MOVIE NAME: Misplaced Desire

DIRECTOR: Okey Ifeanyi

PRODUCER: Daddy Chimere

MAIN CAST: Alex Ekubo, Ikay Ogbonna, Juliet Mborukwe, Daddy Chimere

SCREENPLAY: Daddy Chimere

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

DURATION: 120mins (2hrs)


REVIEWER: Olotu Naomi Oghogho, 15be02300



A physically fit man complains about his wife adding weight and her reluctance leads him to cheating on her with another woman. The other woman complains about her husband’s inability to have time for her, she meets with an old friend who ends up being a negative influence and ruins her marriage after leading her to cheat on her husband with the physically fit man. Brian and Rosie had a baby of recent which leads to Rosie gaining extra weight. She became comfortable with the situation of her new body but Brian was embarrassed by it. He continually disturbed and nagged about it and she tried dieting but it was to no avail. He became unattracted to her which led to them having martial issues . Meanwhile, another couple, Freddie and Venita suffered marital issues too because he spent a lot of time at work. This resulted to Brian and Freddie getting together and they ended up cheating on their partners. Venitas friend pushed her to cheating on her husband as an act of revenge due to something that occurred when they were teenagers.



  The movie was easy to understand, they were able to captivate the audience by using funny phrases and words but the makeup was quite bad and the movie was too predictable with no suspense to keep the audience captivated.


  My favourite quote in the movie is

‘So you want to follow this sexy dragon out?’- Alex Ekubo

    The actor was trying to keep his wife from following him out to a wedding because she was badly dressed and didn’t look presentable for the wedding. It is funny because he compared himself to a dragon, an imaginary being.


·         Camera Shots:

ü  Long shot


ü  Medium shot


ü  Close-up shot


·         Camera Angles:

ü  High Angles



·         Camera Movements (visible):

1.      PAN

2.      TILT