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PRODUCER: Uduak Isong Oguamanam

DIRECTOR: Ikechukwu Onyeka

SCREENPLAY: Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Rita Onwurah, Bunmi Ajakaiyi

MAIN CAST: Ozzy Agu, Lota Chukwu, Belinda Effah, Yvonne Jegede

LOCATION:  Lagos State, Nigeria

DURATION: 1.32:38



REVIEWER: Nwankwo Blessing (15BE02286)


-AUDIO: The audio quality of the movie is good and commendable

-SOUND EFFECT: The sound effect used was appropriate for the scenes in the movie



This movie portrays the story of Chika (Lota Chukwu), whom in attempt to save her father’s life, succumbs to the advice of her friend (Belinda Effah) to join a prostitution service. However, things take a turn as she gets into prostitution but loses her father regardless. To make matters worse, she can’t stop ‘prostituting’ and eventually, she meets a perfect man, William (Ozzy Agu), who gives her a new meaning to life, until her past comes crawling. Would this romance help her change her prostituting ways or would this be another beginning of problems?


The most beautiful aspect of this movie is the use of up-coming actors to portray the characters. It gives the movie a new face and helps in promoting new talents unlike the normal repetition of characters in Nigerian movies.

The bad aspect is the fact that the characters were not fit for their roles especially the lead character, Lota Chukwu (Chika). I felt her actions were baseless and any other character in the movie like Belinda Effah and Yvonne Jegede could have done a better job.

The movie is also a little cliché; telling the story of grass to grace. It won’t be wrong if this is called another form of Cinderella. Likewise, the person who portrayed Chika’s father looked too young compared to her mother and could have passed for her uncle.

Also, Chika went into prostitution due to her father’s illness and stayed after his death, but the relationship portrayed by these two characters didn’t seem too close to warrant her actions.

Similarly, the time frame in which Ozzy Agu(William) forgave Chika after learning that she was prostituting even with his friend was rather unrealistic and the title of the movie seemed abstract and sounds like the name of a Nigerian hip-hop song.

The movie ended as Chika entered into the room were Williams was sitting. I felt there was something more, to be said and done and the movie needed a continuation.

However, Ozzy Agu(William), did a splendid job performing his role and he would likely become a regular face in Nollywood.


The movie is average and it depicts the theory ‘Love Knows No Flaws’. Out of all Nigerian movies, this is not close to my best but it is surely a good attempt.