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Screenshot_2016-10-15-22-53-15-1Title: Folly

Producer: Elizabeth Daniels.

Director: Alex Mouth.

Story by: Elizabeth Daniels.

Screen play: Patrick Nnamani.

Main Cast:  Joke Sylvia, Yvonne Nelson, Uche Jumbo.

Location: Nigeria.

Duration: 1hr 18mins 25secs.

Date of release: 2014

Movie rating: 7

Reviewer: Aguiyi Nwamaka – 15BE02251

Synopsis: Folly tells a dark story of love and sweet life gone sour. It highlights the thin line between promises and betrayal, of how harmless, thoughtless actions can change lives forever. The movie revolves around lust, revenge, love and scars from the past. The overall storyline is very interesting and keeps the viewer on the edge as to what would happen next.

Elements of production:

Camera shots;

Medium shot (Ms)



Extreme Long Shot (Ex Ls)

Extreme Close up Shot (Ex Cu)





The movie was great! The picture quality was very crisp and clear, which aids in captivating the attention of the audience. The sound quality is also commendable as it is loud and clear unlike many Nigerian movies.

Besides the outward appearance of the movie, the storyline was on point. It was very different and unique and not at all cliché or predictable. The development and transitioning of the story flowed in harmony and will keep viewers wanting more.

The movie takes a typical experience that happens every day, and gave it a whole new meaning. The angle from which the movie was taken from will make the audience think differently when such serious matters arise.

I simply adore the cast of the movie. With big names like Uche Jumbo and Joke Sylvia who are well known Nollywood sweethearts, no wonder the movie was such a hit. The actors connected brilliantly with their characters and were so believable and relatable. The connection of the flash back with reality was beautiful as the actors in the flash back had a strong resemblance with their present selves. The soundtracks used were in harmony with the story and the camera quality was very good.

Though the movie was generally impressive, there were a few tweaks here and there. For instance, the use of special effects was not so good. In a scene where a house was on fire, it didn’t look real enough and could easily put the viewers off guard. Also, in that same scene where the house was on fire, the house was supposed to be falling apart but the pieces of wood that came crashing down passed right through an actor who was apparently evacuating the building. In my opinion, that was bad editing and could also make viewers to lose interest in the movie. Lastly, in a scene where two actors were engaged in a fight, the emotion was not present and didn’t make the fight look believable at all.

I want to commend the producer for compressing the movie in a short duration limit and not putting extra unnecessary scenes as this would have thrown the audience off balance and made the storyline difficult to comprehend. Elizabeth Daniels did a great job! One of my favourite lines from the movie is ‘’…a harmless folly at its simplest, but its consequences are dire’’ which was used at the climax of the movie.

 In conclusion, the movie is proof that Nollywood has come a long way from what it used to be. The twist at the end of the movie was mind blowing, not too much and not too less but just enough to keep viewers on the edges of their seats not knowing what to expect. This is definitely a must watch for those who are willing to give Nollywood a chance and for die hard Nollywood fans.