MATRIC NO: 15BE02292



TITLE: Fifty

PRODUCER: Tope Oshin Ogun

DIRECTOR: Biyi Bandele

STORY BY/ SCREENPLAY BY: Bola Agbaje / Kemi Adesoye

MAIN CASTS: Nse Ikpe-Etim as Kate

                          Ireti Doyle as Elizabeth

                          Omoni Oboli as Maria

                          Dakore Akande as Tola

LOCATION(S): Nigeria

DURATION: 101 minutes

DATE OF RELEASE: 17 October 2015 (BFI)

                                      13 December 2015 (Lagos)

                                      18 December 2015 (Nigeria)

MOVIE RATING (scale 1-10):

REVIEWER: Odekpe Peace Udoka, 15BE02292


            Fifty captures few pivotal days of four women at the pinnacle of their careers. Tola, Elizabeth, Maria and Kate are four friends forced at the midlife to take inventory at their personal lives, while juggling career and family against the backdrops of the neighborhoods of Lagos.

            Tola is a reality TV star whose marriage to lawyer Kunle never stood a chance thanks to an invidious family secret. Elizabeth is a celebrated obstetrician whose penchant for younger men has estranged her from her daughter. Maria, a forty nine-year old has an affair with a married man that results in an unexpected pregnancy and Kate’s battle with a life-threatening illness has plugged her into religious obsession.


·           VIDEO: The movie ‘fifty’ has a very good video quality which enables the viewers to enjoy the movie and poses as a form of encouragement for the viewers.

·         AUDIO: The audio quality of the movie is very good. It is without breakage and it matches the movement of the mouth which if occurs, is a very quick ‘turn-off’ for the viewers of the movie. It is clear and audible.

·         LIGHTING: The lighting of the movie was superb and enabled clear views even in the dark.  

·         VIDEO ANGLES AND SHOTS: These are the several positions taken by the camera, either still or in motion.





















REVIEW: (Your critical analysis of the movie)

            Fifty is a very classic and sophisticated movie that has, in my own view, brought light and beauty to Nigeria.

·         CHOICE OF ACTORS/ACTRESS: The wonderful choice of actors in relation to their role is good. All related characters had a little resemblance to make the movie more realistic. For Example, Tola, a reality TV star, and her son, Jamal, had a sort of resemblance to forecast the roles. Also, Elizabeth, the celebrated obstetrician and her Daughter had a form of resemblance.  

·         CODE MIXING AND CODE SWITCHING: This movie had a juggle of both perfectly polished English and the pidgin language; also, the Yoruba language was included. For example, the conversation between Elizabeth and Maria in Elizabeth’s office. This helps and intends to promote and include the Cultural values and language, even in a sophisticated movie.

·         INTERLOCKED RELATIONSHIPS: The twisted relationship between all four women and other characters is a very creative idea still, they knew all.

·         FINISHING POINT: The movie ‘Fifty’ does not have a pleasant nor expected end. The movie ended without ratifying all the problems faced by different persons in the movie. Everything happened so quick without adequate explanation on how or when they happened but the results of these unseen actions were seen in the movie.

·         COSTUME: Though, there were mostly sophisticated roles to play but Ankara was used by all four women and additional characters to showcase the Nigerian culture as intended by code mixing and switching.


CONCLUSION: (summarize your write up and end with your favorite quote from the movie)

            This movie is a very nice and wonderful experience. It is a ‘must watch’ indeed. Every element of production present was perfectly organized and portrayed. From the lighting to the video, audio and so on, all were on point.

Tola, the reality TV star who was referred to a “Drama Queen” and does not want any inclusion of her family in her reality show ‘Rich and Famous Tola’ because of her big family secret.

Elizabeth, the celebrated obstetrician could be called the middle man. She had a particular relationship between all other three women and was the communication method between them.

Maria, being pregnant, tries to get the father of her baby wen realized that she cannot get rid of it. It was very surprising to know who the father was.

Kate, the diligent church goer and refuses to but her priorities right with the excuse that “God comes first” ends up with a deadly disease and her “…life is falling apart…”

this brings me to my best part of the movie, which is a conversation between Kate and her husband and her husband answered;

            “…We may as well move into the church and come home once a week…”

This movie is a must watch and should be seen by the world to tell them, not all Nigerian Movies are lame and poorly produced. Thank You.