PRODUCER; Emem Isong, Susan Peters

DIRECTOR; Desmond Elliot

SCREEN PLAY; Uduak Isong Oguamanam

MAIN CAST; Alero (Mary Lazarus), Fred (Joseph Benjamin), Ese (Susan Peters), Temisan (uti)


DURATION:  1 hour 45 mins


MOVIE RATING: 9/10… Excellent

REVIEWER: Jonathan Josephine Iruesiri [15BE02282]

SYNOPSIS: Alero (Mary Lazarus) believed she was in the perfect marriage to the perfect man, but all that changes when she wakes up to an empty bed and a note from her husband that he had left her (for her best friend unknown to her). In the process of dealing with an unfaithful, runaway husband and a betraying friend, Alero found comfort in tending to a wealthy but blind young man but had to deal with her inner demons which left her confused and almost losing out on love.




 Long shot





Medium shot


Medium shot


Close up shot


Medium shot

REVIEW: Susan Peters and Uti are both comical with their delivery, making people laugh as they watch the film. Joseph Benjamin plays his blind man thoroughly; Mary’s acting skills on the other hand are estimable. Nevertheless, there are a few notable errors in the dialogue; when they fell out, Temisan tells Ese ‘ahh, you jazzed me’; as if he is just realizing that she cast a spell on him. The way Uti conveys that message leaves everyone laughing heartily.

In another scene, Ego tells Alero: ‘if I was there, this wouldn’t have happened’. Alero responds; ‘there is no hard feelings ’instead of ‘there are no hard feelings’. Another was when Thandie said ‘you know how much important this trip is to me’ instead of; you know how important this trip is to me. There is an exchange between Ese and Temisan, where Temisan asks, ‘Ese, what did you just say? Ese replies, ‘nothing that needs any repeatation’. There is no such word in the English Language. Repetition is the right word.

The picture created of Fred in the movie is that of a wealthy and educated man, how come it took a long while to explore all the medical options available to him. A wealthy man like Fred couldn’t have waited for that advice before seeking quality medical care whether in Nigeria or abroad.


It is quite disappointing that ‘CRY’ was not well publicized, especially on the internet. These are the shortcomings in the movie CRY, apart from these, the movie is interestingly exceptional; the picture quality is fabulous and would make one want to watch the entire movie by just sighting a scene. Sounds and shots in the movie are simply on point. Dramatic elements such as; humour, suspense, sarcasm and irony deployed by the writer in the story made the movie even more interesting and entertaining. Kudos to Emem Isong, Susan Peters and Desmond Elliot for a movie well produced and directed.

CONCLUSION; The movie CRY is a story that centres on a young and married lady who got dumped by her precious husband for her friend. She finds it difficult to pull herself together and face reality, crying all the time was her duty, but with the help of a caring friend, she found a way to love again. The movie is such a suspense filled movie that keeps one glued to the screen and wondering what’s next. It communicates to us some of the challenges people go through in life and how they can over come such challenges by determination and faith.

The acting skills of the actors are exclusive and everyone fits into their characters perfectly. It ended in a very happy way as everyone got what they deserved. More movies like this should be produced.


Favourite quote: ‘ah… you jazzed’ me, said by Temisan to Ese.