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TITLE: The Wrong Selfie


PRODUCER: Tissy Nnachi


DIRECTOR: Okechukwu Ifeanyi


SCREENPLAY: Tissy Nnachi


MAIN CAST: Ik Ogbonna, Oma Iyasapa, Mimi Orijiekwe


LOCATION: Benefit boutique, Festac. Ibiza bar & restaurant, Ola lotta house, AES hotel, Festac


DURATION: 1hr 23mins 19secs






REVIEWER: Omokhaiye Favour- 15BE02303


SYNOPIS: ‘The Wrong Selfie’ is a melodrama whereby the good finally triumphs over the bad. The good in this movie is Cassie (Mimi Orijiekwe), who is the wife of Alex (Ik Ogbonna). Alex is the bad here. The story revolves around the characters of Alex (Ik Ogbonna), Cassie (Mimi Orijiekwe) and Cleo (Oma Iyasapa). It is about the story of a man who is a constant cheat on his wife and his wife later turns the table around for him. As the story unfolds itself, Cassie(Mimi Orijiekwe) endures her husbands unfaithfulness for a long time and still continues to be a good wife, though she’s aware. Now her husbands unfaithfulness has gotten to the peak and she has decided to make it fun for him by playing a game. Thus, showing him the ultimate power of a woman. She meets up with the concubine Cleo (Oma Iyasapa) in a restaurant and reveals that she is Alex’s wife. Unfortunately, she had already had the impression that they were going to get married soon without the slightest idea that her supposed fiancé, is happily married since he never wore his ring. Now the question is, Will she continue to give herself hope that he is not married or will she listen to his wife and step out of her game? We get to find out in the movie.




ELEMENTS OF PRODUCTION: the movie had a lot of long shots used


This is long shot


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This is extreme high angle


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This is medium shot


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This is close-up shot


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This is POV (point of view)




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The movie, ‘The Wrong Selfie’ is a breathtaking movie with outstanding actor and actresses. The storyline is great and the screenplay is just explicit. I would definitely recommend people to watch the movie especially all single ladies in search of Mr right and men out there. For men out there, they should never underestimate the power of a woman and for single ladies, be careful of men who claim not to be married, they are dangerous and finally get themselves into an incomprehensible dilemma. The wrong selfie is indeed a wrong selfie. The story just literally exposes us to the kind of men we have in our society and the extent at which women can go to fight for their husband and make them happy by all means. In the movie, Cassie (Mimi Orijiekwe) showed more love and respect to her husband even though she knew that he was cheating on her. This is very unusual to a typical married woman. In a typical home, the woman would either confront her husband or do the same as her husband and cheat and that is how that marriage would be broken. This movie just gives an insight of what you do in such situations. Now to the technicalities of the movie.


Camera shots used in this movie were quite good. The director did a great job here. The costume manager was great. Throughout the movie, no costume was repeated even the jewelries. At the point where Alex (Ik Ogbonna) was supposedly duped by his wife, the movie shows that his house, money and everything he owned were collected. If his things were collected, how come they were still living in a comfortable house and food wasn’t a thing to struggle for. The director should have made him look wretchedly poor and make his living from hand to mouth. He facial expression was good for that part but his clothes looked new, he should repeated his clothes during the period he was poor. Towards the end of the movie,, Alex is seen to have almost won a lottery game and the part where he almost beat the lottery sales boy who denied him of winning the lottery shows that even 5 naira meant the world to him.


The characters fit the role and the movie is great. I would recommend people to watch this movie








The movie is a wonderful movie. All the characters fit the role given to them. My favourite quote was by Alex (Ik Ogbonna) when Cleo asked for 25 milion naira. His response was funny. “ you didn’t ask for 5 million, 7 million even 8 million”