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Matric no: 14be016562

Tittle of Movie: Owo Eje

Director: Yomi Amodu

Producer: Adebayor Faleti

Production Manager: Toyin Bifarin

Location: Osun State

Release date: Monday March 21, 2005

Movie Synopsis

After a successful break into the secular film making with the box office epic, Afonja, Remdel Communications is back with another box office hit, Owo Eje an adaptation of Kola Akinlade’s novel of the same tittle featuring a cream of Yoruba artists.

The home video hit the market on Monday March 21, 2005. It is a thrilling movie full of drama, suspense and having its fair share of blackmail, tension, intrigues and counter intrigues as it moves to unravel the killing of a young Igbira farmer, Sule, who died by poisoning. So who kills Sule Ebira?

The film features old and new acts like Lere Paimo, Lanre Balogun, Peju Ogunmola, Baba Wande, Sola Fosudo, Taiwo Adeboyega and Dolapo Adewale amongst others.

Owo Eje is a film that will enthrall viewers with its interesting storyline and picture quality and it is a must watch for lovers of good movies.

Movie Review

Owo Eje has a wonderful story taken that it is an adaptation from Pa Kola Akinlade’s novel, it has a wonderful picture quality mixed with a good cast.

It is a combination of both action, love and little comedy and made use of words like “bisikiti panbolabola” to create a light side to the movie

It is a bit confusing as some scenes had some twist and turns which would alone confuse anybody going alone with it, the name of the movie also did not totally depict what the movie was about and the flow towards the detectives getting their leads to finding out who the killer was did not really show In the movie.

Finally, there was an untied knot in the plot as there was no explanation given to the audience as to what Chief Olowojeunjeje was doing at that place at that time, carrying the load he was with and wearing the cloth he was wearing. That particular part begged for clarification but it was not given.

I personally would rate this movie an 8 out of 10 due to the wonderful action, picture quality and storyline in it.


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