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    MOVIE GENRE: Drama

    PRODUCER: Grace Johnson & Emem Isong.

    DIRECTOR: Tom Robson

    STORY: Bola Aduwo, Uduak Isong, Oguamanam, Rita C Onwurah

    Bola Aduwo, Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Rita C. Onwurah


    Grace Johnson, Alexx Ekubo, Ini Edo, Uru Eke, Perez Egbi

    LOCATION: Nigeria

    DURATION: 1 Hour 12minutes 10 seconds


    RATING: 10/10

    REVIEWER: Masego Busumane – 15BE02264


    An unemployed man finally lands a job that promises to enhance life for his family but instead his marriage goes downhill when he becomes intimately involved with a co-worker.


    Ini and Collins have been together for ten years. While Collins (Alexx Ekubo) was unemployed Ini (Grace Johnson) took care of the bills, maintained the house, and raised their two boys. After searching for a job for quite some time, Collins finally lands a job with a prosperous company. As he became acclimated in his key position with the firm, his wife and African lifestyle became less attractive. He allowed himself to become intimately involved with a co-worker and eventually left his wife for the “other woman.”

    The novelty of the new relationship wears off fairly quickly when his new girlfriend doesn’t cook and Collins finds himself eating bread and butter sandwiches for dinner. The sexual relationship also wanes and he eventually loses the job due to a few mistakes. Soon after, his new girlfriend dumps him because without a job she considered him to be a liability. All alone and feeling like a fish out of water, Collins attempts to get his wife back.

    “All That Glitters” is about infidelity and although it doesn’t offer a new twist on a common theme it’s still engrossing enough to watch. Collins got “too big for his britches” and made the mistake of believing that the “grass is greener.” He met an educated woman at work and forgot that the reason his wife isn’t educated is because she dropped out of school to give birth to his son. But Ini isn’t blameless. She let herself go during the marriage. She no longer cared how she looked, didn’t get proper grooming and Collins was no longer attracted to her.

    The question of the day is would it have been acceptable if Ini cheated on Collins because he was no longer handsome and had a potbelly? What’s your opinion?

    As for performances Grace Johnson and Alexx Ekubo were front burner in this movie and their performances are believable for the most part. Alexx Ekubo gave a relaxed performance and there were scenes where he should have shown more emotion. The reasons that motivated his change in attitude was not clear but this may be a writing issue and not that of the actor, however there needed to be more of a visual transition from one level of thinking to the other. Since the “other woman” appeared to be “americanized” the writers should have focused a little more on her influence on Collins.

    In terms of star power, Ini Edo is billed as the star of the movie but she was more the star in the movie because she played a very small role. 

    In this case all the glitters turn out to be gold because this is a fairly decent movie.



    SOUND EFFECTS- the sound effects was really good and everything is audible.

    COSTUME – The costume suite the characters as well as the movie theme. It matches with what people wear on the status quo. The costume designer chose well.


    a)      Long Shot

    Contains at least a full image of a human being


    Medium shot







    My favorite quote; ” Collins you are playing with fire, real fire..okay”




    TITLE OF MOVIE: Contract

    MOVIE GENRE: Drama

    PRODUCER: Shirley Frimpong- Manso¸ Yvonne Okoro and Ken Atto

    DIRECTOR: Shirley Frimpong- Manso

    STORY: Herty Owusu

    MAIN CAST: Homla Dandala(Peter), Yvonne Okoro (Abena) and Joseph Benjamin(Kuuku)      

    LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

    DURATION: 2 Hour 10minutes 55 seconds


    RATING: 10/10

    REVIEWER: Masego Busumane – 15BE02264



    Peter is a successful businessman and the ultimate alpha male and a staunch bachelor. Despite his mother’s persistent attempt to find him a woman, to settle down with, Peter sticks to his guns of a non-committal casual relationships, freedom and complete control of his life. Not wanting to live solo for the rest of his, his devices a structured means to have a child without the normal drama that comes with it. Enter Abena, a crude but clever local girl who is anything but impressed with Peter’s influence. With a clear definitive contract outlining the dos and don’ts, these two opposites must exercise every ounce of will power not to kill each other until their child is born.


    This movie is the most interesting movie I ever watched. My feelings and emotions were really captured by the main actors. It is worth watching. The production team has done exceptionally well just from the conception of the movie idea to what we are able to see on the screen as a complete movie package. The one hour duration of the movie is worth sacrificing for. The cast crew, mostly the main actors played their roles very well. The setting and plot matched well with its scenes. Abena played her part well.

    The choice of characters for this movie was totally apt. Haven’t seen any of Yvonne Okoro’s movies so imagine my surprise as I watched her hold her own against top industry people like Benjamin Joseph and Hlomla Dandala. As a crude girl she was almost village like, naïve but still held on to her pride. I would have preferred her a bit older than 27 but been that age wasn’t too bad.

    Joseph was awesome, his character played an extremely vital role in advising his loyal buddy and not insisting his friend change his ways, I loved his demure and carriage playing this role was a winner for me and I can’t readily think of anyone who  the role suited more like it did Joseph.

    For the main attraction, Hlomla Dandal was my champion. While on Channel O as a VJ, I had watched and enjoyed his style of presenting. As Jacob Makhubu of Jacobs Cross I adored him and as Peter he was spot on. He was a good alpha male, running his life as a routine and never wanting his schedule broken. His role was totally relatable to what we have out there and when people say roles are made for certain people, this role was created with him in mind and it was totally commendable.


    Can’t say much to the script writer who did well. When I watch our Nollywood movies, an American version comes to mind but I’m proud to say that with The Contract it wasn’t so.  The woes came in with directing though! Picture quality wasn’t too sharp, had the usual dark scene and some angles where not flattering to the characters. The sex screens and its unflattering sound like it was either porn or a herculean task to have sex, felt overdone. I would love to know, what the director thinking when Peter and a pregnant Abena were making out and he was literally on top of her tummy!


    In the movie, a typical traditional culture of parents in Nigeria is portrayed where Peter’s mother brought her a girl to marry from the village and since Nigerian parents value children, the mother decide to send the  girl away when she heard that Abena is pregnant.

    Lighting error; the lighting in the movie set was good and it improved the visual quality of the movie. Also, the colour grading is perfect.

    Sound error: The sound quality was really good, thanks to the sound director and editor. The choice of music is good. It was nicely composed.


    Cast: The casts played their roles affectionately. They matched their characters.



    SOUND EFFECTS- the sound effects was really good and everything is audible.

    COSTUME – The costume suite the characters as well as the movie theme. It matches with what people wear on the status quo. The costume designer chose well.


    Long Shot

    Contains at least a full image of a human being



    Medium Shot


    From the chest line up



    Close-up shot





    Low angle and Extremely low angleCalling attention to something and in this case- to the ring


    Mid Angle6


    There are many shots using in this movie. I just mentioned a few.         You got to watch this movie!