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Title: Akan

Producer: Archibong Archibong

Director: Desmond Elliot

Screenplay: Archibong Archibong, Rita Onwurah

Main Cast:  Alex Ekubo, Venita Akpofure, Ime Bishop Umoh, Grace Johnson

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Location: Calabar, Nigeria

Duration: 1:36:22

Date of Release: August 8, 2014

Movie Rating: 7

Reviewer: Okoronkwo John Chinedu

Matriculation Number: 13BE014777


Akan is a family comedy-drama revolving around the lives of Akan (Alex Ekubo) and Sophie (Venita Akpofure), who have just returned from the United States and plan to get married. Akan’s father does not approve of Sophie because she is too westernized and not of the same tribal background and sets out to find a ‘decent’ girl for his son. Chaos and hilarity ensues when a greedy, interfering uncle and a homely village girl join the fray.

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When I stumbled across this movie, the poster alone had me salivating and anticipating its release. I was ready for a drama-packed, mouth-watering experience that would keep me glued to my seat and my eyes glued to the screen. I was quite disappointed however, as the movie turned out to be less exciting than I expected it to be.

This movie is follows the predictable, over-used, Nigerian plot of a parent being against their child’s marriage plans and does not really apply to the evolving Nigerian society we have today. There is no twist or suspense; the plot is practically flat all through, drama-wise, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Comedy-wise, however, the movie will leave the audience in stitches, especially the scenes with Ime Bishop, whom I suppose was meant to serve as a comic relief to the “drama”.

Kudos to Desmond Elliot, however, as the movie was well directed. Aside from a few redundant scenes, the settings, lighting, camera quality and general cinematography were superb and should be commended. Costumes and make-up were good too, as the cast were dressed to fit their roles. As for the acting… well, the cast (especially Alex Ekubo and Ime Bishop) are good, no doubt, but the efforts to mimic American accents were quite embarrassing and, in my opinion, uncalled for.  The moral of the story? This is one aspect that is lost to me but I suppose it would suffice to say parents should not enforce their will over that of their children.


While the producers of Akan may boast of superb cinematography, their plot-work leaves much to be desired. I was greatly disappointed at the lack of substance to the plot. For what it’s worth however, this movie would be a great stress-reliever and guarantees a few laughs along the line