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Producer: Mary Njoku

Director: Moses Inwong

Screenplay: Biodun Stephens

Location: Nigeria

Duration: 1hour 41 minutes

Date Released: 2015

Cast: Joshua Richards, Ini Edo, Bimbo Manuel and Femi Jacobs

Movie Rating: 5


Synopsis: The Birthmark is a story about a privileged 20 years old college boy and dancer who becomes obsessed with his 35 years old nanny, the woman who raised him since he was a child. The nanny rebuffs him and continually puts off his advances. However, Adey, the young man who was of the opinion that age did not matter when it came to love continued to pester her with hopes in time, she would love him. Before long, It all becomes too much to bear and she is inadvertently forced to reveal the big secret behind her refusal to fall in love with him.

Elements of production

Audio: the Audio department did a good job though the music in the first scene was a bit muffled.

Camera Shots:

Medium shots

Long shots

Camera Placements:

High angle 

Mid angle 

Low angle

Lightening: The lightening was fantastic although there was a scene where the light were not placed at the appropriate angle.

Make up and Costume: The makeup and costume was top notch. The costume matched the character and the scene


The movie “The Birthmark” is an exceptional movie that brings to the fore a controversial issue that has been ignored for years. Age differences in love and marriage is one factor that always seem to butt into people especially Nigerian’s choice of partners. Although the movie did not entirely present that age is nothing but a number in love, it was still able to raise questions such as ‘Why can’t older women marry younger men, does age matter in relationships’.

Aye to the cast, their skills were brilliant. From Bimbo Manuel, the happy go lucky Yoruba dad to Jacob Richards, the acting was good. It wasn’t exactly flawless because of a few robotic casts but was largely able to present each dialogue and scene as natural as possible. The chemistry between Adey’s mother (Kate Adepegba) and his father was beautiful and natural to the point where one who think they were married in real life. Minna’s (Ini Edo) tears at the end was just too real. The A-list actress did not disappoint at all.

The movie is thankfully not as cliché as usual because of the amusing twist it has at the end but it is predictable. With the title ‘Birthmark’ and a few scenes, anyone watching would be able to get the where the story is heading at. It is slow moving and is just a repeated cycle of unnecessary scenes. It was just full of either  a dance scene or a scene of Adey (Joshua Richards) chasing Minna (Ini Edo. The movie had a brilliant plot but a flat and disenchanting fill in.

In all, I would still recommend this movie for anyone who wants a good laugh after a long day at work.


The Birthmark is a Nigerian Movie that is creative and has a beautiful idea to it. It could have been done better though. One of my favourite quote in this movie will always be “Old wine taste better”.

The moral of the entire movie is to not live a lie because it would definitely catch up with you.  The movie is not particularly a must watch but the watching experience is something that would be enjoyed.