A journey in Circle

Executive Producer – Mike Bamiloye & Gloria Bamiloye

Producer – Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

Director – Mike Bamiloye

Script writer – Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

Main Cast – Anthony Alale, Nneka Eze, David Aanu-Ademola,

Location – Nigeria

Duration – 1 hour 34 minute 56 seconds.

Date of release – 2013

Movie Rating scale – 8

Reviewer – Ajayi Udochukwu

Synopsis – In the movie, Jimmy, a man with a hidden past, is married to a woman named Jummy. Unfortunately their marriage is unfruitful and so they adopted a boy named Emmanuel. Jimmy keeps a lot of secret from his wife but later on in the film Jimmy’s secrets are exposed. Because of the overwhelming shock that Jummy gets, she lives Jimmy. Jimmy confesses his secret and amends all of his past deeds. While trying to amend his past deeds, he discovers that Emmanuel is his biological son. With Jimmy past amended, things finally turn out well for him and his family.

Elements of Production

Camera shots –
Long Shot

 Medium shot

Close up shot


Camera Angle

Mid- Angle                                                                          Low Angle

Screenshot_2016-10-15-17-19-01 Low angle


Point of View (POV)


Review – This film, another of Mount Zion film production, is one of the best film they have ever produced. I can boldly say that from the beginning of the film to the end of the film it was wonderful produced and directed by expert producer and director. The actors and actresses acted their roles like professional cast; even the two children that acted in the film acted well although one of children in an attempt to act a particular scene did something that looked weird for that kind of situation. The cast also applied the right facial expression when dealing with emotions. Also the crew members all did an excellent job in making the production of the film good.   

     I would have given the film an excellent rating of 10, but there are few errors that I noticed within the production of this film which I would be pointing out shortly. But first of all I would like to point out the good and unique aspect of this film.

    Starting with the tittle of the film, unlike some Nigerian films that once you see the tittle of the film, you can be able to predict how the film would end, this film with the tittle “journey in a circle” does not enable one to be able to predict how the movie would end.

    Moving on to the first scene of the film which was a flash back scene, a scene where a girl was been raped. The director used this flash back scene to create a suspense in the minds of its viewers. This suspense last up to the end of the film. We do not get to know who was involved in the rape or the victim of the rape until the latter part of the film.

   The background music that was used for the film was composed very well to the extent I looked for where I could download the music so that I could play it over and over again. The music does not really give us a clue to how the film would end like some cliché Nigerian films does.

    The audio aspect of this film was well recorded properly; you could hear the voice of the cast clearly. The lighting of this film was well manage and controlled. The camera operators took the right camera shot for each particular scene. The quality of the visuals of this film was also good.

    Another part where suspense was applied in the film was at the ending part where Jimmy was to receive the report of his last interview. As the employers/interviewers were about to announce their decision, there is a cut in the continuity of the scene. The next scene we see is Jimmy coming back home with the mood which depicted sadness and frustration. It is not until after jimmy recount what the interviewers said to him that we know that he was employed.

    Now I will like to point out the few mistake made in the film. The first error I spotted in the film, was the weird reaction made by one of the children. When Emmanuel said that he was just talking to his father before the other child came in, the other child looked towards the back of the chair that was to close to the wall to see if the father was standing there. She also looked downwards towards the under of the chair to see if her friend’s father was there. This reaction by the child was not necessary and so the director should have noticed and corrected this action. Also another part of the movie that there was an error is the place where Jimmy exclaims that Emmanuel was in his house, the surrounding sounds suddenly changed making it obvious that the other part of the scene was shot over and over again till the actor got the action right. Apart from this two minor errors, I feel the movie was great and a product of professional cast and crew members.

Conclusion – This film is a well-produced Christian film with focus. It inculcate good morals into the life of a person watching it. Some of the lessons an individual can learn from this film is the need to be sincere to one’s spouse/partner in marriages and relationships. It also increases the faith of a Christian in believing that despite an individual is abandoned or forgetting by one’s friends or family member, God is always there to take care of us. Favourite Quote – “When a woman cries, it does not change a thing; but when a man cries it changes everything” by Jummy (Nneka Eze)