PRODUCER: Uche Jumbo

DIRECTOR: David Inwang

YEAR:  2011

DURATION: 1hr 28mins 25 seconds

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

MOVIE RATING: 4/10vlcsnap-2015-11-04-16h36m07s192

Genre: Drama

CAST: Uche Jumbo, Tonto Dike, Kālu Igeagwu, Nicolette Ndigwe, Basorge Tariah Jnr

Reviewer: Ologe Ese Titilayo


The movie is about a married couple they are presented as high socialite couple to the world. On their way to receive an award as the best couple of the year there was a flash back in the limousine we get  to see who they really are, their marriage life is full of domestic violence., they are always fighting at every little thing  that is not necessary , but when they are always together their marriage is one of the best and when they fight it is violent and vicious ,and it affects their children , their son is violent in school and their daughter is also affected to the point of muteness and decided to learn how to defend herself from street fighters but the couple refuses to see the violent nature of their relationship is responsible, until it is too late.


CAMERA SHOT: High shot

                  Extreme close up shot

                    Medium shot

                  Close up shot

        Extreme close up shot


CAMERA ANGLE: Extreme angle

                                Mid angle

                                 Low angle

                               High angle



              The storyline and production of the movie is very poor  One thing that bothered me during this movie was that I was not moved by the domestic violence taking place, I did not once flinch during the movie, the way it was shot did not make it emotional for me. The lighting was poor and unnecessary time was wasted in the movie especially the first part of the movie.


                What the parents do for a living was not shown, I thought it will be mentioned considering the fact that the movie started with them in a limo and they were referred to as the couple of the year.


                 The scene where the daughter was stabbed with a scissors was not realistic. The way the scissors flew to the stomach was funny because of the distance between the parent and the girl. The movie would have been better if the violence was a little more horrific.


The movie is worth seeing for sure, it was very entertaining and the music appropriately chosen for each scene was used very effectively to heighten emotion.   Damage is one of the best Nollywood movies, the main theme domestic violence was portrayed in the movie.