Movie title: memories of my heart


Producer: Chimezie Emelionwu


Director: Afam Okereke


Editor: Uche Ike


Continuity: Just chuks


Starring: Patient ozokwor, Emeka Ike, chioma chukwumma


Locations: Lagos, Nigeria


Duration: 1hr: 30mins


Year of release: 2013


Movie rating: 5/10


Reviewer: Orji paragon chiamaka-14be016612


Synopsis:  It revolves around a young man who intends getting married to a lady who helped him when he was very poor, as fate would have it; he got a job in an oil company where he started earning enough money.  Things started to turn around when his girlfriend’s best friend started developing interest in him.


Element of production:


Lighting: the lighting was very poor, there was no difference between day and night, most parts weren’t even clear enough.


Picture quality: the picture quality was very bad.


Costume: most of the costumes used in this film were in no relation to the parts they acted.


Sound effect: the quality of the sound effect was too poor. The beginning part of the film, the sound effect was not corresponding, it was not needed for that scene.


Camera shots:


Long shot


Medium shot 



Long shot


Review: Memories of my heart is a good movie, the movie brings out the daily happenings of our society. For a long time I have always thought that watching a Nigerian produced film was a waste of time until I came across this movie. At first when I started, it wasn’t all that but, as the scenes went by I started longing for more scenes and getting acquainted with the interesting casts. The movie is really good and educative; it widens your perspective to certain things. Just because it was produced by a Nigerian, we could point out the obvious mistakes in the movie. The movie was a success except for a few mistakes, some parts weren’t needed in the movie, it was like a normal Nigerian movie, and the picture quality was the poorest I’ve ever seen. Personally I think the story line was a good one, but the acting was the opposite of the story line. There were too many grammatical blunders, shadows from different places, noises in the background, and some others like that. I think if the right persons were chosen and well-trained the movie would have come out the best, but we are moving forward.