TITLE: Bursting Out Part 2

PRODUCER: Emem Isong

DIRECTORS: Daniel Ademinokan, Desmond Elliot

SCREEN PLAY: Uduak Oguamanam, Bola Aduwo


Genevieve Nnaji

Majid Michel

Desmond Elliot

Nse Ikpe – Etim

Omoni Oboli

Uti Nwachukwu

Susan Peters


LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria


DURATION: 1hr 6mins



RATING: 5.5/10

REVIEWER: Tarin Deborah Harrow – 14BE016580


SYNOPSIS: When Zara, the high-class, uptight business woman, meets Tyrone, she has no idea how this chance encounter will turn her life around and lead her to question all that she has ever known. Will she listen to the advice of her friends who feel that high status and money are the most important things, or will she listen to her heart and find the happiness and love she always wanted and found in Tyrone? Bursting Out Part 2 is the direct continuation of Bursting Out.


 CAMERA MOVEMENT – use of horizontal movements, which involves panning and tracking shot, were used heavily in the making of this movie, however there are elements of vertical movements for instance, the scene that involved walking up the staircase.


CAMERA SPEED – Normal motion

Long shot(LS)


Transition– the scenes in this film changed from one to another using cut transition.




Medium shot


Extreme close up




Genevieve Nnaji is arguably one of Africa’s best exports in the movie industry and her presence on our screen is usually worth the while. She played her part of a torn woman trying to make an important decision in her life either by listening to the advice of her friends or to her heart. Her emotions are felt, and you finish the movie wondering, What will I have done in her situation? because of the realism and life she brings to the screen. Ime Umoh is another great thing about this movie; he brings the comedic relief to an otherwise serious movie. Its important to laugh from time to time, and he brings the humor quite all right.

Lead actor Majid Michel is known for his lover boy roles, apart from this being another stereotypical role, you can not deny he does it well, his performance in this movie is great and the role is befitting. In terms of the main cast acting, it is a solid 9/10.

Fellow actor, Desmond Elliot in his early directing endeavors co -directed this movie, so its no wonder that the acting was great, he knew what he wanted and brought it out in his fellow colleagues.

However, good acting and a fair story line are about the only good things in this movie. The logistics are poor. The editing is lackluster, some scenes that are not flash backs are in black and white, some others in sepia, and some in normal color. In as much as there is a strong main cast, the supporting roles do no share the same advantage, and they are below average in comparison. Having a good main cast is one thing, but the entire casts make the film, which in this case is lacking. Unrealistic instances are brought to this movie and sound and lighting is not much better. Some scenes start without audio, and background music drowns out the lines of the actors in other scenes.

The film lacks originality and it’s predictable. So many love stories are about inequality of income or status an unexpected twist would have raised the bar for this film. Without giving much away, I’m sure you can tell how the film ends. Audio and editing quality could have been better, in general, great cast, but not a great film.

If you have not seen this movie, you have not missed out on much, but for the sake of seeing great acting from the main cast check out the movie on irokotv.com or purchase from local stores.