TITLE: Mixed feelings

PRODUCER: Okey Ifeanyi

DIRECTOR: Okey Ifeanyi

SCREENPLAY: Okey Ifeanyi

MAINCASTS: Juliet Mgborukwe (as Amanda)

                        Alex Ekubo (as Jeff)

DURATION: 1hour20minutes

MOVIE RATING: on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 been the highest, I will rate this movie 5.

DATE OF RELEASE: 8th of April, 2015.

REVIEWER: Ekpin Iniobong


SYNOPSIS: This movie is about a loving couple who would have taken their relationship to the next level but due to the suspicion the lady had of her fiancé cheating on her, she decided to redeem herself by taking a desperate measure.



Extremely long shot

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Long shot

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Medium shot

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Close up shot

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High angle

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Low angle

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REVIEW: this movie ‘mixed feelings’ as already said in the synopsis, has to do with a loving couple that decides to take their relationship to the next level then the lady been suspicious of her fiancé cheating on her decides to redeem herself by taking a very drastic measure. In this movie, although nice story line, I felt there were so many unnecessary scenes. Like the scene where the fiancé in person of (Jeff) was dancing with the supposed wedding planner and also when they were in the car driving to where we were not told. The viewers didn’t need all the details of the dance or should we say the process. Also I don’t understand how the girl wasn’t expected to feel that he was cheating on her, because the boy was acting very suspicious. If you want to say Jeff had nothing to do with Kiki, then the scene of the two of them dancing beside the pool was not needed, or should I say the type of dance they were dancing was not needed for a normal “fiancé and wedding planner” relationship they supposedly had. If I didn’t know the point of the movie was to make us believe that Jeff was not cheating on Amanda but planning a surprise for her, I would have actually said he was cheating. That is , the main intention was not properly portrayed. But apart from this few pointed out mistakes, the movie can be seen as interesting. Well, that depends on the viewer’s definition of interesting though.


CONCLUSION: the movie was not bad, the actors and actresses where ok to apart from Ken, the male best friend. That’s all I can say because “it’s not over, until it is over” so “shut up fool… tell that to the devil when you get to hell. Well nice one Amanda.