_M3-misplaced-fb-timelineTitle of the Movie: Misplaced

Release Date: 2013

Rated: 4/10

Genre: Drama

Casts: Uche Jombo, Van Vicker, Charles Okafor, Bobby Obodo, Patrick Onyeka

Director: Tom Robson

Producer: Uche Jombo-Rodriguez

Written by: Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Rita C. Onwurah

Locations: Nigeria, USA

Duration: 1hr 35mins.

SYNOPSIS (summary of the movie)

The movie counters on a woman Uche Jombo (Debbie) in search of love and attention from the man she calls her husband but this mission seems futile because of his ambition and love for his career. As fate will have it, she finds what she is looking for only in the arms of the man responsible for the loss of her i-pad.

The Review: Uche Jombo (Debbie) lives in a world of fantasy. She has a husband, home and wealth. However, she lacks the love and attention of her husband. She craves for his love and attention but he’s too engrossed in making money. Due to her loneliness, she’s led to make friends with a man that shared in her interests.

In the meantime, Van Vicker (Timi) wanted to get his hands on his boss’ i-pad who happened to be Debbie’s husband. He paid Bobby Obodo (Imaseun) to steal the i-pad from his boss’ home but the plan was ruined when Debbie’s i-pad was mistakenly taken.

Camera Shots and Angles

·         Close-up shots

·         Medium shots

·         Long shots

·         Mid angle

·         Low angle

‘Misplaced’ didn’t relate to the title of the movie because the movie it’s about a woman who craves for the attention and love of her husband and the only thing missing in the movie was an I-pad. I don’t know how the i-pad relates with the theme of the movie. A better title should have been used for the movie instead of ‘MISPLACED’. It had minutes/scenes of boredom; there were some prolonged and unnecessary scenes. For example, the scenes were the i-pad was stolen. It was excessively long and boring. Furthermore, no one in his or her right senses will break into a house just for an I-pad without taking other valuable things. There was no transition.

The relationship between Debbie and Imaseun lacked excitement. He didn’t show interest in poetry as he was supposed to portray in the movie. The scene where she offered him money and he rejected at first before accepting it, during the important aspect of courtship, if a man accepts a woman’s money then it means he’s not I interested in her and wants her just for sugar mommy but it was not stated in the movie.

In all, most of the dialogues in the movie were repetitious. It doesn’t pass any message and it was obvious that they were acting; they didn’t make it look so real. . Uche Jombo has enthralled us with other better movies like ‘Damage’.

What’s remarkable about ‘Misplaced is that Mr. Adekoye (Debbie’s husband) did everything possible just to save his marriage. A man who truly loves his wife is exciting. In my own point of view a man who is willing to save his marriage is worth keeping. I recommend.