vlcsnap-error017vlcsnap-error162vlcsnap-error231vlcsnap-error667vlcsnap-error692vlcsnap-error790vlcsnap-error966 Title of the movie: Blood Apart 1&2

Producer: Ossy okeke jnr

Director: Ikenna Emmanuel Aniekwe

Location: Nigeria

Screen play: Ikenna Emmanuel Aniekwe            

Genre: tragedy and drama

Editor: Austine .o. ikechukwu

Main cast: patience Ozokwor

                       Pete Edochie

                       Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

                        Yul Edochie

                        Uzor Ndubisi jnr

Year of release: 2007

Production Company: Ossy Affason production

Language: English

Movie duration: part 1: 1:11:16 and part 2: 1:14: 40

Movie rating: 7/10

Reviewer: Esekhile Cherish


The movie blood apart is about how Susan (Patience Ozokwor) wants to take vengeance on her husband Dennis (Pete Edochie) because of his wrongdoings and wicked behaviour towards her in the past, and even though they grow old together, and her husband is repentant from his wicked ways, she decides not to forgive him, but decides to influence Chidozie and Emeka her two sons(Yul Edochie and Uzor Ndubisi jnr) and only daughter Nnenna(Chioma Chukwuka Akpota) negatively, but she only succeeds in influencing the second son, Emeka, who finally turns against his father. The family is torn apart, leading to their deaths and arrest of the second son emeka for killing Chidozie and leaving the only daughter, Nnenna to suffer the consequences after their deaths.




1. Camera shots: they made use of long shots, medium shot, close up shot and extreme close up shot.

2. Camera placements or angles: they made use of mid-angle and extreme low angle.

3. Camera movements: they made use of horizontal movements (pan from left to right), zoom shot and tilt shot.

4. Camera speed: the camera speed was in normal motion.

5. Transitions: fade in and fade out were used.



The movie blood apart is a movie portraying a family that lacks peace because of unforgiveness and the aim to take vengeance among one another.

          The family would have been peaceful if she had let go of the past and moved on with life, but she ends up destroying her family and causing their untimely deaths, apart from Nnenna, who survives to suffer the consequences of her mother’s actions and apart from losing her whole family, she marries into a family where her mother-in-law and sister-in-law (Uche Jumbo) maltreats her because of the family she comes from, alongside with the death of her husband and her sick child.

The movie is a very interesting one because its moral lesson is to teach people how to forgive one another, it also proves the law of karma which says what goes around must come around.

     The movie ‘blood apart’ ends with a very sad tune, but the story is very realistic and it even happens in some families nowadays, but it shows us the consequences of our actions and I would say the script writer did a very good job in writing the script, the acting skills were very good, my best actor goes to patience ozokwor, she played the role perfectly as usual, she made it look very real, I would also commend the director of this movie, for making use of real father and son (Pete and Yul Edochie) to play the role of father and son, it made the movie look so natural, making the interaction between those two extremely realistic and also, the camera shots and placements in this movie were perfect.

 At the beginning of the movie, the song that was played, painted a picture in the mind of its audience, giving them an idea of what the movie was going to be about, giving them no room for suspense, also the flash back used were too much, it was almost at every scene, the audio sound was very poor, alongside with the lightning and the costumes were manageable.

In conclusion, the movie ‘blood apart’ is a must watch for everyone, it teaches morals, consequences of unforgiveness and how it is essential to live in peace with everyone.