Title: A Mile from Home

Producer: Eric Aghimien

Director: Eric Aghimien

Writer: Eric Aghimien

Screenplay: Eric Aghimien

Main Cast: Tope Tedela

                  Chidozie ‘Sambasa’ Nzeribe’

                  Alex Ayalogu

                  Eric Nwanso

                  Tolu Akinbileje

Location(s): Lagos, Nigeria.

Duration: 1hr 53m

Date of release: June 30, 2013

Movie Rating:  6-fairly good

Reviewer: Okorie Anjola Nita- 15BE02298

Synopsis:  Jude Odaro (Tope Tedela), being a university student, suffered from injustice by a gangster, Stone. In his quest for revenge, he asks a gang for his wish to be done. But that didn’t seem like the end to him since he was forced into the gang. Suffering from identity crisis, he was introduced to a new world; kill or be killed.

Being the favourite of Suku, the leader, Jude was named Lala, and was entrusted with everything Suku had and controlled. In love with Suku girlfriend, Jude shows his willingness to stand by her no matter what.

Don Kolo, an ex-drug dealer just got released from jail and deported from South Africa. In financial struggle, he joins Suku’s gang for a big deal from Chief Lukas. In desperation they strive.

Elements of Production (Notable camera shots, angles, movements, etc.):

         Camera Shots

Extremely long shot


Medium Shots


Extreme Close up shot





High angle


Mid Angle


Low Angle


Review: This action drama has a good storyline with effective and creative actors, most especially the main casts. Shot in Nigeria, the setting corresponds with every scene of the movie.

In another view, the effects in the movie are quite low and less impressive. The realism of the effects, like gunshots, injuries can be rated as 5 in 10.


Conclusion: The movie won the 2014 Africa Movie Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effect, and was nominated in the 2nd Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards having Tope Tedela as the best actor in a drama. From the movie “I needed revenge but it took my freedom”.