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                     WEEKEND GETAWAY

                       MOVIE REVIEW


Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance.


Director: Desmond Elliott.


Producer: Ini Edo, Emem Isong, Monalisa Chinda.


Writter: Emem Isong


Screenplay: Kehinde Joseph, Bola Aduwo, Uduak Ogwamanam.

Starring: Genevieve Nnaji,  Ramsey Noah, Monalisa Chinda, Ini Edo, Uti Nwachukwu, Bobby Obodo, Beverly Naya, Brian Okwara, Alex Ekubo, Uru Eke, Ini Ikpe Etukudo, Ime Umoh, Ekere Nkanga.


Media Company: Royal Arts Academy.


Year: March 29, 2012.


Duration: 1 hour, 4mins.


Reviewer: Nwankwo Stephen Uba.






    Weekend Getaway is a comedy drama that focuses on relationships. There are five couples or “lovers” in the movie sharing in their conflicts and misunderstandings. The movie shows controversies that come with relationships and also clearly shows romance. The setting of the movie is subtle, natural and serene. There is a little bit of adventure in the movie as all the major characters travel to Akwa Ibom to stay in the Le Meridian Hotel for one reason or the other mainly relationship issues and official purposes. The movie has a little action and ends with suspense.




    The movie centres on five couples with relationship issues who spend the weekend at the exotic, Le Meridian Hotel, Akwa Ibom. The movie kicked off with adventure as Genevieve Nnaji taking a trip to Akwa Ibom. Then the conflict starts with Beverly Naya and Bobby Obodo who are newly weds and always quarrel. A Medical Executive was played by Ramsey Noah who fell in love with Uru Eke his assistant. A rich and bore bachelor was played by Brain Okwara who travelled to the Le Meridian to hook up with his blind date. Monalisa Chinda on the other hand brings her younger boyfriend or “sugar boy”, Alex Ekubo on a business meeting. Ini Edo and Ime Umoh play the Hotel workers. Ini Edo works as a waitress and room service attendant while Ime Umoh works as a luggage attendant. They are both in the Hotel’s customer service.

    There was spite, quarrelling and misunderstanding in the movie which can be seen clearly in various scenes. Misunderstanding is clearly seen when Brian Okwara meets Ini Edo and thinks that she is his blind date. Quarrelling can be seen in the life of the newlyweds and also in the life of the “sugar mummy” and “sugar boy”. A little action in performed by the amazing Genevieve Nnaji In one of the Hotel rooms. Jealousy can also be viewed in the relationship between Ramsey Noah and his assistant, Uru Eke, and let’s not forget they had very good chemistry together, maybe they would act together again in another movie. Not forgetting the hilarious scenes played by Ini Edo and her Co worker, Ime Umoh,  especially the beg for a kiss part where Ime Umoh was slapped seriously in the face. Uti also didn’t have to shout in his role, what a relief but he and Genevieve didn’t establish that connection together. The movie also made use of flashback.

    Desmond Elliot did a great job as the director.  He brought his A game on and made good short and sharp transitions of the scenes and also the fading into scenes was precise. Royal Arts Academy also did a great job on the perfect sound and picture quality. This shows that Nollywood is really improving. The telephone calls were not really understood and I felt that some scenes were very unnecessary, but all the same great job by Desmond Elliot.

    The movie, Weekend Getaway, has one of the best cast in the Nollywood industry. I like the subtle promotion of the Hotel and depiction of the cultural heritage and richness of Akwa Ibom. I’m sure you will enjoy the movie if your expectation is not too high, toms up to the producers. All the same my rating for the movie is a 6/10.



                  ELEMENTS OF PRODUCTION

Camera shots:

-Long shot














-Median shot


-Close up shot






Camera Angle:

-High Angle



-Low Angle




-Mid Angle



Camera Movement:

-Horizontal Movement which involved panning and tracking shot.

-Vertical Movement which involved Dollying.



-Fading into scenes was precise.

-Short and Sharp transitions.


Camera Speed:

-Mainly Normal Motion with a bit of Slow and Fast Motion.


Flashbacks were also used in the movie at various scenes.