Review by Adeoye Zainab Adedotun





 One of the problems with Nollywood movies, among others is that you can predict the entire movie even before you start to watch it just from basic things like the song, to the cast involved in it. Well this blockbuster “KAMARA’S TREE” is nothing of such.

“Kamara’s Tree” was written by Ivie Okujaye, directed by Desmond Elliot and produced by Morris K.Sesay in 2013. The main characters are played by Desmond Elliot, Lydia Forson, Ivie Okujaye, Tessy Abubakar, Bobby Obodo, Ginnefine Kanu, Morris K Sesay and Dabota Lawson. The film was shot in Freetown, Sierra Leone and lasts for an hour, forty-three minutes and fifty-three seconds. It is a comedy-drama. It tells a story of a family who gathers together after long years of separation to attend the wedding ceremony of their sister. Each member of the family had to cope with each other’s behavioural patterns and many secretes were revealed.

The movie is quite impressive and actually very funny, especially the parts that were played by Selina (Ginnefine kanu) and Lydia Forson. Their personalities were quite intriguing and very eccentric. Mama T really caught my attention with the way she got into character. She was able to mask her emotions properly. Towards the end of the scene I was highly disappointed with the quality of the production. The scene wasn’t realistic in any way. There was a particular point where there was supposed to be a body but all I saw was a fridge full of ice block. The scene didn’t paint the right picture of a deceased person. Another flaw I discovered in the movie is Abduls acting. It was not just real or believable. It was obvious he was acting which isn’t meant to be. At a point, Selina kind of over did her acting. In situations that did not need a lot of action, she put action in.

An error made was by the Continuity Person. When Tenneh who supposedly went to meet a man by the poolside was not seen again until after 3 scenes were was she shown talking to someone else before was seen going to meet the man.

Technically, the movie is high-class. The graphics, sound, setting, camera shots, angles and visual content in general were on ‘fleek’. The character’s roles as actors were really pleasant to witness. All of these add up to the aces hidden in this movie. “Kamara’s Tree” is a good and really interesting movie and I recommend you guys to watch it. You will not be disappointed.