YEAR: 2014


From the same producer of Alakada I&II, Toyin Aimakhu Johnson comes up with another block buster movie, she is up with one that truly catches the soul and deeply teaches a lesson.


Fatimah is all about a woman who once loved a man before he travels abroad, she moved on with the thought of him been married to another woman which resulted in her marrying a richer guy that loved her deep.


 But along the way, she caught up with initial boyfriend that travelled abroad and this leads into the unfolding of hidden secrets she never knew of about her first love and her husband.


 Toyin Aimakhu Johnson who plays as Fatimah is best match for the character. Although she is renowned in acting movies produced by her. In this movie, Toyin’s (Fatimah) emotional life is on the fence as she faces the choice of living with her husband or going back to her former lover. Adeniyi Johnson who acts as Tony, Fatimah’s first love. After a long time spent in America, he comes back to Nigeria where he stayed with a friend which led him in finding Fatimah as he tries to prove his love to her again. Adeniyi Johnson is the husband to the producer, Toyin Aimakhu Johnson. It is no news that the two loves acting together, we do not know whether he is trying to show her more love by doing so or to prompt other actresses and actors whose partners are in the film industry to do so. Odunlade Adekola who happens to be one of the Yoruba’s most popular actor played the role of Mutab, Fatimah’s husband and a very good friend to Tony. Ateez Eniola played the role of Rasheed who is the gateman to Mutab’s house, but he is not just a gateman, he is more than we think but to the audience and to the characters in the film.


The film has two main themes which were Deceit and Unfaithfulness. Tony is the character whose aim is deceitful, he deceives both Fatimah and Mutab. Fatimah is unfaithful as a wife to Mutab. This film follows a regular predictable story line, unlike Alakada I&II, until the end when the suspense was unveiled. I would not say it was suspenseful but I would say it was a beautiful script write for delaying the suspense to the end. This is a movie that concerns the real world and happens in marriages, either the wife or husband is the victim. And most times the issue is resolved and the marriage is sustained or the issue also is resolved but the marriage is broken. The movie passes a message on: deceit, unfaithfulness, cheat, untruthfulness.


I recommend this movie for those that are above eighteen, both teenagers and adult because the movie is focused on those going into a relationship to be decisive on what they are doing and to avoid making mistakes in the future.


I really love the lightening.  Though the movie was shot mostly indoors, which made me give a bravo to the directors as they focused on the main issue which was a family setting. For the camera shot, it mostly used long shot (LS) and medium shot (MS). Camera angles were Extreme High angle, Mid-angle and low angle. Camera movements used were: pan, tilt show, dolly and zoom. Camera speed was on normal motion all through the movie.  


I would give the movie a 2 ½ star. The movie was quick to the truth, I expected more from Tony, before unveiling the hidden secrets and truth of all characters. The first error in the movie was the repetition of the title, first, before the character’s name and in the intention to display the names once again after displaying the names of the whole cast and production crew- Error Indeed!!! Toyin Aimakhu Johnson repeats clothes from one of her production, Alakada I&II. Repetition of words spoken by the other during telephone call, which is common among Nigerian movies. Flashback editing is poor, words that were not spoken before are included in the flashbacks. There is a weak transition of information and finally music does not go along with events.


The reason why I do not like this movie is because there were some, I guess, unknown mistake the script writer did not know of and the editing section was really poor. One extreme reason why I fell in love with this movie is because it drifts the attention of the audience away by going along with the movie, predicting the next step and then the movie brings you to the main event, confusing you, you thought you knew everything but you were wrong.