TITLE: Desperate housegirls


PRODUCER: Uduak Oguamanam Isong


DIRECTOR:  Desmond Elliot.


YEAR: 2013


DURATION: 1:47:32




GENRE: Drama




CAST:Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Kenneth Okolie Mary Lazarus , Tamara Eteimo


REVIEWER: Comfort Elaigwu




Three frustrated street girls working in a local buka where they are constantly harassed by randy old men whimsically leave their jobs and decide to become house girls with the intent to steal and seduce their way to riches.






The movie which turned out to be a piece of cake for all the casts present in the movie, talks about three beautiful, smart and young girls who have had enough of the ghetto life. In their bid to step up their fortune, they decided to become house girls to rich families or die trying to get rich. The movie revolves around the lives of three beautiful, smart, young girls living the ghetto life.


 Frustrated over the low class lifestyle and accompanying financial challenges, the trio come up with a plan to bid poverty goodbye. It’s really easy… all they have to do is become house girls to the elites and scheme their way into the life of affluence. It’s a mission they must accomplish, it  portrays the Elliot family, who change house girls on a weekly basis, Femi and Ada. A happily married couple has what appears to be the perfect house girl until she becomes very close to the boss of the house.


 “Desperate House Girls” is a hit! It cleverly weaved romance and humour into a get rich quick story. It’s a well-written screenplay but not everyone lived happily ever after.


The story left a few questions. Both Victoria and Ekemini were caught in the act. What made Segun come back into the house and catch Victoria? He was last seen in the car. Also, what made Mark’s wife appear in Ekemini’s bedroom? Without visual proper cause these scenes came off as convenient for the story. Also, what became of Ekemini at the end of the movie?


Performances? Spot on. Every actor was believable and there was no dead weight. Hallelujah.


The cinematography, music, and dialogue were great and the chemistry between Ini Edo and Kenneth Okolie worked. Kudos to Desmond Elliott and Uduak Isong on a fine production! RECOMMEND


It’s a big problem dealing with the tricks of house helps who end up being mistresses and end up running the home… of course with the wife out of the way. We see and hear such happening every day. Well some women have gotten smart while some … hmm… are still living in the world of make belief, that they have the perfect house girl.


Desperate House girls, brings to bear the reality of this marital virus that plagues and ravages a lot of homes.