TITLE: Dangerous Twin Sister


GENRE: Drama


PRODUCER: Onyeka Okpeze


DIRECTOR: Emeka Jill Umeasor


SCREENPLAY: Vincent D. Anointed


MAIN CAST: Mike Ezuruonye, Patience Ozonkwo, Yul Edochie, Chacha Eke, Queen Wokoma, Junior Pope


LOCATION:  Lagos, Nigeria




DURATION: 1:48:49


DATE OF RELEASE: September 17, 2015





Linda (Queen Wokoma) is a psychotic that turns into a cobra to kill anyone that offends her twin sister, Sophie (Chacha Eke).



Camera Angles

The Camera angles used in the movie were:

Screenshot_2016-10-16-17-14-36-11. LOW ANGLE    

Screenshot_2016-10-16-16-53-05-1 2. HIGH ANGLE      

 Camera Shots

The camera shots used in the movie were


1. LONG SHOTScreenshot_2016-10-16-10-51-54-1

Screenshot_2016-10-16-10-50-50-1  2. OVER THE SHOULDER

Screenshot_2016-10-16-10-32-42-13. SELECTIVE FOCUS

Camera Speed

The camera speed used was normal motion for most of the movie and slow motion for the action part.


The transitioning used were Cut, Dissolve and Fade




The movie is an assault on the eyes, the ears, the brain, common sense and the human desire to be entertained. From the first few scenes of the movie, it becomes obvious that one is set for an uncomfortable experience. The only good thing to be said about the movie is the effective lightning and the smooth flow from scene to scene.

The soundtracks did not work with some of the scenes. The acting is zero: Danny’s friend acted way over the top after hearing Danny’s lament. I blame that on the director as well. The movie fails in its attempt at comedy. What’s really laughable about the movie is the idea of the movie itself. Most of all it has no message

There are so many prolonged irrelevant scenes in the movie that add nothing to the plot. Example is when Sophia and Linda were dancing. It was not only unnecessary but long also.

So many grammatical errors and wrong pronunciation of words throughout. An example is when is when Daniel said, ‘Is your men better than me?’ when it should have been ‘man’. Also ‘I‘ve done everything in my powess’.  It should have been ‘powers’. ‘The girl is too tasky’, ‘Which of you is Sophia?’ and so on.

Mike Ezuruonye was listed in main cast but was not seen till around 15 minutes to the end of the movie. Yul Edochie was not even seen at all.

Screenshot_2016-10-17-22-08-44-1 The effects in this movie seemed ridiculous to me. The shootings, the blood… 

I do commend that the snake was realistic, but every other effect used were just silly.

It was disjointed and far distant to the movie title until the late ending where it started relating to the title.  The storyline and the execution were both horrible.



What is so heartbreaking about this movie is that it is a 2015 movie. This movie is about 2 hours and there’s no reason to believe it took more than 2 hours to film.

Honestly it is just a complete waste of time and there’s no one I dislike so much that I’d recommend this movie to.


Here are my memorable quotes from the movie.

‘Check me out, I ugg?’ – Daniel


‘In the process of checking you out, here’s what I noticed. You are nothing but raggedy. You are the definition of everything but irresponsible. You stink of irresponsibility.’ – Sophia