Reviewer: Bello Olatilewa

Matric No: 14BE016565

Title of Movie: Alakada 3

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 13 seconds

Producer: Toyin Ahimaku

Director: Adebayo Tijani, Daniel Ashenuga

Screenplay: Daniel Ashenuga

Major Actors: Toyin Ahimaku, Bolaji Amusan, Rachel Oniga, Helen Paul, Jumoke Aderomu

Location: Lagos

Language: Yoruba

Genre: Drama

Release Date: August 20th, 2014


            The movie Alakada is about a female character; Yetunde Animashaun (Toyin Ahimaku) who is from a poor family background but keeps telling lies to people that she is from a rich home. The lie she tells eventually gets her into one form of trouble or the other.

            She eventually learns her lesson when she gets kidnapped because of her lies. She later finds a good man who gives her good advises which she heeds.






             Toyin Ahimaku made a good blend of comedy, drama and morals. The movie points out the consequences of lying to look good in front of others. The movie was mostly comedy as she kept exaggerating a lot of things. The directors did a great job as we can say they interpreted the script rather well. The make-up artists and costume designers also did great jobs as they clothed each cast according to character.

            The sound editing of the movie was poor as we could hear background comments in some scenes from people who were not on set. Also there was a scene where they showed foreigners for no reason as they had nothing to do with the movie. There was a particular scene where she invited a male friend over to pretend to be someone else, at this scene, she said his Yoruba is not fluent but his Yoruba was more fluent than the English he was speaking. We can say the movie was predictable to an extent as we knew her many lies could get her in trouble.

            All in all, the movie was a good movie and I will personally rate it 8/10. It will keep its audience entertained and laughing all through and they will not regret watching it.



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