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TITLE: Fusion

PRODUCER: Darlington Abuda

DIRECTOR: Niyi Towolawi

SCREEN PLAY: Patrick ‘Konaige’ Nnamani

MAIN CAST: Ayo ‘AY’ Makun, Ireti Doyle, Victor Olaitan, Yvonne Jegede, Beverly Naya, Peggy Ovire, Seun Akindele, Bucci Franklin and Onoge Tega Ben

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

LOCATION(S): Lagos (Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki)

DURATION: 1:33:58 (1 hour, 33 minutes and 58 seconds.)

DATE OF RELEASE: Friday, April 15. 2016

MOVIE RATING: from 1 being poor and 10 being excellent). The movie rating is 5.

REVIEWER: Awotiku Oluwabusola Rachael 15BE02262


Fusion is a romantic comedy that explores the unfolding realities of life that newlyweds experience as they negotiate the dynamic curves thrown at them by the experience called MARRIAGE. The aftermath of the honeymoon when 3 couples return home to find out that living together comes with unique pros and cons which their period of courtship did not prepare them for. The new dynamics of married life is a bit too overwhelming for the couples to manage the associated risks and issues that marriage brings along. For the experienced couples who know that every home has its rule and that not every rule suits every home.


Pictures: the picture quality was great and the cinematography was on point in the movie. The movie industry is Nigeria is definitely getting this right.

Make Up: The makeup was quite good in the movie but they can do better.

Costume: the costumes were used effectively in the movie but some details were just off. For example, three brides who claimed to have come from different places wore the same wedding dress. Was it a coincidence or fate? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

Lightning and sound effects: the lightning wasn’t that bad but the sound was the major problem here. The sound wasn’t too fantastic, their conversations weren’t too clear and their voices seemed a bit to high pitched. The music itself was not going well and almost pissed me off. Of course, Nigerian movies always have this particular problem with sound effects.


Extremely long shot



Long shot







Medium shotScreenshot_2016-10-17-05-51-33



Extremely high angle



High angle



Mid angle




Low angle



POV ( Point of view)



Horizontal movement was used in the movie when the guy who AY thought was cheating with his wife opened the door for a lady to create suspicion but it wasn’t AY’s wife. In all, this movie needs to gather feedbacks and target their work better.


In Fusion, a romantic comedy directed by Niyi Towolawi, three newlywed couples are greeted by the rude shock of changes in their life. The first couple Ngozi (Yvonne Jegede) and Emeka (Bucci Franklin) struggle with balancing marriage and career, the second couple Ufuoma (Peggy Ovire) and Ovie (AY Makun) battled with interference in marriage from Ufuoma’s wealthy parents while the third couple Keji (Beverly Naya) and Bayo (Seun Akindele) had recurring battles over the controlling influence of Bayo’s mother on him and his total reliance on her support for living.

The plot of the movie was wonderful but the way they acted the movie was not so good with the plot. I was so excited when reading the plot that I proceeded to watch the movie but to my disappointment, the acting performance was not up to par. The Director of the movie definitely did not demand the best of the A-list actors/actresses paraded in the movie. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy but throughout the movie, I didn’t feel anything was romantic there and actually I didn’t even laugh.

It became boring after the honeymoon part and confusing with too much repetition and unnecessary scenes. The continuity of the movie was also not so good. Sometimes, you wonder how one thing led to the other. Introducing several characters in the movie confused me a whole lot. At some point at the honeymoon resort, one could hear voices in the background that clearly could not depict a resort with only three couples and their hosts.

If the movie was a romantic comedy, I guess they do have a reason for putting the famous comedian, AY in the movie so that the movie could be spiced up but AY was unable to fulfill his duties because I didn’t find anything funny in the movie. They attempted some jokes but it was all too boring and dry.

The cinematography and A-list actors could have had anyone fooled, but the acting and the sound definitely reduced the rating of this movie. Also, I don’t know what happened in the movie for it to have the title “Fusion” as the title wasn’t corresponding with the way they acted in the movie. In the end, it was not worth it. Mr. Director, this was not good enough, better luck next time. For the producers, if you must spend money on a movie production, ensure you get everything right to produce a timeless movie.


The movie was barely okay, but there was a message passed across that love is not the only ingredient required to sustain a marriage. Trust, patience and commitment are required alongside Love. If there’s commitment in a marriage, no matter the challenges, it will grow because “the butterfly was once a caterpillar.”

Men in the society should also know that “Women are secretive but not to harm men, they need to keep the secret so as to be complete”.