TITLE: Married but living single

PRODUCER: Kalejaiye Adeboye Paul

DIRECTOR: Tunde Olaoye

SCREEN PLAY: Jovi Babs and Tunde Olaoya

MAIN CAST: Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin and Joke Silva

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

Duration: 1hr 45mins

DATE OF THE MOVIE: 3rd June 2012


REVIEWER: Chukelu Vivian Adaeze

SYNOPSIS: The movie “Married but living single” is about a young ambitious woman Kate (Funke Akindele) who is a career driven woman who married to an entrepreneur, Mike (Joseph Benjamin). Mike is diagnosed with lung cancer, kate has to choose to either take a break from work to be with her husband while he recuperates from surgery, or stay dedicated to her company which now stands a big chance of winning an important contract with a big telecommunications company.

Her neglect for the only child of the family is epitomized in the daughter’s love for only her father and even a stranger Titi (Kiki Omeli) who turned out to be her mother’s competitor at work and husband’s mistress.

The movie touches all aspects of a family: relationship, trust, neglect, and emotional and physical abuse which are all evidence of our daily living. It teaches the foremost ambition of any couple should be how to strike a balance between work and family and the trick is to know where to draw the line.   



LIGHTING: the lighting was just ok, no special effects.

PICTURE QUALITY: the picture quality was perfect











The picture quality, sound and background music was perfect. I loved the positive display of African culture through the use of Ankara wears in major scenes in the movie. It was really colorful.

Funke Akindele did a phenomenal job as the advertising executive. She was able to translate emotions into the screen and you find yourself understanding her point of view and walking struggle. However the opening award seen should have been shorter and the dancing scene (at the end) was unnecessary.

Joseph Benjamin and Funke Akindele are not the perfect match as husband and wife, there was no chemistry between them. Also most nollywood movies never look deep into investigations on the death of a character: Dorothy. Despite that was not the main object of the movie , I think nollywood has got to a stage where all stones must be unturned, no loopholes left and most importantly the depicts a lack of order in our society. For such event to occur without any input from any enforcement agency, no autopsy done, no litigation carried out against her husband is a big minus on the part of the producers of the movie.

It is a very interesting movie and should be seen by both the married and single.