Screenshot_2015-10-26-10-59-59-1TITLE: Lonely Heart

CAST: Ini Edo, Desmond Elliott, Uche Jombo, Belinda Effah, Kenneth Okolie, Okey Uzoeshi

PRODUCER: Emem Isong

DIRECTOR: Lancelot Oduwa Imausen


DURATION: 2 hours

GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Romance

RATING: 8/10



a. Camera shots and movement

-medium shots

-extreme close up shots

-high angle shots

-long shots

-extreme long shots

b. Camera speed: it was normal with a few slow motion effect in one or two scenes.

c. Camera angle

-low angle

-high angle

-mid angle

-extreme angle

d. Transitions: cut, fade in, fade out and wipe were used.

e. Lightning: the movie’s Lightning was good in general.



SYNOPSIS: A young journalist finds herself stuck between two walls when her co-worker and his housemate shamelessly compete for her attention.



     Lancelot Oduwa Imausen brings yet another adrenaline-filled comic-inspired movie to the big screen. We see all sorts of familiar faces this time around, but the audience is introduced to a few new characters as well.

     This is a “dramedy” with several layers. At center stage is Charles (Kenneth Okolie) and Yemi (Okey Uzoeshi) who compete for Aima”s attention. At first, they pretend they’re gay but when Aima (Belinda Effah) learns the truth, it’s on. It’s cute but doesn’t come off as funny as probably intended.

     Aima happens to be a writer for a magazine. She interviewed “Tiana” who is some sort of celebrity. Tiana (Barbara Soki) discussed an affair she had with a younger man that ultimately ruined her marriage and revealed all of the details except the identity of the man.

     When Aima returned to the office, her boss ordered her to not only investigate but to also print a picture of Tiana’s mysterious lover with the story. This presented a challenge for Aima because 1) she didn’t know who the man was and 2) she wanted to keep her job and her integrity as a journalist.

     Aima also coped with her sister’s drug abuse. Lizzy (Uche Jombo) only called when she needed money and she wound up leaving town owing her dealer and landlord.

     Another story line focused on Debbie (Ini Edo) who is a movie director and is married to an abusive husband. Many women in this situation struggle with whether to leave or not but after one hit too many, Debbie made a powerful move and left. Shortly after, new love appeared at her door.

     The stories here are weaved together effortlessly but at the end of the day, “Lonely Heart” is not boring nor especially engaging. It’s the kind of movie you watch when you’re bored or if you have a particular interest in any of the actors.

     As for acting, Uche Jombo brought the heat playing a desperate druggie but she wasn’t in a leading role. Belinda Effah is a fine actress with potential and she basically carried the movie.

     In spite of the excellent story line, there are however minor shortcomings in the movie.

Continuity error:

While complaining about being starved to death, Daniel (Perez Egbi), who is Debbie’s husband in the movie, drops his saucer of biscuits and two fall out. When he picks the saucer back, the biscuits have jumped back into place.  

Factual error:

Daniel (Perez Egbi) clearly didn’t beat Debbie (Ini Edo) and not to a coma. He only strangled her to suffocation.

Continuity error:

After the strangulation, Debbie (Ini Edo) is hospitalized for treatment. In her next scene, she is by the pool with Aima (Belinda Effah) where she was comforting Aima about her man “issues”. In her next scene, she’s back in the hospital bed. Was she re-hospitalized?

Continuity error:

Aima (Belinda Effah) arrived her office with boxes different from the ones she was seen to be thrown out with.

Grammatical error:

“I’ve been diagonised with cancer” – Tiana (Barbara Soki). Didn’t she mean diagnosed?

     All-in-all, it is a decent movie with fine performances and despite its minor shortcomings, Lonely Heart is exciting, creative and well worth a few hours of your time. I RECOMMEND.