angle: low angle and high angle

    Camera movement: pan left and right



    This movie is very interesting, you can imagine what happens when a husband decides to cheat on his faithful wife and frustrate her out of the marriage. Will she be patient and make things work for the sake of their kid or will she get frustrated and file a divorce?


    Can all women forgive their cheating husbands and make their marriages work? The “Unfaithful Husband” is a good movie that tests the patience of a faithful wife. I like this movie mainly because of the wife Monalisa Chinda “Mirabel”, the way she handled the issue of her unfaithful husband and I also liked the acting, it was well played.

    But on the other hand, I think the husband kennenth okonkwo “Charles” was going overboard, he says he loves her but it does not really seem like. And I also would critic Monalisa’s too calm attitude I think she should have taken drastic steps to bring her husband to his right state of mind.


    The movie is very interesting and I would recommend it to Nigerian movie lovers.

    Favorite quote:

    The attitude to disunity in a home is tolerance _Cynthia Amadi.


  • The Advocate


    Title of the movie: The Advocate

    Genre: Drama

    Director: Desmond Elliot

    Producer: Dominion Bassey

    Screenplay: Dominion Bassey and Effiong Akaniinyene

    Locations: Cross- River state, Lagos state and University of Lagos 

    Duration: 2:12:30

    Year of release: 2012

    Movie rating: 8/10

    Main Cast: Desmond Elliot, Dominion Bassey, Eric Anderson, Ema Etukudoh, Maureen Ekpenyong and Rico Ekpenyong.

    Reviewer: Aina Faith, 14BE016552


    A movie about the daughter of a renowned pastor who died and came back to life after two days. Filled with a zealous spirituality after her encounter with God, she now stands as an advocate to fulfil her purpose by causing all her loved ones to get back to the place of righteous with God, particularly her father.

    Elements of production

    In the movie, camera movements, angles, shots such as

    ·         Tracking shot

    ·         Pan

    ·         Zoom in and zoom out

    ·         Long shots

    ·         Close up shots

    Were used in the movie.


    This movie stars Desmond Elliot, a popular Nollywood actor who acts the role of Pastor Ifiok, a renowned pastor who still acts in hypocrisy. His daughter, Caroline Ifiok tries to change him back to righteousness with God, after her encounter with God.

    Basically, this movie is a Christian movie that aims at drawing Christians back to the place of righteousness with God.

    The lead actress, Caroline Ifiok after her encounter, keeps on lecturing her father to stop being a hypocrite and using The name of God to make money. She also lectures her other loved ones such as Mary and Mercy to go back to the place of righteousness with God. The Advocate conveys the lesson of forgiveness and righteousness. The movie also shows the punishments that some persons reaped as a result of the evil they did in the past. For instance, Elder Patrick suffered a stroke because of he raped a girl in his church.

    The lead actress acting was impressive and good for an upcoming Nollywood actress. While, Desmond Elliot displayed his great acting skills as usual.

    Asides, the bad soundtrack and poor costume for the choir members, this movie gets an 8 out of 10 because there were a lot of valuable lessons to everyone in the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone particularly Christians because of the lessons entailed in the movie. This lessons will help us in our walk with God.

    Favorite quote: “No evil goes unpunished and every good done will always get rewarded”.













  • Excursion (Irin Ajo Eko)



















    RELEASE DATE: 2015




    MOVIE RATING: 5/10






       All is well for a group of students and staff on excursion, until an armed robbery attack leaves them stranded in a haunted forest.






    i.                    Extremely long shot


    ii.                  Long shot


    iii.                Medium shot


    iv.                 Extreme close up shot


       There were a number of high and extreme high-angled shots, many mid-angled shorts, and a few low-angled shots. There were vertical movement shots too, indicating the use of a crane.


    b.      CAMERA SPEED


    Camera speed was normal, with a few slow-motion effects in one or two scenes.


    c.       TRANSITIONS


    Cut, fade-in, fade-out and wipe, in the second to third scene.


    d.      LIGHTING


    The movie’s lighting was good. There were a few scenes with occasional faulty lighting but it was good in general.




         The movie is summarily about a group of secondary school students who embark on an excursion with some members of staff and facaulty and despite warnings from Yemi Akinlosotu (Froggie), a fellow student and stop to rest. They eventually get robbed and in their bid to escape robbers, venture into a haunted forest. The rest of the movie sees the death of a few and psychological testing of some others. In the end, they meet an old woman who explains the mystery behind the forest, gives them a way out of the forest and dies afterwards.


        Generally, I think the story behind the movie is a brilliant one. The movie teaches lessons, gives morals and is quite interesting due to its adventurous nature. The costume and props used were quite commendable. For a movie produced in 2015, it was able to make use of proper ancient attires and props- mud and thatched houses, bamboo houses and so on. I commend the Costumes and Makeup persons. Lighting was relatively good, continuity was also perfect.


         However, some scenes of the movie were utterly unrealistic. In one scene, a girl was bitten by a snake and in the very next scene, which was on that same day, she was able to run as well as the others without even limping. In another, one of the students who died with her eyes opened blinked straight into the camera. In two consecutive scenes, one shot was fired, but two people died. One scene even had one of the cast smile straight into the camera when she was clearly engaged in a conversation.


         In addition, the sound effects occasionally flopped. Sometimes, the sound of insects in the night and other background sound effects overshadowed the voices of the cast, making it almost impossible to hear what was being said. There were quite a number of grammatical errors both in speech and subtitles; misuse of tenses and poor grammar usage. The cast were in summary a bit lackadaisical and at some point failed to deliver.


        Aside these flaws, the movie is one to enjoy. The end of the movie was a bit saddening with the death of the old woman just after she found one of the students was her grandson.




        Conclusively, I would say the crew did well could have done better. The undoings and flaws of the movie could be also traced to the cast.  Basically, what I see here is a great story but inefficient man-power to deliver its substance, which brings us back to the crew’s inefficiency, here, in selecting the cast. I cannot say the movie was a total failure because it really was not. There was just a lot more that could have been done that was not done. I commend the producers for a great movie. Even though it could be more than great, it still was worth the time.


  • memories of my heart


    Movie title: memories of my heart


    Producer: Chimezie Emelionwu


    Director: Afam Okereke


    Editor: Uche Ike


    Continuity: Just chuks


    Starring: Patient ozokwor, Emeka Ike, chioma chukwumma


    Locations: Lagos, Nigeria


    Duration: 1hr: 30mins


    Year of release: 2013


    Movie rating: 5/10


    Reviewer: Orji paragon chiamaka-14be016612


    Synopsis:  It revolves around a young man who intends getting married to a lady who helped him when he was very poor, as fate would have it; he got a job in an oil company where he started earning enough money.  Things started to turn around when his girlfriend’s best friend started developing interest in him.


    Element of production:


    Lighting: the lighting was very poor, there was no difference between day and night, most parts weren’t even clear enough.


    Picture quality: the picture quality was very bad.


    Costume: most of the costumes used in this film were in no relation to the parts they acted.


    Sound effect: the quality of the sound effect was too poor. The beginning part of the film, the sound effect was not corresponding, it was not needed for that scene.


    Camera shots:


    Long shot


    Medium shot 



    Long shot


    Review: Memories of my heart is a good movie, the movie brings out the daily happenings of our society. For a long time I have always thought that watching a Nigerian produced film was a waste of time until I came across this movie. At first when I started, it wasn’t all that but, as the scenes went by I started longing for more scenes and getting acquainted with the interesting casts. The movie is really good and educative; it widens your perspective to certain things. Just because it was produced by a Nigerian, we could point out the obvious mistakes in the movie. The movie was a success except for a few mistakes, some parts weren’t needed in the movie, it was like a normal Nigerian movie, and the picture quality was the poorest I’ve ever seen. Personally I think the story line was a good one, but the acting was the opposite of the story line. There were too many grammatical blunders, shadows from different places, noises in the background, and some others like that. I think if the right persons were chosen and well-trained the movie would have come out the best, but we are moving forward.


  • Return of Sunday Dagboru

    A review of the Movie ‘Return of Sunday Dagboru’

    Reviewer Olugbenga Toluwalogo John

    Duration 1:45:31


    Odunlade Adekola

    Ireti Osayemi Adeoye

    Kola Ajeyemi


    Odunlade Adekola

    Owolabi Ajasa

    Sola Oyedele


    Odunlade Adekola


    On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate the movie a 5.




    The movie is a Yoruba movie. It is set around a rural area in the south – western Nigeria. It  revolves around a ruthless hoodlum by name Sunday who with his gang terrorizes his neighborhood in other to get his way at all times. He was the notorious king pin of the Adugbo. He falls in love with a woman who leads him to Christ; it was while in love with this woman that he gets into trouble and is taken to a pastor who tells both him and his father that his problems are as a result of the girl he raped years ago. He finds out that the girl he raped is also the woman he broke her sacrifice pot few months ago. He is then told scared with making incisions on his body and private part by an herbalist whom the raped girl took him to. He was finally asked to prostrate and he was set free of the troublesome spirit.

    Element of production (types of shot,picture quality,and make up)

    ·        Picture quality: The picture quality of the movie would get a 4 over 10 if I was to rate it. Some of the images were blurry while some too bright.

    ·        Make up: The make-up would get a 6 over 10 because for the kind of vicinity in which they were in it was OK

    ·        Types of shot: They did not really make use of the right kind of shot and this affected the way in which the message was passed across

    Close up shot

    Description: C:\Users\OLUGBENGA TOLUWALOGO\Pictures\vlcsnap-2015-10-29-20h23m01s134.png

    Medium shot

    Description: C:\Users\OLUGBENGA TOLUWALOGO\Pictures\vlcsnap-2015-10-29-20h23m26s134.png

    Wide shot

    Description: C:\Users\OLUGBENGA TOLUWALOGO\Pictures\vlcsnap-2015-10-29-20h20m28s145.png



    The movie is a continuation of “Sunday Dagboru”.It is also divided into 2 parts the criminal and anti-criminal Dagboru. The criminal Dagboru was portrayed for more than half of the movie while the anti-criminal Dagboru wasn’t portrayed for the rest of the movie.

    The movie portrayed the Nigerian society as being weak in dealing with criminals.A clear scenario was when Dagboru punched a guy to death and went scot free. It also portrayed the power of the tongue; when the mother of the rape victim placed a curse on Dagboru and it affected both Dagboru and her Child(the rape victim).

    The movie was also badly directed as there were many unnecessary scenes in the movie.The camera position and shots were also not managed appropriately therefore not relaying the message well.






  • Kamara’s tree



    Review by Adeoye Zainab Adedotun





     One of the problems with Nollywood movies, among others is that you can predict the entire movie even before you start to watch it just from basic things like the song, to the cast involved in it. Well this blockbuster “KAMARA’S TREE” is nothing of such.

    “Kamara’s Tree” was written by Ivie Okujaye, directed by Desmond Elliot and produced by Morris K.Sesay in 2013. The main characters are played by Desmond Elliot, Lydia Forson, Ivie Okujaye, Tessy Abubakar, Bobby Obodo, Ginnefine Kanu, Morris K Sesay and Dabota Lawson. The film was shot in Freetown, Sierra Leone and lasts for an hour, forty-three minutes and fifty-three seconds. It is a comedy-drama. It tells a story of a family who gathers together after long years of separation to attend the wedding ceremony of their sister. Each member of the family had to cope with each other’s behavioural patterns and many secretes were revealed.

    The movie is quite impressive and actually very funny, especially the parts that were played by Selina (Ginnefine kanu) and Lydia Forson. Their personalities were quite intriguing and very eccentric. Mama T really caught my attention with the way she got into character. She was able to mask her emotions properly. Towards the end of the scene I was highly disappointed with the quality of the production. The scene wasn’t realistic in any way. There was a particular point where there was supposed to be a body but all I saw was a fridge full of ice block. The scene didn’t paint the right picture of a deceased person. Another flaw I discovered in the movie is Abduls acting. It was not just real or believable. It was obvious he was acting which isn’t meant to be. At a point, Selina kind of over did her acting. In situations that did not need a lot of action, she put action in.

    An error made was by the Continuity Person. When Tenneh who supposedly went to meet a man by the poolside was not seen again until after 3 scenes were was she shown talking to someone else before was seen going to meet the man.

    Technically, the movie is high-class. The graphics, sound, setting, camera shots, angles and visual content in general were on ‘fleek’. The character’s roles as actors were really pleasant to witness. All of these add up to the aces hidden in this movie. “Kamara’s Tree” is a good and really interesting movie and I recommend you guys to watch it. You will not be disappointed.











    TITLE: Bursting Out Part 2

    PRODUCER: Emem Isong

    DIRECTORS: Daniel Ademinokan, Desmond Elliot

    SCREEN PLAY: Uduak Oguamanam, Bola Aduwo

    MAIN CAST:   

    Genevieve Nnaji

    Majid Michel

    Desmond Elliot

    Nse Ikpe – Etim

    Omoni Oboli

    Uti Nwachukwu

    Susan Peters


    LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria


    DURATION: 1hr 6mins



    RATING: 5.5/10

    REVIEWER: Tarin Deborah Harrow – 14BE016580


    SYNOPSIS: When Zara, the high-class, uptight business woman, meets Tyrone, she has no idea how this chance encounter will turn her life around and lead her to question all that she has ever known. Will she listen to the advice of her friends who feel that high status and money are the most important things, or will she listen to her heart and find the happiness and love she always wanted and found in Tyrone? Bursting Out Part 2 is the direct continuation of Bursting Out.


     CAMERA MOVEMENT – use of horizontal movements, which involves panning and tracking shot, were used heavily in the making of this movie, however there are elements of vertical movements for instance, the scene that involved walking up the staircase.


    CAMERA SPEED – Normal motion

    Long shot(LS)


    Transition– the scenes in this film changed from one to another using cut transition.




    Medium shot


    Extreme close up




    Genevieve Nnaji is arguably one of Africa’s best exports in the movie industry and her presence on our screen is usually worth the while. She played her part of a torn woman trying to make an important decision in her life either by listening to the advice of her friends or to her heart. Her emotions are felt, and you finish the movie wondering, What will I have done in her situation? because of the realism and life she brings to the screen. Ime Umoh is another great thing about this movie; he brings the comedic relief to an otherwise serious movie. Its important to laugh from time to time, and he brings the humor quite all right.

    Lead actor Majid Michel is known for his lover boy roles, apart from this being another stereotypical role, you can not deny he does it well, his performance in this movie is great and the role is befitting. In terms of the main cast acting, it is a solid 9/10.

    Fellow actor, Desmond Elliot in his early directing endeavors co -directed this movie, so its no wonder that the acting was great, he knew what he wanted and brought it out in his fellow colleagues.

    However, good acting and a fair story line are about the only good things in this movie. The logistics are poor. The editing is lackluster, some scenes that are not flash backs are in black and white, some others in sepia, and some in normal color. In as much as there is a strong main cast, the supporting roles do no share the same advantage, and they are below average in comparison. Having a good main cast is one thing, but the entire casts make the film, which in this case is lacking. Unrealistic instances are brought to this movie and sound and lighting is not much better. Some scenes start without audio, and background music drowns out the lines of the actors in other scenes.

    The film lacks originality and it’s predictable. So many love stories are about inequality of income or status an unexpected twist would have raised the bar for this film. Without giving much away, I’m sure you can tell how the film ends. Audio and editing quality could have been better, in general, great cast, but not a great film.

    If you have not seen this movie, you have not missed out on much, but for the sake of seeing great acting from the main cast check out the movie on or purchase from local stores.