• PRODUCER: Kunle Afolayan

  • DIRECTOR: Kunle Afolayan

  • SCRIPT WRITER: Tunde Babalola 

  • MAIN CAST: Kunle Afolayan, Kehinde Bankole, Sadiq Daba, Femi Adebayo, Kanayo. O. Kanayo, Nick Rhys, David Balie.

  • LOCATIONS: Federal College Of Agriculture, Lagos  And Ondo State


  • MOVIE RATING: 9\10

  • GENRE: ACTION, Melo-Drama And Comedy





The movie October 1st is a story built on a series of virgin girls killing and in which a police inspector (Mr. Waziri) must find the killer before Nigeria gains independence on the 1st of October 1960. The killing of the girls in Atoke village was a thing of sorrow and depression for the whole community.


            The movie evokes anticipation. Everyone in the movie is anticipating something, collectively and individually. Everybody was waiting for independence, as it represented a beginning of new era, the departure of the colonial masters. Mr waziri was made the inspector in other to investigate the culprit of this crime. He tried his best getting the culprit but it seemed as if all hope was lost until the day of independence…WHO CAN THE CULPRIT BE?




LIGHTENING: The lightening of the movie was very brilliant and clear


CAMERA PLACEMENTS: long shot, medium shot and close shot was used in the movie production


ANGLES: mid angle, low angle and high angle was used


COSTUME: The costumes used in the movie were of good quality. The costumes went deep into the traditional setting placed in the movie. The Igbos wore their traditional attire, the Yoruba’s and Hausa’s also did the same.


MAKE-UP: the makeup used in the movie was the olden day style which made the movie look more realistic by representing the fact that it was done October 1st 1960




                                    REVIEW OF THE MOVIE


            The movie October 1st is the first Nigerian movie that has made me stay glued to my chair for 2hour 25mintues. The story is a movie that has made waves in Nigeria making the producer succeeding by getting over 100million Naira within 6months.the movie is a movie with alternating plot lines and big themes. The movie is also a movie that keeps you in total suspense and it creates a sort of argument between an audience and his or her mind by the inability to conclude even as the evidence piles up.


            October 1st, although a very long movie of over 2hours but with that you can never feel the passage of time due to the sophistication and mind blowing effect. The movie provides the audience with emotional currency because anticipation breeds anxiety in which young virgins were raped then murdered. The movie also has a unique taste that goes way back into history showing the ethnic tension between Igbos, Yoruba’s and Hausas.


            The director of the movie did a great job in which I think he is a deep thinking artist with strong vision that will flow through every aspect of his work. Due to his success in the production of this movie, the award of African Movie Awards For Best Nigerian Movie was given to the movie.


However, the major problem discovered in the movie is that the writer pens a weak story in which the writer didn’t really add to the actions of some characters for example Inspector Waziri is not an interesting character. He was rarely seen outside his uniform as an inspector. Also the writer tries to impress another layer on Waziri’s character by bringing up his wife and child’s story and it fails.


                        Finally, the movie tried to play a psychological effect on the audience, where the inspector ,Mr Waziri claims to see blood on the floor which was not seen by the audience at an emergency spot where the dead body of a virgin was found.