Title of the movie: Awakening

Producer: Theresa Ananenu

Director: James Omokwe, Ethan Okwara

Location: Nigeria

Screen play: David Gee Ahanmisi

Genre: Thriller

Editor: Ethan Okwara

Main casts- Oc Okeje

                    Kehinde Bankole

                    Femi Brainard

                    Bryan Okwara

Year of release: 2013

Production company- Studio 84, magic effects real dreams integratedDM2

Language: English

Movie duration:

Movie rating: 7/10

Reviewer: Awoyemi Olasunkanmi


 The movie ‘Awakening’ is about how Nicholas (Oc Ukeje) is always has fatal dreams and it happens to be that the dreams come true so this disturbs Nicholas in various ways and this changes his life till he comes across an ambitious journalist, Zainab(Kehinde Bankole), he is able to uncover the truth about his dreams and the truth about their lives.

Elements of the movie

1.       Camera shots: Long shot, medium shot, close up shot and extreme close up shot

2.       Camera placements or angles: mid-angle and extreme low angle.

3.       Camera movements: horizontal movements(pan from left to right), zoom shot and tilt shot

4.       Camera speed: normal, slow motion.

5.       Transitions: fade in and fade out.


      Awakening is a 2013 Nigerian dark thriller film directed by James Omokwe and Ethan Okwara. The movie tells about a young advertising agent who starts to have premonitions of random deaths which eventually happen, this disturbs him seriously on every side and his life starts to change because everything turns out to be the because of his dreams, the lives of others are affected. Fate eventually teams him up with and ambitious journalist seeking the biggest story of her career, as she stumbles upon his story, she finds out that this is no ordinary man and she decides to fight this with him. Together, they begin to find out that all the deaths are connected in a way and his problem is solved.