DIRECTOR: Micheal Jaja

SCREENPLAY: Chuks Obiora

MAIN CAST: Genevieve Nnaji, Emeka Ike, Amaechi Muonagor, Ify Afuba


DURATION: 1:46:01


MOVIE RATING (1 being very poor and 10 being excellent): 3

REVIEWER: Anyim Chibuike Pius (15BE02260)


SYNOPSIS: In the aftermath of her mothers death, Sandra (Genevieve Nnaji) goes rogue and becomes rebellious to both her father Chief Roland Okezie (Amaechi Muonagor) and her stepmother, Edah (Ify Afuba). Sandra grows wilder despite pleas by her parents for her to change her character. 

Growing more agitated by her behaviour, Chief Ronald denies Sandra of her car and freezes her bank account. Left with no money, she begins to see the reality of life and falls in love with Michael. As their love grows, Michael encourages Sandra to change her ways and subsequently fixes her relationship with her parents. 




2. Long Shot1. Extremely Long Shot (Ex Ls)

1. Extremely Long shot


2. Long Shot (LS)

2. Long Shot



3. Medium Shot (Ms)

3. Medium Shot)


4. Big close up (BCU)

4. Big close up 



1. Extreme High Angle Shot

5. Extreme HA


2. High Angle

6. High Angle


3. Mid Angle

7. Mid Angle


4. Low Angle

8. Low Angle


5. Point of View


 9. Point of View




I feel that Bonds of Love was a disaster. The plot is sentimental, the video quality bad, the production plagued by technical glitches and the acting raw and looking like something that was shot after a maximum of two rehearsals. The following are some reasons why I consider the film a disaster: 


PREDICTABILITY: Each time I leave a cinema after a movie, I feel pleased and look forward to seeing movies again. Unfortunately, Bonds of Love fed me with so much drama which in turn gave me nothing but predictable plots and resolutions. It was very hurting. I strongly believe that what makes a good movie is not the number of star characters but rather, how the plot systematically beat the imagination of viewers in the course of events.


CHARACTERS: As is common in Nollywood, the cast of Bonds of Love is filled with high profile, sloppy, unrepentant and un-dynamic actors/actresses. When I saw Emeka Ike, I knew to expect a lover boy role and with Amaechi Muonagor, a wealthy and angry man. I can honestly say I don’t know Genevieve enough to have make any assumptions about her role.


VIDEO QUALITY: The movies was produced with a very little video quality that I had to question if the movies were shot a decade ago.


LIGHTING: The lighting of the movie was very poor. Add the poor lighting to the horrible camera quality and you’ll understand the torture I went through. 


SOUNDTRACK: On different occasions, the beginning of the songs played in the movie begun and ended abruptly. It would have been more forgivable if the the songs were horrible but faded in or out.



I believe that a good film should approximate reality, but when the director ignored the fake and unconvincing slaps administered by Chief Ronald, the situation became absurd. In place of any actual slaps, the Chief beats the air on numerous occasions while poorly placed and recorded ‘slap effect’ filled the void. The same goes for all the times when Sandra screamed. The sound came either before or after she came in contact with the cause of her pain/surprise.


TIME KILLING: Bonds of Love showed so many unconnected scenes and dedicate several minutes on these scenes. Clichés of time killing scenes are often seen in the parties Susan threw. I feel it is irrelevant for a movie that is rarely up to two hours of normal time to be split into several parts.


CONCLUSION: It is futile if Nollywod keeps producing and releasing movies every Monday morning when they lack the qualities movies need to stand. Though media personalities say that the industry has been politicised, I believe a better entertainment industry is need to uplift the image of the entertainment world of Nigeria and Africa. Quite simply,  we need good movies.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Woman. What do you want me to do?” – Chief Ronald Okezie