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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • Fine girl



    vlcsnap-2016-10-15-00h40m15s473 MEDIUM SHOT (Ms)

    vlcsnap-2016-10-15-00h42m37s488 LONG SHOT (Ls)

    vlcsnap-2016-10-15-00h54m53s251 EXTREMELY LONG SHOT(Ex Ls)

    vlcsnap-2016-10-15-13h46m33s009 CLOSE UP SHOT



    PRODUCER: Uduak Isong Oguamanam

    DIRECTOR: Ikechukwu Onyeka

    SCREENPLAY: Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Rita Onwurah, Bunmi Ajakaiyi

    MAIN CAST: Ozzy Agu, Lota Chukwu, Belinda Effah, Yvonne Jegede

    LOCATION:  Lagos State, Nigeria

    DURATION: 1.32:38


    MOVIE RATING: 6/10

    REVIEWER: Nwankwo Blessing (15BE02286)


    -AUDIO: The audio quality of the movie is good and commendable

    -SOUND EFFECT: The sound effect used was appropriate for the scenes in the movie



    This movie portrays the story of Chika (Lota Chukwu), whom in attempt to save her father’s life, succumbs to the advice of her friend (Belinda Effah) to join a prostitution service. However, things take a turn as she gets into prostitution but loses her father regardless. To make matters worse, she can’t stop ‘prostituting’ and eventually, she meets a perfect man, William (Ozzy Agu), who gives her a new meaning to life, until her past comes crawling. Would this romance help her change her prostituting ways or would this be another beginning of problems?


    The most beautiful aspect of this movie is the use of up-coming actors to portray the characters. It gives the movie a new face and helps in promoting new talents unlike the normal repetition of characters in Nigerian movies.

    The bad aspect is the fact that the characters were not fit for their roles especially the lead character, Lota Chukwu (Chika). I felt her actions were baseless and any other character in the movie like Belinda Effah and Yvonne Jegede could have done a better job.

    The movie is also a little cliché; telling the story of grass to grace. It won’t be wrong if this is called another form of Cinderella. Likewise, the person who portrayed Chika’s father looked too young compared to her mother and could have passed for her uncle.

    Also, Chika went into prostitution due to her father’s illness and stayed after his death, but the relationship portrayed by these two characters didn’t seem too close to warrant her actions.

    Similarly, the time frame in which Ozzy Agu(William) forgave Chika after learning that she was prostituting even with his friend was rather unrealistic and the title of the movie seemed abstract and sounds like the name of a Nigerian hip-hop song.

    The movie ended as Chika entered into the room were Williams was sitting. I felt there was something more, to be said and done and the movie needed a continuation.

    However, Ozzy Agu(William), did a splendid job performing his role and he would likely become a regular face in Nollywood.


    The movie is average and it depicts the theory ‘Love Knows No Flaws’. Out of all Nigerian movies, this is not close to my best but it is surely a good attempt.


  • It’s her day

    IT’S HER DAY MOVIE PREVIEW.                                1st picture


    Producer: Bovi Ugboma

    Director: Aniedi Anwah

    Screen play: Bovi Ugboma

    Main cast: Bovi Ugboma, Ini Dima-Okojie, Gregory Ojefua and Omoni Oboli

    Locations: Lagos

    Duration: 1hr 55mins

    Date of release: 9th September 2016

    Movie rating (from 1 being poor and 10 being excellent): 7.5

    Reviewer: Ukoh Helen Effiong-15BE02319

    Synopsis: IT’S HER DAY is a comedy which tells the  story of a couple who are about to get married   and the class struggle to get an high end wedding by the bride and her family. Bovi Ugboma plays victor, the newly engaged bachelor who takes it upon himself to give his materialistic fiancée, Nicole (Ini Dima-Okojie) a fairy tale wedding .Victor feels the wedding should be simple but Nicole on the other hand wants a blog worthy wedding with top artist present.

    The bride together with her mother (shaffy Bello) and sisters plan a huge society budget wedding which is out of victors pay grade. From hiring Kelechi Amadi Obi for pictures and contacting Davido, Wizkid, Timi Dakolo, Basket Mouth, Julius Agwu, to the wedding, paying 2million naira for a wedding hall, among other hilarious demands from Nichols’s family, victor couldn’t help but find a “Warri” smart way to meet their demands.



    The movie is highly commendable because it has succeeded in depicting the class struggle of being counted as high class in our society and at the same time it has been able to put a little twist of comedy into it. Its content are realistic and the story line is well detailed It also passes the message of domestic violence against men which many people have ignored. The screenplay written by Bovi himself was quiet brilliant and the impeccable cast helped uplift the movie.

    There are some evident flaws in the movie, there’s no creative photography or editing, the camera work is cloying on occasions the characters appear clustered. Attention was not paid to the editing of the movie instead everything was all about the story line.



    SHOTS AND ANGLES: below are some shots and angles used in the movie

    WIDE ANGLEWide angle shot

    MEDIUM SHOTMedium shot

    CLOSE UP SHOT Close up

    CONCLUSION: the movie has enough appeal to retain his fans, and still pull in fresh audience looking for a perfect comedy movie.

    “I’m now confused if it’s wedding or show we are doing here, it’s as if  it’s marriage unplugged”-Bovi



  • Stellar









    MOVIE RATING: 8/10


    SYNOPSIS: Stellar is a Comedy-drama, about a single mother who got abandoned by her husband and was left alone to take care of her only child. She was very poor and did not have money to even eat a proper meal. She then finally gets her chance to stardom, when she meets a movie director at a supermarket.


    PICTURES: The picture quality in the movie was great, but there is always room for improvement.

    COSTUMES: The costumes in the movie were normal day to day costumes, but it did fit for the different roles pretty well. But at some point in the movie, some of the clothes that Chioma Chukwuka wore were pretty short.

    LIGHTING ANDSOUND EFFECTS: The lighting in the movie was okay, but not entirely too good; but the sound effects on the other hand was really good and in tune with the screen play.


    This shot was taken as an Extreme High Angle Shot.

    This shot was taken as an Over the Shoulder Shot.

    This shot was taken as a Close-Up Shot.

    Medium Shots were also taken in the movie.



    Extreme Long Shots too were taken in the movie.

    This shot was taken from a Low Angle.


    The most beautiful part of the movie, is the acting performance. The cast of the movie exhibited very outstanding acting skills in the movie, which helped increase the favorable reception by the audience. Chioma Chukwuka who was flexible and energetic, played the role of Stellar almost to perfection. She was really funny and comical and helped reduce the tension in the movie, she really made me laugh. Jemimah Osunde who played the part of Chine, acted really well and was able to depict the character really well. Also, the use of Igbo language is rich in its indigenous style and this made the movie also really interesting and different.

    The relationship between Stellar and her daughter was really cute, they had a really close relationship. Her daughter was her best friend and the two made the best of their situation. Stellar was a woman who was very angry at every one, and the world in general, this anger was really good in portraying the anger of abandonment and poverty. I also really like the part where she fought with the conductor for her change.

    Thought, the movie also had its cons, ranging from the fact that the romance between Stellar and the Director (Okey Uzoeshi) was not really there, I wanted to see more romance between them, but the chemistry was alright. I didn’t really like the red wig that Moyo Lawal wore in the movie, it was pretty disturbing, and I also think that she was over dramatic to some extent. Also I didn’t really like the way the movie was rushed at the end, the movie was just 1:29 minutes, which made it too short. The director (Uduak) should have added more scenes to the movie, probably showing how Stellar became a sought after star and how Moyo Lawal became remorseful for her nasty attitude towards stellar and probably a scene where Stellar and the director started dating.



    In all, Stellar is a very interesting movie that shows the struggle and pain of poverty and abandonment, and also how it is possible for anyone at all to make it in this life, through determination and hard work. The movie is a really nice one, which would make you laugh, inspire you, and also a good one for relaxation.  “me…me…me, sexy, heeee!… It’s your mother that is sexy, eshi gi nile, sexy. You’re not well oh, so you don’t know I’m old enough to be your mother? It’s because of this airport taxi you’re driving that you have the guts to open that your wide mouth to call me sexy”. I highly recommend this movie. It’s totally a “must watch”.


  • While You Slept


    Producer: Emem Isong and Ini Edo

    Director: Desmond Elliot

    Screenplay (Written by): Kehinde Joseph

    Main Cast: Ini Edo Ehiagwina, Joseph Benjamin, Venita Akpofure and Bobby Michael

    Location: Lagos, Nigeria and Jos, Nigeria

    Duration: 2 hours 1 minute 1 second (02:01:01)

    Date of Release: March 20, 2015

    Movie Rating: 8

    Reviewer: Ogunyinka Oyinkansola Amazing-Grace, 15BE02295 

    Synopsis: In the movie, “While You Slept”, a young wife, Kimberly (Ini Edo) suddenly finds herself a widow at her husband, Emeka’s (Bobby Michael) sudden and mysterious death. About a year after Emeka’s death, a strange woman, Najite (Venita Akpofure) shows up claiming to be Emeka’s secret second wife and that she has a son for him. Kimberly becomes more confused and finds the claim very hard to believe. She then determines to discover what actually led to her husband’s death and how true Najite’s story is with the help of her new friend, Tega (Joseph Benjamin).

    Elements of Production

    Some of the shots used include: 

    1.) Long Shot (LS)


    2.) Medium Shot (MS)


    3.) Close-up Shot (CU)  



    Some of the angles used include:


    1.) High Angle


    2.) Low Angle


    3.) Point of View (POV-Subjective)




    Review: “While You Slept” is a remarkable and interesting movie that doesn’t follow the Nigerian movie cliché of telling a story that would be so predictable at several points in the movie. In terms of the screenplay and storyline, the movie was on point and the lighting was quite good in all the scenes. 

    Also, I think the cast were picked well and I wouldn’t want to see any other person acting any of the roles. The audio was also quite good except for the call Kimberly (Ini Edo) had in her room after destroying things in frustration.  I couldn’t quite hear what the person on the other end of the line was saying. The soundtracks used were okay however and the costume designer did a splendid job of selecting costumes for the cast according to their roles.

    The movie made good use of the elements of suspense and surprise when it left the audience wondering and trying to guess what exactly it was that Najite (Venita Akpofure) had left in the envelope for Kimberly (Ini Edo) when she (Najite) visited her (Kimberly) at home. Personally, I never would have guessed what its contents were until I saw them.

    If not for the few flaws I noticed, I would have rated the movie a 10.

    I was a bit confused when I saw Kimberly (Ini Edo) on makeup in the morning while making breakfast. Another makeup slipup was Kimberly’s (Ini Edo’s) nightmare scene. She had makeup on even though she supposedly just woke up from sleep. Did she sleep with makeup on or something? These must have been a few careless mistakes that the makeup artist and the director did not take note of.

    Also, at some point, the movie seemed to be dragging on. For instance, at the scenes where Kimberly (Ini Edo) went to the gym for the first and second times, the exercise sessions were just too long before the actual dialogue began. The idea would still have been gotten if those exercise sessions hadn’t taken so much time.

    In general and except for its few flaws, the movie is a must-watch and one that I will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to watch a good Nigerian movie. 


    “While You Slept” is an emotional movie that sensitizes people about obsession (the kind that can make a person do crazy things) and on the menace of women whose aim are to break homes for their own selfish reasons. 

    My favourite quote in the movie was made in the second to the last scene when Kimberly (Ini Edo) was addressing Najite (Venita Akpofure): “Yet, I am the one…the one person he loved.” He, in this quote refers to Emeka (Bobby Michael), Kimberly’s (Ini Edo’s) late husband. It is my favourite quote because I think it was the most appropriate response to Najite’s insults and reference to Kimberly’s inability to give birth to a child.

  • The Birthmark

    download (5)



    Producer: Mary Njoku

    Director: Moses Inwong

    Screenplay: Biodun Stephens

    Location: Nigeria

    Duration: 1hour 41 minutes

    Date Released: 2015

    Cast: Joshua Richards, Ini Edo, Bimbo Manuel and Femi Jacobs

    Movie Rating: 5


    Synopsis: The Birthmark is a story about a privileged 20 years old college boy and dancer who becomes obsessed with his 35 years old nanny, the woman who raised him since he was a child. The nanny rebuffs him and continually puts off his advances. However, Adey, the young man who was of the opinion that age did not matter when it came to love continued to pester her with hopes in time, she would love him. Before long, It all becomes too much to bear and she is inadvertently forced to reveal the big secret behind her refusal to fall in love with him.

    Elements of production

    Audio: the Audio department did a good job though the music in the first scene was a bit muffled.

    Camera Shots:

    Medium shots

    Long shots

    Camera Placements:

    High angle 

    Mid angle 

    Low angle

    Lightening: The lightening was fantastic although there was a scene where the light were not placed at the appropriate angle.

    Make up and Costume: The makeup and costume was top notch. The costume matched the character and the scene


    The movie “The Birthmark” is an exceptional movie that brings to the fore a controversial issue that has been ignored for years. Age differences in love and marriage is one factor that always seem to butt into people especially Nigerian’s choice of partners. Although the movie did not entirely present that age is nothing but a number in love, it was still able to raise questions such as ‘Why can’t older women marry younger men, does age matter in relationships’.

    Aye to the cast, their skills were brilliant. From Bimbo Manuel, the happy go lucky Yoruba dad to Jacob Richards, the acting was good. It wasn’t exactly flawless because of a few robotic casts but was largely able to present each dialogue and scene as natural as possible. The chemistry between Adey’s mother (Kate Adepegba) and his father was beautiful and natural to the point where one who think they were married in real life. Minna’s (Ini Edo) tears at the end was just too real. The A-list actress did not disappoint at all.

    The movie is thankfully not as cliché as usual because of the amusing twist it has at the end but it is predictable. With the title ‘Birthmark’ and a few scenes, anyone watching would be able to get the where the story is heading at. It is slow moving and is just a repeated cycle of unnecessary scenes. It was just full of either  a dance scene or a scene of Adey (Joshua Richards) chasing Minna (Ini Edo. The movie had a brilliant plot but a flat and disenchanting fill in.

    In all, I would still recommend this movie for anyone who wants a good laugh after a long day at work.


    The Birthmark is a Nigerian Movie that is creative and has a beautiful idea to it. It could have been done better though. One of my favourite quote in this movie will always be “Old wine taste better”.

    The moral of the entire movie is to not live a lie because it would definitely catch up with you.  The movie is not particularly a must watch but the watching experience is something that would be enjoyed.




  • Caro the shoemaker


    PRODUCER: Onyekachukwu Ossy Okeke Jnr

    DIRECTOR: Emeka Amakeze

    SCREENPLAY: Emeka Amakeze

    MAIN CAST: Mercy Johnson Okojie, Uche Odoputa and Ken Eric.








    CARO THE SHOEMAKER is an interesting movie featuring Mercy Johnson Okojie, Ken Eric and Uche Odoputa. Caro (Mercy Johnson Okojie) is a poor shoemaker who has two younger sisters. She takes care of her sisters through her small scale business. However thing seem not to be going to well for her because, a company that is headed by Chetta (Ken Eric) bought the land which her shop is built on and her landlord has given her notice for her home. Caro is aggressive and would make life miserable for anyone who crosses her part. She is shown to be one who does not care what pople say about her and will speak her mind.

    Ekene (Uche Odoputa), Caro’s best friend will stay with her no matter what happens. Ekene would do anything for Caro and it almost seems like he loves her as he was talking about marriage plans with her. In the bid to keep providing food and shelter for her sister and herself, Caro meets the person who wants the land of her shop to build a shopping mall; Chetta. Caro and Chetta begin to spend more time with each other. Would Caro be able to save her shop? Would Caro fall for Ekene or Chetta?



    Sound effect: the sound in the movie was not capturing. They used a boring song that hardly evoked any kind of emotion. Also like most Nigerian movies only one song was used that depicted the plot of the movie. In the first scene when the customer was beating Ekene there was the sound effects of beating but we could see no sign of beating on Ekene.

    Shots and Angles: there were various shots and angles used in the movie examples are:

    Medium shot

    Long shot

    High angle shot



    This movie is a good movie. It is a family drama is supposed to be PG. The movie achieved that aim. It was able to remain decent in language and actions. However the movie was very disappointing in areas like; casting, continuity and sound.

    Casting: The actors of this play were not able to convey the emotions of their role effectively. They were passive in their acting and so did not arouse any emotion in the audience. However the casting of Mercy Johnson Okojie in the movie was very thoughtful as she was able to covey her role as a funny person even if she did not know it and to be aggressive.

    Continuity: They also had problems in the continuity. They repeated a scene twice even after a short time. This was seen in the scene of the party when Caro youngest sister was having a drink with her friend. That scene was repeated twice which was not supposed to be.

    Sound: The sound was highly disappointing. Like most Nigerian films, only one theme song was used from beginning to the end. It was hardly arousing any emotion in the audience.

    Despite these flaws the movie still remains interesting. The role of Caro overshadows the rest and brings out the beauty in the movie. Caro is funny and aggressive. This gives her room for a lot of action and she expresses it well.


    The movie was able to create awareness that there is no diminishing job. No matter the job as far as it is of humble means it is good. It also teaches us that we should not look down on people as all fingers are not equal. Overall this movie is nice and would teach a valuable lesson; despite its fault it is still highly educative. Well “since we are not making a grand entry into this dignified gathering, I would rather make my entry as quiet as possible.” I believe the development of the film industry in Nigeria will make a quiet entry because it is coming gradually.

  • Testing Movie Evolution

    Is it actually working as it should?