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    Title of movie : EGG OF LIFE









    RELEASE DATE: 2003


    DURATION: 1HOUR 13 MINUTES 21seconds

    Genre: Drama


     The movie starring Clarion Chukwura-Abiola, Pete Edochie, Nkiru Sylvanus, Padita Agu, Georgina  Onuoha, is about a young prince who is possessed by spirits, the spirits communicates with him and he is the only one that can see them,  the priestess of the village(Clarion Chukwura-Abiola) tries to solve the problem of the boy when he starts to fall ill and the sickness starts getting worse, the boys father ( Pete Edochie) the king is very worried so he asks for a solution from the priestess, she tells them to find an egg called the egg of life and that they would need seven young virgins to embark on a dangerous journey into the evil forest to retrieve the egg and when they find the egg and bring it back to the village,  the boy would not die.


    Egg of life is a great movie, A block buster from Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche the producer, the sound quality is fantastic, the colour was okay and the evil spirits and the challenges that the ladies had to face on the their way  in the forest made the movie even more interesting. The costume and the make up was also fantastic and the location, the movie has gotten nomination for Africa movie academy award for best visual effects.

    Medium shot and long shot were mostly used in the movie. The camera movement was good.

    The movie had some bad sides, the graphics were poor and I feel it would have been made better like making the evil spirits clearer, but the movie is still a must watch for everyone.

    elements of production

    Camera shots that were taken,

    Long shot:



    Medium shot:


    Camera angle:  Mid angle or high level

    Camera movement: Pan left and right


    The movie started with joy and in the middle there were some challenges which made everyone in the kingdom sad but at the end the problem was solved when the egg was brought back to the village and the prince was brought back to life.


  • Black November

    Movie title: Black November

     black november poster


    Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure

    Runtime: 1 hr. 36 min.

    Date of release: January, 9th, 2015

    Producer: Jeta Amata

    Director: Jeta Amata

    Screenplay: Jeta Amata

    Location: Niger Delta, Nigeria; Los Angeles, California, U.S.A

    Rating: 7/10

    7 star

    Reviewer: Okey-Ogunjiofor Joanna

    Main Cast

    Mbong Amata


    Wyclef Jean

    Vivica A. Fox

    Hakeem Kae-Kazim

    Mickey Rourke

    Kim Bassinger

    Anne Heche

    Fred Amata

    Barbara Soky

    Zack Amata


    Ebiere Perema (played by Mbong Amata), a scholarship beneficiary of Western Oil, a petroleum company in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria returns home from schooling abroad to find her hometown in ruins. On her return, her mother dies in a fire started on the pipelines in the midst of yet another oil spillage threatening to destroy their land and water, two main sources of the Niger-Deltan living and diet.

    Struck, Ebiere leads an activist movement, speaking up against the division that Western Oil explotation is wreaking in her hometown. She soon garners the approval and support of the people and becomes the forefront leader of the mobilisation of the Niger-Deltan youth to end the injustice being meted out on her people. These youth are seen as the rebels who end up kidnapping the CEO of Western Oil. In light of this movement, toes are stepped on, love is found and battles are won and lost.


    The Director of Photography’s (James Costello) command of shots is superb. The movie opens with a Long Shot of the Niger Delta and then moves on to exhibit an Extreme Wide Angle Shot on L.A, California, U.S.A. Certain library shots of the Niger-Delta create a sense of reality as they take on a documentary-like quality, giving the viewers a peep into the true day-to-day lives of the dispossessed people of the Niger-Delta These shots come in Extreme Wide Angle, Wide Angle, Mid Angle and a few Low Angles. There was the marked absence of any Canted Angle Shots in the movie, and rightly so.

    Camera movement and speed is on point as there is no misplaced use of Dolly shots, hand-held shots, fast motion and slow motion, The most noted use of fast motion is used to depict the growth of the protagonist, Ebiere, from girl to woman. On the other hand, the most noted use of the slow motion is at the end of the movie where the effect of the climax is heightened.

    Critical Review

    The movie is broken down into 3 major themes.

    ·         The misappropriation of the Niger-Deltan Wealth and the rise of the Niger-Delta militancy since the early 1900s

    ·         The life and times of Ogoni and Niger-Delta hero, Ken Saro-Wiwa

    ·         The renaissance of her (Ebiere Perema) mother, Franca’s spirit

    The movie attempts to borrow from the experience of Nigerian hero and activist of the Ogoni tribesmen of the Niger-delta, Ken Saro-Wiwa. It depicts accurately the harsh living conditions and poverty of the oil-lands. It also emphasises that sometimes, in fighting for a just cause, unlike in make-believe, lives are lost and sacrificed to achieve the ultimate goal; just like the hanging of Ken-Saro-Wiwa and the other Ogoni tribe men.

    Due to the dissatisfaction that arises from knowing what one deserves and realising that one doesn’t have it, social unrest may rise. This is well told as the people sway from mindset to mindset till they find the one mindset that honestly pursues the interest of the people at heart. The depiction also enables Nigerians and the world at large to view the Niger-Delta militancy from the viewpoint of the rebels themselves and creates empathy for the course which the people fight to win.

    Ebiere’s mother, Franca prior to her death was depicted as a woman of influence; one who could mobilise the community to take action for the betterment of the community. Upon her death, Ebiere fast takes up this role, fighting for justice, acting as the fearless voice of the people.

    The movie was well-directed and the use of animation, stunts-coordination is breathtaking. However, the contrast lies in the ease of ability of the rebel group, predominantly poor, to find their way over to the USA, a country, continents away and not sharing common boundary with Nigeria. Acting was also well done, as well as costume and make-up, especially the ability to depict Ebiere Perema as a teenager, a undergrad, graduate and full-blown woman both in joy and in distress with the same actress, Mbong Amata.

    Other than this, this movie is a wonderful depiction of a fragment of Nigerian history, culture and heritage and is a must watch.

    My favourite quote; ‘‘What they do is give us sickness and then treat us. They make us hungry and then, feed us. They kill our loved ones and then offer us money for burials.’

     mbong amata

     hakeem kae-kazim



    Title of Movie: Alakada 2

    Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes 24 seconds

    Producer: Toyin Ahimaku

    Director: Adebayo Tijani, Daniel Ashenuga

    Screenplay: Daniel Ashenuga

    Major Actors: Toyin Ahimaku, Bolaji Amusan, Rachel Oniga, Helen Paul, Jumoke Aderomu

    Location: Lagos

    Language: Yoruba

    Genre: Drama, comedy

    Release date: December 13th 2013


    Yetunde Animashaun has inferiority complex issues. She’s from a very poor family upbringing and she’s not proud of her status. She wants to roll with the big shots on campus and she feels the only way to keep up with them is to fake her personality. If lies were to be a competition, Yetunde Animashaun will have a shelf full of trophies. She’s a creative liar who doesn’t need to think before she utters her brain bursting lies. A block buster comedy from Toyin Aimakhu.



    I applaud the producer on a very good job. The movie is a classic comedy. Every bit of it got me falling off my chair and straight to the ground. From the fake accent to the lies, to the costume and make up, everything was carefully planned and accurate.

                      Alakada 1 was funny and it was based on the background story of Yetunde Animashaun played by Toyin Aimakhu, but this one is something else. Alakada 2 is based on all the enormous lies she told and the challenges she faced as a result of those lies. This is one movie you want to watch, trust me. For example this is one of the funny lines from the movie;

      vlcsnap-2015-10-29-08h25m17s148                        The movie was very good in general but I also feel the production of the movie was poor. The camera quality was pitiful and could have been better. The sound quality of the movie was poor. I could hear comments in some scenes from people who were not on set.

            Well, all movies have their good sides and bad sides, this one isn’t excluded but still this movie is one to watch.

     Shots used

    Long shot.


    Extreme Close up shot.


    Close up shot


    Medium shot



    Some other funny photos from the movie





  • Brother’s keeper.




























    MAIN CAST: Majid Michael -Chude and Chidi Nwankwo.


     Omoni Oboli– Mena Nwankwo.


     Barbara Soki– Mrs. Nwankwo.


    Beverly Naya– Cassandra Okoro.


    DURATION: 01:52:09.






    MOVIE RATING: 7 out of 10.(70%).


    SYNOPSIS:  This movie is all about pretense and betrayal. The movie centers around Majid Michael, who plays the role of Chude Nwankwo and also Omoni Oboli who plays the role of his wife, Mena. Chude has a twin brother whose name is Chidi and they are identical twins. Following a misunderstanding which Chidi had with his business partner, he had to lose his twin brother, Chude, and his niece as a compensation for the disagreement with his business partner (Don). Through the movie, Chidi has to impersonate his dead brother (Chude). He moves into his brother’s house and assumes his brothers responsibilities. Of course no one can have the exact behavior of another person even if they are identical twins; so he (Chidi) displays some awkward traits that make family and friends begin to wonder who the new “Chude” is. No one can tell the difference between the two identical brothers, but at the ending of the movie the truth is revealed following the murder of Chidi’s girlfriend, Beverly Naya who played the role of Cassandra Okoro.


    MOVIE REVIEW: The storyline of the movie is a rare and interesting one. The choice of actors used in the movie is a perfect choice as there is a good level of acting talent in each actor, the camera direction and angle is good, everything revolving from flashbacks to the present state is reflected in a realistic manner. The costumes, the family life style, location choice,  the make- up, and every other necessary element of the movie was done in a recent state; all thanks to the production team.


    The movie basically is about pretence and family betrayal. Majid Michael skillfully impersonates the characters of two identical brothers. His skills unarguably put the viewers of the movie in mixed emotions of suspense and doubt. Also, the remaining actors in the movie compliment the main actor’s skills, with their ability to carry the viewers around suspense and doubt.


    The camera shots used mainly in this movie are the medium shots, close up shots. The camera transitions used were the cut and fade. All these camera shots and transitions were mainly used because the movie focused mainly on the personal involvement of each actor revolving the pretence. The actors facial expressions were captured, there were a lot of flashbacks and also, the camera had to capture the conversations ensuing between each actor as there were a lot of conversations.


    But of course, there is no perfect movie and so this movie also had its flaws, but the flaws were less than the good attributes. First, the video quality was not good enough for a movie released at a time with technological improvement. Second, the lightning effects were also not too good as most parts had dark lightning even in the mornings. Third, some parts were not parts were not portrayed with enough emotions and some parts had too much emotions involved. Fourth, some parts were just too unreal to be in a movie and these parts reduced the perfectionism of the movie. Watch FULL Movie…


                                                                                                                                                  Obianuju okeke, 14be016597.


  • Egberun Maili




    A one hour twenty one minutes long movie, produced and directed by Dotun Taylor, Executive Producer; Abu Kazeem Afolayan, production supervisor; Ola Obitesin, screenplay by; Gbenga Osanyin, location manager; Abiodun Olusegun, Starring; Bukky Ajayi, Ayo Mogaji Oduleye, Bayo Bankole, Afeez Oyetoro, Remi Oshodi. Location is Lagos and Oshogbo.




    The movie is about Omolola Adebayo (Bukky Ajayi) who is a rich, spoilt Lagos girl, engaged to be married, she mistakenly sends a message meant for her fiancé, Teniola( ) to a wrong phone number. The love story starts as the receiver; a young farmer; Iwintunde becomes interested in omolola and they continue with the telephone conversations, they become interested in one another but omolola refuses to continue as she loves her fiancé. 


    Omolola and Teniola relationship become distant when she realises that iwintunde is a perfect African man and Teniola is the exact opposite of him. She plans her own kidnapping and goes to Oshogbo to stay with Iwintunde; she learns to become a true African woman but there’s a secret that will jeopardise their love and their love will eventually come to an end when she receives a corpse. Suspense, drama, love, trill, adventure and more… watch Egberun Maili to see the evolution of the Nigerian movie industry…









    Various shots were adopted for the movie from extremely long shot to close up shots. There were instances of high angles and low angles to depict a character’s importance. There wasn’t any instance of crane or tracking movement but dolly and handheld movement were used. There weren’t any fast motion or slow motion. Transitions were mostly cut, dissolve, fade in and fade out.




    The movie is a masterpiece. The film is acted out in Yoruba language and subtitled in English. One of the most creative screenplays ever brought to the screens by a Nigerian. The storyline is in terms of a story in another story. The transitions were perfect and it was a drama about the diversity of the African culture and how most Africans prefer to evolve with the western world.


    The movie also has its flaws; the movie quality is a bit low as the producer tried the 90s look on the movie. The subtitles on the drama were misspelt. Some grammars used by the actors during speech were wrongly used. They acted so fake in some instances. But apart from that; I see the movie as a work in progress to move the Nigerian Film Industry forward. 



  • Lagos Cougars




    Genre: Nigerian romantic drama

    Producer: Emem Isong

    Director: Desmond Elliott

    Script: Bola Aduwo

    Cast: Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jumbo, Alex Ekubo, Daniella Chioma Okeke,



         Uche Jumbo, Monalisa Chinda and Daniella Okeke star as three fulfilled single women in their 40’s seeking fun. While Uche Jumbo (Aret) frolics with the young men Lagos has to offer, Monalisa Chinda (Elsie) and Daniella Okeke (Joke) think they can avoid the ‘cougar business’ until they fall in love and discover they can’t.



         Since this movie premiered at the Silverbird Galleria, Dec 3rd, a lot has been said about it, while some think it’s clichéd and predictable, others think it’s awesome. This is just another exclusive from Emem Isong just like ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ were nation wide block-busters.

          Looks like Desmond Elliott is becoming good as a director but he could have done better particularly to help Daniella Okeke in her career. It seemed to me like she was ‘forming’ her role or was only given the script minutes before recording. Sean Faqua did a good job though. He and Monalisa stood out in their acting.

          The narrative is creative. Kudos to Bola Aduwo for the script even if it was a tad hard to connect with Jite (Bobby Michaels) and his girlfriend. Although the script is riddled with Nollywood clichés, it was genius. Having Elsie who disdains what her friend, Aret does but then decided to give it a try and has a one night stand with a boy young enough to be her son and she falls for him. Turns out he was her son’s mate indeed even his best friend.

          The sound for this movie was perfect since I was able to hear the characters clearly but then, even the use of sound effects and sound tracks were appropriate. That’s a thumbs up. Camera angles/ shots were good too but the conversation between Alex Ekubo and Diana Yekini in a scene earlier in the movie was slightly one sided as Alex’s head was cut off for most of that scene (since Diana is lacking some height).

         The costume of Daniella and Uche Jumbo though Nigerian, took away one’s attention from the characters to their bodies thereby disrupting the connection between the audience and these women. Set building is a tough job especially since it involves details but the props and background were so good that I have to hand it to the guys who structured it.

          After all these, I must say, the editor did well. The shots lasted long enough for one to have the dramatic experience going on. The camera angles? Perfect enough  make one feel like they’re in the scene. The transitions, lighting, all were fair enough.

         Watching this movie gave me a different perspective on Nigerian movies. While the photography is not as awesome as one would hope, I cannot disagree that the screenplay is Nigerian. The environment depicts how ‘senior babes’ in Lagos catch their fun despite being scared of society to settle for men from younger age brackets (just as the name, Lagos Cougars suggests).

          But most importantly, the techniques, hilarious characters, mise-en-scene made my experience worth it. In spite of the criticism, I would recommend this movie to a friend and that coming from someone who dislikes Nigerian movies, you gotta trust me and give Lagos Cougars a chance. 



  • Two Brides and a Baby


     Title: Two Brides and a Baby

    Producer: Blessing Effiom Egbe

    Director: Teco Benson

    Screen Play: Blessing Effiom Egbe

    Main cast: OC Ukeje, Keira Hewatch, Stella Damascus, Okey Uzoeshi, Chelsea Eze, Kalu Ikeagwu, Blessing Effiom.

    Location: Lagos State, Nigeria.

    Production Company: B Concept network

    Language: English

    Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes

    Date of release: November 17, 2011

    Genre: Romance, Comedy

    Movie Rating: 8/10.

    Reviewer: Anene Ifeoma Ashley 14BE016556

    Synopsis: Ketche (Keira Haywatch) and kole (OC Ukeje) had planned their perfect wedding ceremony and all things were in order until an unexpected visitor, Ama (Stella Damascus) shows up at the wedding rehearsal leading to different dramatic events. Ama is Kole`s ex-girlfriend.

    Elements of Production:

    Camera Shots and Movement

    Camera shots used here were: close up shot

               Extreme close up shot

               Medium shot

               Long shot

    Looking at the movement, a crane was used at the beginning of the movie. The crane is used for vertical movement. It was also used in other parts of the movie.  

    Camera speed

    Normal motion


    Transitions used here were: cut, fade in and fade out.


    The lighting of the movie was good. There was no scene where the lighting was too much or too little.


    Generally, the movie was nice. Blessing Effiom did a good job. Ama’s sudden appearance was unexpected. Her relationship with Kole did not end well so she thought she could get him back even after telling him he was the father of her child. Despite all her games, Ketche and Kole still ended up together.  In the movie, there are two other couples: Ene and Deji who are married then Ugo and Maye who have been engaged for three years. These couples are directly involved with Kole and Ketche.

    The audio quality of the movie was good as we could clearly hear what was been said by the actors. Looking at what the movie was about, the plot was well organized as the events took place in a few days. The sound tracks used at various points in the movie were appropriate as they were in line with the various moods in different scenes. I particularly like Ketche’s character which was played by Keira Hewatch. Her display of emotions was good considering the role she played. She is Kole’s bride to be.

    Some of the scenes were unrealistic. How can someone be eavesdropping within sight and not be seen? This happened at the beginning when Keche was seen listening to the conversation between Ama and Omo.

    The use of flashback in the movie could confuse viewers who are not familiar with the technique.

    Looking at the part where Ama drugged Kole and a picture was taken, we never saw how the picture came about. In that scene, only three people were present: Ama, Kole and the child. The angle from which the picture was taken made me wonder how it was taken.

    If after all the havoc caused by Ama, she was uninvited to the wedding and still showed up; indeed the movie is different from a regular Nollywood movie. This is because there was no violent reaction from either Ketche or Kole.


    I would say that this movie turned out to be better than what I expected. Ketche and Kole eventually got married proving wrong anyone who thought they would not. They were able to fight for what they had.  ‘But if you say that this is all there is to it, I guess i could give you the benefit of doubt’- Ketche.  


  • The Meeting





                            GENRE: ROMANTIC, COMEDY


                            MINUTES: 2 HOURS 32 MINUTES












    RITA DOMINIC- Clara Ikemba


    FEMI JACOBS– Makinde Esho






    NSE IKPE ETIM– Bolarinwa




    CHUMA OKARO– Minister




    The meeting narrates the story of Mr Makinde Esho (Femi Jacobs) with two goals to achieve which is travel to Abuja for a meeting with the Minister of Land and get back to Lagos in time for his daughter’s graduation. He meets Ejira (Linda Ejiofor), a female corps member who begs him for a lift.


    Despite Ejira’s promise to keep quiet during the ride, her curious and verbose nature gets the best of her leading to a conversation between her and Makinde.


    Makinde’s one day meeting is consistently rescheduled by the Minister’s unapologetic and ill-tempered receptionist, Clara’s Ikemba (Rita Dominic) and is stretched into a 5 day period of waiting for ‘supposedly busy’ Minister. Makinde meets with different characters who are also waiting for the Minister, some of them recount their ordeal.


    The romance brewed between Makinde and Ejira alongside Clara’s sarcastic comments, inconsistent gum-chewing and comical behaviour is something to watch out for.






    The sound and lightning quality was good and each camera shot, angles, movement and speed was justifiably used, a job well-done to the costume designer and cinematographer. The Producers and Director also did a good job in discreetly advertising their sponsors (GLO).


    The producer’s ability to point out problems experienced in Nigeria in just few scenes was also good.


    Kudos to the supporting character, Rita Dominic (Clara Ikemba) who is sure to keep you laughing till the end of the movie. She really got into character and her badly done make up and drab clothes made everything more realistic. Her role in the movie really brings comic relief to the audience.


    I also give an applause to the lead characters for their acting skills especially in the conversations, they really made their dialogue realistic and interesting to listen to.


    The movie however sets a preference to Abuja over Lagos. It paints Lagos as disorderly while Abuja in a peaceful and tranquil light. According to one of the characters (Ejira) “only an insane person will leave the relative peace, calm and tranquillity of Abuja and go to hunting in that crazy Lagos… and exciting mega city, full of exciting mega mad people”.


    Some of the camera transitions were however badly done especially the cut. In the last reception scene, the camera accidently showed the blank screen of Clara’s computer which she was supposedly typing on moments before a quarrel started.


    In the conversation between the Igbo woman and the Hajia at the reception, failed to note that both women were from different tribes and could not have in any way been able to understand each other more or less reply to their insults to each other.


    The policemen who were to arrest Makinde when he confronted the minister were very frigid in their acting and it was very obvious they were not real actors. Also the fact that they were putting on sunglasses on their uniform seemed very hilarious.


    On the part of the storyline, Ejira and Makinde fell in love in just 5 days is a rather perplexing circumstance and very unrealistic. I like that the movie didn’t end in marriage like most Nollywood movies.


    My favourite quotes in the movie was by Rita Dominic (Clara Ikemba) at the Ministry of Land’s reception


     “”Excuse me everybody, I’m selling recharge cards, GLO mobile, rule your world, I cater for your needs as you wait, thank you… Why are you asking me? Ask them now. Maybe they are jobless, maybe they have nothing better doing because I have told them the same thing am telling you now and if they decide to still wait here, Oyo is their case now.”


    Aside the flaws in camera transitions and some character’s lines, the movie is a good blend of romance and comedy and I rate it an 8.









    PRODUCER: Uche Jumbo

    DIRECTOR: David Inwang

    YEAR:  2011

    DURATION: 1hr 28mins 25 seconds

    LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

    MOVIE RATING: 4/10vlcsnap-2015-11-04-16h36m07s192

    Genre: Drama

    CAST: Uche Jumbo, Tonto Dike, Kālu Igeagwu, Nicolette Ndigwe, Basorge Tariah Jnr

    Reviewer: Ologe Ese Titilayo


    The movie is about a married couple they are presented as high socialite couple to the world. On their way to receive an award as the best couple of the year there was a flash back in the limousine we get  to see who they really are, their marriage life is full of domestic violence., they are always fighting at every little thing  that is not necessary , but when they are always together their marriage is one of the best and when they fight it is violent and vicious ,and it affects their children , their son is violent in school and their daughter is also affected to the point of muteness and decided to learn how to defend herself from street fighters but the couple refuses to see the violent nature of their relationship is responsible, until it is too late.


    CAMERA SHOT: High shot

                      Extreme close up shot

                        Medium shot

                      Close up shot

            Extreme close up shot


    CAMERA ANGLE: Extreme angle

                                    Mid angle

                                     Low angle

                                   High angle



                  The storyline and production of the movie is very poor  One thing that bothered me during this movie was that I was not moved by the domestic violence taking place, I did not once flinch during the movie, the way it was shot did not make it emotional for me. The lighting was poor and unnecessary time was wasted in the movie especially the first part of the movie.


                    What the parents do for a living was not shown, I thought it will be mentioned considering the fact that the movie started with them in a limo and they were referred to as the couple of the year.


                     The scene where the daughter was stabbed with a scissors was not realistic. The way the scissors flew to the stomach was funny because of the distance between the parent and the girl. The movie would have been better if the violence was a little more horrific.


    The movie is worth seeing for sure, it was very entertaining and the music appropriately chosen for each scene was used very effectively to heighten emotion.   Damage is one of the best Nollywood movies, the main theme domestic violence was portrayed in the movie.





  • Blood Apart

    vlcsnap-error017vlcsnap-error162vlcsnap-error231vlcsnap-error667vlcsnap-error692vlcsnap-error790vlcsnap-error966 Title of the movie: Blood Apart 1&2

    Producer: Ossy okeke jnr

    Director: Ikenna Emmanuel Aniekwe

    Location: Nigeria

    Screen play: Ikenna Emmanuel Aniekwe            

    Genre: tragedy and drama

    Editor: Austine .o. ikechukwu

    Main cast: patience Ozokwor

                           Pete Edochie

                           Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

                            Yul Edochie

                            Uzor Ndubisi jnr

    Year of release: 2007

    Production Company: Ossy Affason production

    Language: English

    Movie duration: part 1: 1:11:16 and part 2: 1:14: 40

    Movie rating: 7/10

    Reviewer: Esekhile Cherish


    The movie blood apart is about how Susan (Patience Ozokwor) wants to take vengeance on her husband Dennis (Pete Edochie) because of his wrongdoings and wicked behaviour towards her in the past, and even though they grow old together, and her husband is repentant from his wicked ways, she decides not to forgive him, but decides to influence Chidozie and Emeka her two sons(Yul Edochie and Uzor Ndubisi jnr) and only daughter Nnenna(Chioma Chukwuka Akpota) negatively, but she only succeeds in influencing the second son, Emeka, who finally turns against his father. The family is torn apart, leading to their deaths and arrest of the second son emeka for killing Chidozie and leaving the only daughter, Nnenna to suffer the consequences after their deaths.




    1. Camera shots: they made use of long shots, medium shot, close up shot and extreme close up shot.

    2. Camera placements or angles: they made use of mid-angle and extreme low angle.

    3. Camera movements: they made use of horizontal movements (pan from left to right), zoom shot and tilt shot.

    4. Camera speed: the camera speed was in normal motion.

    5. Transitions: fade in and fade out were used.



    The movie blood apart is a movie portraying a family that lacks peace because of unforgiveness and the aim to take vengeance among one another.

              The family would have been peaceful if she had let go of the past and moved on with life, but she ends up destroying her family and causing their untimely deaths, apart from Nnenna, who survives to suffer the consequences of her mother’s actions and apart from losing her whole family, she marries into a family where her mother-in-law and sister-in-law (Uche Jumbo) maltreats her because of the family she comes from, alongside with the death of her husband and her sick child.

    The movie is a very interesting one because its moral lesson is to teach people how to forgive one another, it also proves the law of karma which says what goes around must come around.

         The movie ‘blood apart’ ends with a very sad tune, but the story is very realistic and it even happens in some families nowadays, but it shows us the consequences of our actions and I would say the script writer did a very good job in writing the script, the acting skills were very good, my best actor goes to patience ozokwor, she played the role perfectly as usual, she made it look very real, I would also commend the director of this movie, for making use of real father and son (Pete and Yul Edochie) to play the role of father and son, it made the movie look so natural, making the interaction between those two extremely realistic and also, the camera shots and placements in this movie were perfect.

     At the beginning of the movie, the song that was played, painted a picture in the mind of its audience, giving them an idea of what the movie was going to be about, giving them no room for suspense, also the flash back used were too much, it was almost at every scene, the audio sound was very poor, alongside with the lightning and the costumes were manageable.

    In conclusion, the movie ‘blood apart’ is a must watch for everyone, it teaches morals, consequences of unforgiveness and how it is essential to live in peace with everyone.