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  • A WISH






                                                                           A REVIEW ON THE FILM ‘A WISH’


    Movie Reviewer: Adegbenro Bisola


    Producer and Director: Elivs Chucks


    Screenplay: Adenkunle Salawu , Rita .C. Onuwurah.


    Genre: Drama, Comedy.


    Duration: 1:50:40


    Location: Lagos, Nigeria.


    Actors/Actress: Helen Paul, Funke Akindele, Patience Ozokwor, Ime ‘Bishop’Umoh, IK Ogbonna.


    Movie Rating: on the scale of one to ten I give it a 5.



    The movie ‘A Wish’ is about a woman who is a Petty Trader who has no education and has only one WISH and that is to see her child go to school and enjoy the opportunities she never had. She has to struggle to achieve her dreams struck against all odds; after finding out she has a few years to live after being diagnosed with cancer.




    The Movie ‘a Wish’ is a good movie to watch. What I really like about the movie is that the story line of the movie really merged with title; that is the only wish of the main character was to send her child to school despite her challenges.

    The bad thing about this movie was that the acting was just terrible, they actors/actress were trying so hard to act but acting is supposed to be a natural stuff which made the movie not so enjoyable and somewhat long. And also there were some unnecessary scenes in the movie. The movie was about awareness of cancer fine; that means they should have gone straight to the point instead of playing the audience along.


    Elements of Production




    There was no kind of special light used in the movie. The movie was shot most of the time in open space


    The picture quality is very good. For a 2012 movie it had some nice graphics.


    The Make-up of the actresses were terrible.


    Different shots where used in this movie like:




    Description: C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\vlcsnap-2015-10-28-16h23m45s115.pngMedium shot.



    Description: C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\vlcsnap-2015-10-28-16h25m41s800.pngLong Shot.
































































  • Unguarded

    Unguarded 2









    DURATION- 1hr: 39mins


    MOVIE RATING – 6(out of 10)






                    “Unguarded” is a suspense filled movie that took place in New York and Los Angeles. The main character (Ramsey Noah) seeks a vengeful adventure with the sole aim of getting back at his gold-digging fiancée (Esosa Edosomwan) who had an affair with his father and ran off informing no one of her whereabouts. He was left scarred and sored brutally in the heart and ensured that every other woman would feel what he felt thereby leaving them alone and heartbroken . With this thought, he went from country to continent breaking hearts and causing demoralization of women whom he claimed to love and would end up marrying. He no longer believed that love existed.

    In his venture for vengeance, he came across a lady(Uche Jombo)  who was meant to be one of his project works but was in shock as the tables turned and he fell in love with her while he worked as a janitor in her office to get to know her better. This lady’s drama came with a supposedly dead fiancé (Desmond Elliot) and a conniving half-sister (Chisom OZ-Lee). With this, things got really twisted and heated up for the two parties as her half-sister was bent on making her life a living hell. As a matter of fact, this lady fell in love with him not knowing of his past and also fell in love with her supposedly dead fiancé. This alone, led to the highest stage of confusion she’s faced in her entire life. Who does she end up with? Does this young man eventually forgive his father? Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel for them? Find out as you sit back and watch for more as the suspense unfolds.


    Desmond ElIiot has released yet another drama-filled, suspense-packed movie. The movie consists of splendid actors who not only play their part well but also speak fluent English and not just the everyday movie that has bad play on words.  The screenplay was nicely directed leaving no stone unturned. The lighting was set in the right proportion thereby giving the scenes the right lightning needed. The photography was amazing because the lens were focused perfectly; the music as well as the camera movements was all excellent in their specific areas.

    As we all know, there’s no perfect movie and judging from my perspective, the movie has its flaws. To begin with, the movie had no sequential story line but rather kept jumping from one aspect to the other not exactly making the point of a scene known.

     For example, the scene where her best friend died was the only scene her best friend was relevant and according to her “she is all I have left in this world” As a matter of fact, someone that dear to her should have appeared more than once and not just when she was convulsing on the hospital bed before she finally died.

    During the cause of the movie, we were never told of how the man found out about his fiancée and his dad or vice versa. As viewers, we deserve to know every bit of every scene not just assuming we know how the story goes. Something similar happened when the conniving half- sister called on a man to deflate her sister’s car tires. Apparently that was the end of that scene and nothing was done about it. All things being equal, the movie does not seize to be a captivating one and deserves a must watch from everyone.


                    CAMERA PLACEMENTS

    1-      SHOTS USED:   LONG SHOT

                                        CLOSE UP SHOT

                                       EXTREME CLOSE UP SHOT

                                       MEDIUM SHOT


                                                            TRACKING SHOT

                                                            HORIZONTAL MOVEMENTS

                                                            ZOOM SHOT


                                             SLOW MOTION


                                           EXTREME HIGH ANGLE


                                             POINT OF VIEW



    Generally, I feel the movie is still very pleasant visually because it was directed perfectly and few flaws could be detected. The actors are alluring along with beautiful scenery. Watching the main character be afraid of love was quite saddening but also gives us our lesson of not investing too much in something or someone. This is a story full of dramatic twists and mind blowing movements with a play on words and that is worth the watch because it not only brings about ranges of Nigerian people but also brings about all the ranges of African people from the South African receptionist to the anger filled Jamaican. It is one that portrays Africans in their elements.  So in the words of one of the deserted fiancées before she committed suicide; “this is the end of the world… for me “but on my account, I have come to the end of the movie review “Unguarded”.






  • In her shoes

    in her shoeTitle: in her shoes

    Producer: Rukky sanda

    Director: Rukky sanda

    Screen play: Rukky sanda

    Main cast: Rukky sanda, oge okoye, yemi blaq, Ikay Ogbonna, Venita Akpofure, Daniel Lloyd.

    Location: Lagos

    Duration: 105 minutes

    Date of release: 2013

    Movie rating: 5 of 10

    Reviewer: Njaka Chidimma

    Synopsis: in her shoes mirror the lives of two village girls who dreams of making something of them in the big world. Fuke played by Rukky sanda who was a local tailor in the movie while peju played by oge okoye who was a nonsense village champion , who believes fighting with everyone and sleeping with every men in the village will help to get to her final destination and that is Lagos.

    Element of production

    Camera shoot:   medium shoot, long shoot, close shoot.

    Camera placement:  high level placement, mid angle placement.

    Camera movement: vertical movement, horizontal movement, interior movement.

    Camera speed: normal speed, slow motion.

    Transition: fade in and fade out, dissolve.



    In her shoe talk about two village girls who wanted make something out of themselves in the big world. Funke who was played by Rukky sanda was a local tailor wanted to be a big fashion designer and peju who was played by oge okoye was a village champion who believe that sleeping around with men in the village and fighting will lead to her to her final destination. Peju later got married to kelvin with the help of Funke who collected the man number from his cousin.

         Peju brought Funke to Lagos, who wanted to take peju husband from and was sent back to the village where she lived with her step mother and became the number one fashion designer while peju lived with her husband and was blessed two sons.

           There is no different here of how Hollywood’s portray often lack depth thought. The Hollywood idea of village girl weaving their hair and tiring wrapper is no different in this movie. There is no outstanding role played by any actor all actor ready their lines like how they did in the other movie, the acting in the movie was not really outstanding.

      The director who in person is Rukky sanda was not really good to other popular directors in the Hollywood industries. Why rush to direct a movie when you are still coming up as an actress. Her directing skill was not really good.

       In the movie in her shoes there is some part of the movie that is not well acted by some cast.  The story line of the movie is no different to other movie. It is the same story line that is very popular in the Hollywood industry.








    MOVIE TITLE: Elede keji 1

    DIRECTOR:  Adekola Tijani


     Adekola Tijani

    Afonja Olaniyi

    Odunlade Adekola

    Akin Lewis

    Mercy Aigbe Gentry

    Joshua Fatade

    Muyideen Oladapo


    RELEASE DATE: 25 April 2014

    LANGUAGE: Yoruba

    GENRE: Comedy

    DURATION: 1hr 4min and 29sec

    LOCATION: Ibadan state


    RATING: 6/10

    REVIEW: This movie is honestly the first Yoruba movie i have seen and i do not regret it it was funny and hilarious although the quality of the film still had a little to be desired the actors did a very good job although i had a hard time reading the translation, i enjoyed it my personal favourite character in the movie Umaru is hilarious and had me laughing every time he came up, maybe it is because i am Hausa but i still like him a lot the movie is very interesting and i would rate it a six or maybe seven over ten.


    SYNOPSIS: chief akin a Yoruba man has phobia for people of his tribe and he tries to kill them whenever they come around him but his security and driver turn out to be Yorubas without his knowledge because they faked to be igbos and houses




    Long shots

    Close up shots

     wide shot e.t.c


    Conclusion: The movie ELEDE KEJI in conclusion is a very nice movie it teaches us about culture tradition and sacrifice i enjoyed the film and i also hope you enjoy it too . 

  • Gone too far

    Screenshot_2015-10-30-19-59-28-1GONE TOO FAR

    Genre: Drama, Comedy

    Director: Destiny Ekaragha

    Producer: British Film Institute

    Screenplay: Bola Agbaje

    Year: 2014

    Duration: 1hr 53minutes

    Language: English

    Movie Rating: 9/10

    -rotten tomatoes 8/10

    -nolloywood reinvented 9/10

    An adaptation of Bola Agbaje’s Olivier award-winning play.

    Runtime: 1 hr. 28 min.




    When London teenager Yemi’s big brother comes to live with him from Nigeria, Ikudayisi’s terrible fashion sense, broad Yoruba accent and misplaced confidence with the opposite sex threaten to destroy Yemi’s already small amount of street cred. When the pair are forced to spend the day together on their Peckham estate Yemi is forced to confront local bullies, the unattainable girl of his dreams and his own African heritage, eventually teaching both of them the values of family and self-respect.


    Pictures: The picture quality was good compared to some nollywood-uk production. 

    Costume: Much costume wasn’t needed for the production of this movie told a story about what happened in a day, each movie, The movie depicted what happened in a day, each movie talent maintained a costume all through. The costume was relatable to the characters in the movie.

    Camera movement and speed was good there were no careless shot taken. Fast motion was used to depict their experiences until it reached the climax stage. While the most noted use of the slow motion is at the conclusion when there is a resolution.

    Shots: This movie made use of the extremely long shot, long shot, medium shot and extreme close up shot. Although the long and medium shot were more dominant. 


    The movie Gone too far is an adaptation of an award winning play by Bola Agbaje. He has to be lauded for writing such a simple, but gripping screenplay; which is proof that well researched, everyday stories can become blockbusters. In fact, Gone Too Far merits the Best Screenplay award in national and international award ceremonies.  Then, Destiny Ekaragha is the new queen as far as film-making is concerned in Nigeria.  The young lady superbly interprets this script, making a world-class comedy, which raises a lot of burning questions on the youth and problems of identity. Ekaragha also deserves laurels for telling this tale.

    The story is simple and told simply, about a boy, his brother and their quest to fit in. What is really brilliant about the story is how relatable it is to the immigrant experience, how real the characters are and the risks that it took. The story takes place within a day, which runs the risk of becoming claustrophobic and boring but the filmmakers avoid it here by using very different and varied settings coupled with a generally fast pace. Sometimes it does feel a bit ‘samey’ and rushed. The characters are generally good; they have chemistry and are relatable. The main character, Yemi, gets a bit annoying and repetitive but that is deliberate. The villains get a bit too mean there is no nuance and have no reason for their actions. From a film such as this, you expect some background or motivations to characters and sometimes it gets too cartoonish. The slang is hard to understand, and the film makers did not take into account non-UK viewers. But it’s a very funny and sweet plot, made better by how well made it is. It has a lot of social commentary: Skin colour, Africans vs. Caribbean’s, Nationalism and many more.

    The acting will blow you away, clearly a very strong cast here, made even stronger because of how bad the acting overseas Nollywood movies are. Some such as Eddie Kadi, Adelayo Adedayo and Pooja Shah are all relatively known and experienced artists in Britain. And we must not forget OC Ukeje who absolutely shines as the “Freshie” with strong principles, especially in keeping his accent. Malachi Kirby as Yemi was sometimes off but he held his own, he just stands out because of how strong the rest of the cast is. It really was just a surprisingly perfect cast that came together beautifully. Tosin Cole as Razer, the main villain had great comedic timing and excellent emotional range.

    What really bring it all together are the directing and the cinematography. It is directed flawlessly; especially considering it was adapted from a play. Every scene is shot with such talent and care. The quality is top notch and the soundtrack is good. It made use of a lot of panning movement for the camera since it is depicting motion.

    In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend this. If you have experience of living in a different country, especially in London, this would just hit home with how true it is. Even if you are not, it is still a very enjoyable flick with lots of comedy and brilliance production values.


    2014 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF)- Audience choice award.

    2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards(AMVCA)- Best comedy drama (Nominated).




    Unforgivable-Ainidariji-Nollywood-Movieunforgivable kfb (3)




    DURATION: 1:15:55





    MOVIE RATING: 8/10.


    Unforgivable depicts different character with the subject of love gone sore, cancer, and violence against women, repentance, death, and regret. This movie starts with an old man making a flashback to the past. In the past Damola {Wale Akanbi} is seen as a womanizer who derives pleasure in taking advantages of girls to fill his sexual desires. He has a friend by the name Richard {Niyi Johnson} who is the direct opposite of him. Unlike his friend Damola who is a womanizer, Richard is a composed smart guy who loves to read and hardly has time for girls.  We are faced with a love triangle when Richard is madly in love with Adesewa { Ibironke Ashaolu} but Adesewa is in love with Damola, she tries all she can to win him over and she finally succeeds. In the Present Adesewa  {Dayo Amusa} against all odds marries Damola  { Mike Ezuruonye} who ends up maltreating her, beating her and even raping her.

    unforgivable kfb (5)

     As a result of this maltreatment imposed on Adesewa they both end up losing what is precious to them “THEIR DAUGHTER”.


    This movie is one of the best Indigenous movies I have watched because it displays African culture immensely. The story line is incredible, the production, the direction, the film- editing, the performances of the cast  even the music composition is impeccable and well executed. The change from the past to the present is neatly done. The lighting and the quality of sound is well executed. The shots taken are off the hook. What fascinates me the most in this movie is the fact that Mike Ezuruonye being an Igbo man could be able speak Yoruba language fluently in the movie.  It did not amaze me that this movie topped the best of nollywood awards nomination with 11 nominations in Best movie of the year awards, Best cinematography, Best actor in  leading role in a Yoruba movie, Best kiss in a movie amongst other nominations because left for me it deserves better than 11 nominations.Although this movie is incredible there is a scene I am not too impressed with. It is when the Doctor {Bukky Wright} broke the sad news to Adesewa. The doctor showed no emotion when breaking the news to her and the doctor didn’t even hesitate to tell her the sad news.  Another problem I encountered is the subtitles, the subtitles were kind of slow and it enabled the Non- Yoruba’s not to understand what they are saying at a point. Other than that, this is indeed a movie to die for. Funny enough, this movie thought me huge lessons. Never force yourself on a guy who does not love and respect you. Do not love a guy just because he is handsome, popular and wealthy.  There is a popular saying for this “All that glitters is not gold”. Say No to Domestic Violence. I will definitely give this movie an 8/10 because it deserves it and more. If you do not watch this movie, you will miss a whole lot of passion, intrigue, heartache, romance and suspense, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???


    Close up shot.unforgivable kfb (3)

    Long shotunforgivable kfb (4)ot.

    Medium Shot.unforgivable kfb (1)medium shot

    Angle of shots taken: Mid-angle and Carted angle

    Camera movement: horizontal and vertical

    Transition: Fade in and Fade out

  • unconditional

    vlcsnap-2015-10-17-19h01m40s94vlcsnap-2015-10-28-03h24m13s21Title: Unconditional

    Producer: Uche Jombo Rodriguez

    Studio: Uche Jombo Studios

    Director: Ikechukwu Onyeka

    Genre: Drama

    Screenplay: Uche Jombo

                         Folake Amanfo

    Locations: Abuja/Lagos Nigeria

    Duration: 1hr, 21mins, 55secs.

    Date released: July 25, 2013

    Rating: 5/10

    Language: English

    Transition: fade in, fade out

    Reviewer: Paul Patience Ezra (14BE016617)

    Cast: Uche Jombo, Dakore Akande, Ruth Kadiri, Isabel Aghahowa, Lepacious Bose, Bayo Bankole and Chika Chukwu


        How far will a mother fight for her child? Is what Jombo’s “Unconditional” is all about. Gina’s (uche jombo) eight months old baby was stolen by Aiwumuagbonrie (Ruth Kadiri) who claims to help people in need of children.

         11 years later, Isabella, who is not too good in maths, sees herself on t.v as the mathematics winner but she was referred to as Amanda peters (Isabella’s twin sister). Gina traced where the child (Amanda) was but was refused to be released by Amanda’s foster mother Mrs. Peters (Dakore Akande) who claims she has adoption papers for proof. But Gina never gave up her child for adoption.



           The lighting was good, I must confess, the quality of the lighting was what first attracted me to watch the movie. I must say, the light man (Jacob David) did a job well done


      Thumbs up to the editing department who also did a good job.


          The sound was good and clear, there was no background noise. Also, the background sound was so on point. The sound men (Abeed Olaore and Samson kayoed) did a good job in the selection of soundtracks as the initial sound did not predict what the movie would look like. The movie had an edge in this area as this is a major flaw in other Nigerian movies.


       The movie seemed good. The sound, the camera shot, camera placement and camera speed were all good. Thumbs up to Chika Chukwu (Ada), she acted just right and played her part perfectly. She is a good actress.

           But the movie began to drag when it began to focus attention on Lepacious Bose’s marriage. Bose’s marriage in the movie was unnecessary as it did not have anything to do with the story line of the movie. Perhaps, her husband was not manly enough, he had no atom of power as the husband even in the case of divorce….too bad. 

         It was obvious that one person (Isabel Aghahowa), played the role of two people (twins) which wasn’t professional. They never looked into each other’s eyes which was too obvious and annoying. For example, in the movie, when Amanda was talking to Isabella, she was looking off instead of focusing on Isabella.

         Also, it would have made more sense if the culprit focused more on Ruth Kadiri instead of Lepacious Bose since she was the one stealing children and not Bose.

         In the movie, the couple did everything to conceal their predicament, but as simple as their explanation was, it sounded like parables to Bose. They decided to come to her level and yet they received yet a worse embarrassment. Eventually, personality disorder occurred and she began to insult the couples heavily. Lepacious Bose talks too much which is uncalled for.

         Furthermore, the action of the police officer at the station mimicked the Nigeria police force. The police officer, was just too unrealistic.

          In the movie, the attitude of Amanda towards her family was not right at all. Despite all evidence turning out positive that Gina (Uche Jombo) is her mother, she refused to accept that fact especially when she told Gina “you are not my mother and you can never be my mother”. That was ridiculous.

         Also, the step Gina took at the end of the movie by giving back the child to her foster mother was not worth all the stress she went through to get back the child in the first place. A normal mother, no matter what it takes after going through that amount of stress will not want to release her child again, however it made the movie unpredictable.


           The following shots and placements were used:

    ·         Long shot

    ·         Medium shot

    ·         Close up shot

    ·          High angle

    ·         Mid-angle(eye level)

    ·         Low angle


             I don’t understand the correlation of the movie title and the entire story line. The story is all about a stolen child who was later found but Gina (Uche Jombo) did not make the situation look “Unconditional” as long as the child was later returned to her foster mother Mrs. Peters (Dakore Akande) which didn’t actually make sense. A better name would have been given to the movie. Jombo is a producer and has produced other interesting movies like “After the proposal” but I must confess, this is one of Uche Jombo’s worse production.

       What is worth noticing in the movie “unconditional”, is that (Uche Jombo) as a mother fought with all she had and went extra miles just to get back her child which every normal mother would do.



    Image result for a place in the stars






                        GIDEON OKEKE

                        MATILDA OBASEKI

                        YEMI BLAQ

                        FEMI BRANCH

                        DEJUMO LEWIS








    The movie is a crime thriller written by Ita Hozaife and J.K Amolou, co-produced and directed by Steve Gukas. The film was inspired by the largely acclaimed success recorded by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) during the tenure of the late Professor Dora Akunyili as Director-General of the agency. Akunyili was reputed to have fought the war against fake drugs even at the risk to her life. She was also reported to have significantly curtailed the deadly activities of the fake drugs barons in Nigeria. 
     A Place in the Stars is one of the most talked about feature films in Nigeria not just because of its topical theme but largely as a result of the fact that Akunyili who attracted a cult following while heading NAFDAC is given ample screen time to speak about the evil of fake drugs. In other words, the film made a star of the former NAFDAC boss and her ‘role’ gave it an aura of plausibility. Another reason the film is much talked about is the longer time it took to finish it.  Unlike many other movies produced in Nigeria, A Place in the Stars took six years to be completed.  
    Right from the beginning, the movie leaves no one in doubt of its thematic preoccupation, when a father tells his two sons that it is only the good folks who are assured of a place in the stars.

     The film narrative is woven around a young lawyer who gets a case he believes will make him rich. In the process, he encounters dangerous men who threaten to kill him to protect their flourishing multibillion naira fake and adulterated medical drugs trade. The outcome helps him come to term with his life, especially in resolving the clash of values he has had with his father all along.



    The movie unfurls in the beautiful hills of Plateau State, where a father is giving his two children a lesson in doing well and earning for themselves in life, relies heavily on the interpretative abilities characters to tell the story. As the plot unravels, the actors, like Segun Arinze, Dejumo Lewis drive its import into the audience with their convincing delivery of their roles.  

    Arinze, indeed, reminds us of why he is called ‘BLACK ARROW’. With his facial expression, gesticulations and accent, Arinze is the perfect cast for a drug baron. His accent though is inconsistent in portrayal of Okonkwo. His command of the English language makes one believe he is a well-educated man. At other times he speaks as if he is barely literate. He might have perhaps adopted this character nuances to reinforce the patently antithetical lifestyles of criminals.

    Gideon Okeke did a perfect job of playing the stubborn, arrogant and a nonchalant son. It was strange and even interesting to see him do the ‘emotional son’ scene, but then, that’s what makes him a professional actor: his ability to plausibly portray any character.

    Matilda Obaseki acted TARA, the gentle and proper lady who is attracted to her best friend’s man. Matilda did a good job of using body language to make the audience aware of her attraction to Gideon.

    However, despite the brilliant interplay of shots to create a moving flick, there are some avoidable flaws particularly in the plot structure. For Instance in the police rescue operation scene, why did the police choose a rather brazen option rather than adopting a silent rescue operation since they had no prior intelligence on the criminal’s hideout or how much arms and ammunition they had at their disposal? Why did the police leave Kim behind after their rescue mission at the uncompleted building? What if there were other criminals in the building?

    Although, officers of the Nigeria Police have been stereotype in movies as uncouth, the scene where a policeman swears at a suspect “let me see how you’ll get out” is a continuation of this dark image of the Force. There are still some of them who carry on in the full knowledge of the law and would not have condemned an accused to death or pronounced him guilty in their own court. An accused not innocent until proven otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction

    Particularly, noticeable is the accident scene where a car was hit several times and its lights remained intact despite a sound indicating that lights are broken.

    In spite of all this, A Place in the Stars is a good movie. Its racy plot and characterisation in addition to his cinematographic appeal make it one of the best Nigerian movies with an inspiring storyline. Its sound editing is average though. But what the film lacks it makes up of for in its plausible plot structure, especially with the involvement of the late Professor Dora Akunyili.

    It is, no doubt, a commendable effort. Rating8/10

    Element of production

    *low angle shot


    *long shot


    *close up shot



    *medium shot

  • Buried Secret


    A MUST WATCH!!!!

    Title: Buried secret

    Producers: Amarachukwu Ukwu and Blessing Umeh

    Director: Ubong Bassey NYA

    Screenplay: Ubong Bassey NYA

    Main cast: Jackie Appiah, Prince David Osei, Fredrick Leonard

    Location: Lagos, Ikeja

    Duration: Part 1 1:52:29, Part 2 2:07:20

    Date released: 2012

    Movie rating:  On a scale of 1-10 I rate this movie 3

    Reviewer: Onyedinma Ihuoma

    Synopsis: This movie is about a young lady who is a mother of two children out of wedlock. She has lost so many suitors for this reason; she does not want to lose her next husband to be Greg. Her boyfriend who left her to travel to South Africa to look for greener pastures comes back with a wife, and tries to claim the children he abandoned earlier, Jackie Appiah not giving it too much thought, hands over the children to him, just to keep her secret. Trying to keep this secret, in the process, she pushes away her family, destroys her marriage, and ends up unhappy.


    Elements of production: The use of medium shot is more prominent and prevailing in this movie, though the use of long shot is used in this movie, it is not as consistent as the use of medium shot. The camera angle and placement of camera in this movie is usually placed at the eye level, which is mid angle. The camera movement that is more noticeable and prevailing is the horizontal movement usually the pan. (Flash pan). The camera speed is usually normal in the shooting of this movie, but slow motion is used, but few time. The transition used is cut, though at the end of the movie, fade is used.

    movie review Close up shot

    Review: The story of this movie is okay, the directing and production of this movie however is poor. The lighting was poor. At some point, the faces of the actors/actress could not be seen, the music director did not do a good job, as the sound track, did not always rhyme with the scene, also the sound track at some point is almost at the same volume with the voice of the actors. Some of the actors/actress were unprofessional. Unnecessary time is wasted as some scenes were not relevant, and some scenes could have been shorter. I rate this movie 3/10 because the story line is good, but they could have done much later. Some scenes were so unrealistic, for instance the last scene in part two. The elements of production were not applied appropriately in this movie. The camera angle, shots, movement, transitions, and other important elements were not handled appropriately.

    Medium shot

     Conclusion: The life of a young lady changed when she gave birth to 2 babies for her boyfriend while living with her parents. She is ready to protect the secret that she is already a mother of two at all cost. Could those two children be her only children?

    “What is wrong with Sister Anita? She keeps too many secrets and hates every one for it as if we are responsible”













    TIME- 1:25:45


    YEAR: 2014








    Dazzling Mirage  is an adaptation of a novel of the same name, focused on the plight of a sickle-cell patient, Funmi whose only need was to live a normal life without being called a sickler. Against all odds, she manages to go through the pains and trauma and to graduate from a university before she finds that she was actually adopted. Her father is a doctor and her mother a nurse who discovered that they are carriers of sickle cell and decided not to have children. The film is also centered on advocating against stigmatization. It shows how  Funmi against all odds, finds love in the midst of rising social stigma.




    Dazzling mirage is a great movie. The casting of Akindoju as Funmi could not have been more appropriate. She looks the part and evokes empathy from the viewers. Seun akindele, Kunle Afolayan, Carol King and almost all the other actors are convincing in their performances. The Dialogue in Dazzling Mirage is quite  stimulating. Scenes after scenes, character after character, the story unfolds beautifully before our eyes.


    For Mr. and Mrs. Adebayo( Bimbo Manuel and Carol King), the couple who adopted Funmi, the timing of their true story is apt.


    The hospital scene where Funmiwo confronts her parents about her identity is profound. The way the tension is executed by the actors is so real. That was the first time I heard her full name- OLUWAFUNMIWO.


    The way comic was creatively injected into the movie is unique. The Gateman’s collection of business cards arranged according to generosity. The most generous visitor sits at number one. The part where Funmi’s friend is called Bukky by Sanya: Bukky is a dog’s name, my name is Bukola.


    There is a clinical attention to detail. The emotions were well executed: the tears dropped when they should. The scene of the cesarean section is one of the most believable portrayal of a hospital scene, I have seen yet in a Nigerian film.


    There are knocks for Dazzling Mirage. Mama’s Sanya’s role is a stereotypical one. The audience has seen her type in thousands of films. Sanya’s character is equally unexciting. Naturally, he is a mummy’s boy,  but he could have resisted his mum in frivolous matters since he is initially portrayed as a weak young man. Then he would have followed her advice when it comes to the sickle cell or serious matters. Theirs is a rose-garden relationship, an uninteresting feature in films.


    When Funmi had to leave the meeting under intense pain, at least one of her colleagues could have followed or assisted her to the car and the company could have assigned a driver to take her to the hospital. Then, why didn’t she go to the hospital? One does not understand why Sanya fails to take her to the hospital when he arrives.


    Some grammatical errors were noticed as well. The nurse Funmi meets at the reception struggles with her grammar. The doctor says ‘She has the best as far as medical care goes. Be rest assured.. ‘instead of’ … rest assured …’ Lanre(Yomi Fash Lanso) says, ’lucky for you..’ instead of ‘lucklily for you…’


    I wanted the film to end after the wedding. Then, the next scene I saw her bump. I wanted it to end happily but the way it continued, it may not. But I remember the lives of SCDs is not entirely a happy jolly ride. The human life is not a happy jolly ride. So the film was merely a portrayal of that.


    A fact about DAZZLING MIRAGE is that Tunde Kelani must be highly applauded for producing a film on sickle cell.




    The lighting is proper and perfect. The camera quality is quite impressive and clear and sharp. The sound is impeccable Different camera shots were employed such as 


    • Close up shot

    • Medium shot

    • Long shot


    The costumes were on point as Adebimpe Adebamibo was on hand to deliver to the numerous costumes used in the film. The make-up was flawless as well. The set design is very creative and real. Kudos!