LAWSUIT (2016)


CAST: James Gardner, Nadia Buhari, Dester Anawuna and Liverpool akyla


DIRECTOR: Efe Bernard


Producer: Pappar Deric


Duration: 1hour 53min                                        


Synopsis: Drake (James gardener) is the best lawyer in the land, he is proud and arrogant but always stands for the truth, when he wanted to to sue his companies biggest client, the firm decided to hire an equally good lawyer Bridget (Nadia Buhari) to distract him, but they end up falling in love.


Review: efe benard brings yet another adrenaline filled, suspense and love inspired movie to the big screen, we see all sorts of familiar faces this time around but the audience is introduced to a few new characters as well.


This film served ar great entertainment with its colorful cast and numerous plot twist, actors that have acted on the big stages where used and they all shone in their respective roles.


It is a 1hour 53min movie, this movie is fairly long, there were a few times when the movie felt a bit drawn out but the gorgeous scenes and impressive dialogue really held the audience’s attention and kept them on the edge of their seats.


Despite the films minor shortcomings, LAWSUIT is exciting, creative and love filled and well worth a few hours of your time.