PhotoGrid_1476581951687TITTLE: Blackbird


PRODUCER:Henry Okoro


DIRECTOR:Kabat Egbon


EDITOR:Okey Benson


DURATION:2 Hours,39 minutes,58 seconds








MAIN CAST:Ik Ogbona,Alex Ekubo,Mike Godson


REVIEWER:Ukwuegbu Benny Chimgozirim,15be02320


LOCATIONS: Safeway hospital,Harmer Brook Associates Nig.Ltd,Red Bricks Estate Residence.



The movie BLACKBIRD  is tragic. It centres on three young men-Chuks(Ik Ogbona),Babs(Alex Ekubo) and Rahim(Mike Godson) struggling to make a living. Despite their level of education, they are unable to secure a job. Chuks and Babs finally get a job which leads to disaster……

Rahim,a young graduate struggles to make a living by doing ‘kole-kole’(picking up dirts from the street)in order to raise money for his mother who has ovarian cancer.Her health keeps getting worse as Rahim is expected to bring the highest amount of money.Seekenat(Nkechi Emmanuel),Rahim’s younger sister sleeps with big daddy(Victor Olaotan) in order to raise some money from her mother.She brings the highest amount of money and her father gives all the praises to her,saying he would have sent her to school instead of Rahim.

Rahim decides to seek shelter elsewhere and lands in house of Chuks and Babs who are also going through the same struggle to make ends meet.

Seekenat tells her brother that her friend’s uncle(big daddy) gave her the money and he is sells drugs.Rahim tells her to connect him and his friends.She tells big daddy and he invites them over.When they arrived,he asks them for the meaning of ‘china white’,they were all giving funny answers.Big daddy laughs,gives them some money and tells them to go make research on  ‘china white’.After deep thoughts and research,they find out that ‘china white’ has to do with drug trafficking.Chuks and Babs accept the offer,knowing the consequences and then what becomes of Rahim?How will he survive and take care of his mother who now has leukemia??…A must watch!!





SOUND EFFECT: Sound was properly used.

LIGHTING: The lighting was good and accurate for each scene.

COSTUME: The costumes used in the movie was appropriate. It showed the state of each character in the movie. E.G:Rahim’s oversized shirt, trouser and bathroom slippers showing his state of poverty.




 Extreme long shot(ex ls)


medium shot(ms)


 Close up shot(cu)



Long shot(ls)


Camera placement:


High angle


 Low angle



This movie-Blackbird is lit. From the producer to the director, down to the cast,you all  did great jobs. It is different from other Nigerian movies where you can predict the end from the name or beginning. I couldn’t count how many times I predicted that Rahim would join Chuks and Babs in trafficking drugs for big daddy even when he was left with no other option.

Comic relief was also used to ease tension-When big daddy asked them for the meaning of ‘china white’.

A scene in this movie looked fake-When Chuks girlfriend asked him what kind of drug he supplies. From his response, an adult could easily tell that he is into drug trafficking and yet she didn’t suspect anything.

Rahim’s father would have done a better job rather than just criticize Rahim and praise Seekenat.We didn’t see his impact as the head of the family. The movie also didn’t tell us what happened to him…if he died, stayed alive to enjoy Rahim’s wealth. He just faded out.

It is captivating and suspense filled.

The lighting,sound,costumes were perfect. I must also commend the director for selecting the right set of people for each role especially the main actors of the movie.


-Life has different meanings to different people, ‘it is pleasure to some’; while to others, ‘it is a game of survival’.

-‘‘Giving up is never an option, crime is neither. Patience and hard work are sure keys to achieving your dreams.’’


 This movie is a didactic one and also portraying the theme of survival; surviving despite all odds.