Title of Movie: Alakada 2

Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes 24 seconds

Producer: Toyin Ahimaku

Director: Adebayo Tijani, Daniel Ashenuga

Screenplay: Daniel Ashenuga

Major Actors: Toyin Ahimaku, Bolaji Amusan, Rachel Oniga, Helen Paul, Jumoke Aderomu

Location: Lagos

Language: Yoruba

Genre: Drama, comedy

Release date: December 13th 2013


Yetunde Animashaun has inferiority complex issues. She’s from a very poor family upbringing and she’s not proud of her status. She wants to roll with the big shots on campus and she feels the only way to keep up with them is to fake her personality. If lies were to be a competition, Yetunde Animashaun will have a shelf full of trophies. She’s a creative liar who doesn’t need to think before she utters her brain bursting lies. A block buster comedy from Toyin Aimakhu.



I applaud the producer on a very good job. The movie is a classic comedy. Every bit of it got me falling off my chair and straight to the ground. From the fake accent to the lies, to the costume and make up, everything was carefully planned and accurate.

                  Alakada 1 was funny and it was based on the background story of Yetunde Animashaun played by Toyin Aimakhu, but this one is something else. Alakada 2 is based on all the enormous lies she told and the challenges she faced as a result of those lies. This is one movie you want to watch, trust me. For example this is one of the funny lines from the movie;

  vlcsnap-2015-10-29-08h25m17s148                        The movie was very good in general but I also feel the production of the movie was poor. The camera quality was pitiful and could have been better. The sound quality of the movie was poor. I could hear comments in some scenes from people who were not on set.

        Well, all movies have their good sides and bad sides, this one isn’t excluded but still this movie is one to watch.

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Some other funny photos from the movie