in her shoeTitle: in her shoes

Producer: Rukky sanda

Director: Rukky sanda

Screen play: Rukky sanda

Main cast: Rukky sanda, oge okoye, yemi blaq, Ikay Ogbonna, Venita Akpofure, Daniel Lloyd.

Location: Lagos

Duration: 105 minutes

Date of release: 2013

Movie rating: 5 of 10

Reviewer: Njaka Chidimma

Synopsis: in her shoes mirror the lives of two village girls who dreams of making something of them in the big world. Fuke played by Rukky sanda who was a local tailor in the movie while peju played by oge okoye who was a nonsense village champion , who believes fighting with everyone and sleeping with every men in the village will help to get to her final destination and that is Lagos.

Element of production

Camera shoot:   medium shoot, long shoot, close shoot.

Camera placement:  high level placement, mid angle placement.

Camera movement: vertical movement, horizontal movement, interior movement.

Camera speed: normal speed, slow motion.

Transition: fade in and fade out, dissolve.



In her shoe talk about two village girls who wanted make something out of themselves in the big world. Funke who was played by Rukky sanda was a local tailor wanted to be a big fashion designer and peju who was played by oge okoye was a village champion who believe that sleeping around with men in the village and fighting will lead to her to her final destination. Peju later got married to kelvin with the help of Funke who collected the man number from his cousin.

     Peju brought Funke to Lagos, who wanted to take peju husband from and was sent back to the village where she lived with her step mother and became the number one fashion designer while peju lived with her husband and was blessed two sons.

       There is no different here of how Hollywood’s portray often lack depth thought. The Hollywood idea of village girl weaving their hair and tiring wrapper is no different in this movie. There is no outstanding role played by any actor all actor ready their lines like how they did in the other movie, the acting in the movie was not really outstanding.

  The director who in person is Rukky sanda was not really good to other popular directors in the Hollywood industries. Why rush to direct a movie when you are still coming up as an actress. Her directing skill was not really good.

   In the movie in her shoes there is some part of the movie that is not well acted by some cast.  The story line of the movie is no different to other movie. It is the same story line that is very popular in the Hollywood industry.