PRODUCER: OkikiAfolayan

DIRECTOR: OkikiAfolayan

EDITOR: AdeyemiOladele

CONTINUITY: Saheed A. Abolaji

STARRING: FunshoAdeolu, Murphy Afolabi, TaiwoAromokun, ToyinAimaku, Niyi Johnson,Lizzy Dal Silva.


DURATION: 1:15:13


MOVIE RATING: on a scale of 1-10, I’ll give this movie 7.

REVIEWER: Abraham Esther


SYNPOSIS:Two love birds hit a whoopee of Six million naira and decide to invest it into a movie production.…  It is often said that you should never pray for patience because when you do, the Lord is sure to give you something to try your patience……. ‘LONG SUFFERING’…What is the cause of the downfall of noblemen? Why is it women?  Sit back and find out…


ELEMENTS OF PRODUCTION:                                        

LIGHTING: there was no special kind of lighting technique used here. It seemed like they tried to play safe. The lights were just okay.

PICTURE QUALITY: The quality of the movie is too poor. But it could have been better since it’s a 2014 movie.

COSTUME: there was no need for much costume change in the movie as it was just a day event.

SOUND EFFECT: The sound effect used at the beginning was too long and boring.

CAMERA SHOTS: the camera men here employed a variety of shots like:


·         HIGH ANGLE SHOT: Because the camera is looking down, we use it to show superiority

Screenshot_2015-10-25-23-42-11-1HIGH ANGLE SHOT

·         CLOSE UP SHOT: it was used to call attention to details, they use it for the face of the person, and it tells you something that is extremely important.

Screenshot_2015-10-25-23-37-53CLOSE UP SHOT

·         MEDIUM SHOT: 70% of movies use medium shot, it is a closer and personal shot to show conversation between themselves.

Screenshot_2015-10-25-23-41-30-1MEDIUM SHOT


Screenshot_2015-10-25-23-41-40-1EXTREME CLOSE UP SHOT

REVIEW: I am not really a fan of Nigerian movies especially not Yoruba movies, but the name of this movie was just too funny and when I heard that only 6 casts were used in the entire movie, I just had to watch it.

OkikiAfolayan has done well with this Yoruba movie bringing creativity to play. “RADO” is filled with a lot of comedy that is sure to glue the audience to the screen. 

This movie is a good one: Screenplay, scriptwriting, and directing were well coordinated. In fact, I would have given it a 10 rating if not for the fact that the movie quality wasn’t so impressing for a movie produced in 2014. Another major flaw was theboring introduction, with a long and solemn song used at the beginning. It can make a person lose interest in the movie. Also, the use of TaiwoAromokun for the role of Macelwasn’t a good move; her skills were very poor for the movie. 

Also, the concept behind the movie is nice, the storyline depicts PATIENCE. The entire movie happened within 8hours(8:48a.m. – 5:00p.m), it is said that ‘patience is never too much unless you don’t have it’ if only Rado waited for a minute or two his friend wouldn’t have died. It is one of the movies that show Yoruba movie critics that Yoruba movies are not all about ‘occultism’ and ‘juju’. Yoruba movies have stepped up and this is a perfect movie to prove it.

Furthermore, the actors acted their parts well for a 6 cast movie though there were little errors, the storyline was good.

The producer did a good job in this movie. Thumbs up Okiki!

CONCLUSION:  I must commend Okiki for a job well done. Her creative attempt at deviating from the usual storyline of Nigerian movies did not go unnoticed. The theme of this movie explains a lot and I don’t think I can get tired of it. I recommend this movie for all who are interested in following the creative dynamism of Nollywood. Always Remember ‘Suru kii poju afi ti obani to’….. Patience is not too much unless it is not enough.