A one hour twenty one minutes long movie, produced and directed by Dotun Taylor, Executive Producer; Abu Kazeem Afolayan, production supervisor; Ola Obitesin, screenplay by; Gbenga Osanyin, location manager; Abiodun Olusegun, Starring; Bukky Ajayi, Ayo Mogaji Oduleye, Bayo Bankole, Afeez Oyetoro, Remi Oshodi. Location is Lagos and Oshogbo.




The movie is about Omolola Adebayo (Bukky Ajayi) who is a rich, spoilt Lagos girl, engaged to be married, she mistakenly sends a message meant for her fiancé, Teniola( ) to a wrong phone number. The love story starts as the receiver; a young farmer; Iwintunde becomes interested in omolola and they continue with the telephone conversations, they become interested in one another but omolola refuses to continue as she loves her fiancé. 


Omolola and Teniola relationship become distant when she realises that iwintunde is a perfect African man and Teniola is the exact opposite of him. She plans her own kidnapping and goes to Oshogbo to stay with Iwintunde; she learns to become a true African woman but there’s a secret that will jeopardise their love and their love will eventually come to an end when she receives a corpse. Suspense, drama, love, trill, adventure and more… watch Egberun Maili to see the evolution of the Nigerian movie industry…









Various shots were adopted for the movie from extremely long shot to close up shots. There were instances of high angles and low angles to depict a character’s importance. There wasn’t any instance of crane or tracking movement but dolly and handheld movement were used. There weren’t any fast motion or slow motion. Transitions were mostly cut, dissolve, fade in and fade out.




The movie is a masterpiece. The film is acted out in Yoruba language and subtitled in English. One of the most creative screenplays ever brought to the screens by a Nigerian. The storyline is in terms of a story in another story. The transitions were perfect and it was a drama about the diversity of the African culture and how most Africans prefer to evolve with the western world.


The movie also has its flaws; the movie quality is a bit low as the producer tried the 90s look on the movie. The subtitles on the drama were misspelt. Some grammars used by the actors during speech were wrongly used. They acted so fake in some instances. But apart from that; I see the movie as a work in progress to move the Nigerian Film Industry forward.