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  • Desperate house girls




    TITLE: Desperate housegirls


    PRODUCER: Uduak Oguamanam Isong


    DIRECTOR:  Desmond Elliot.


    YEAR: 2013


    DURATION: 1:47:32


    LOCATION: Lagos


    GENRE: Drama


    MOVIE RATING: 7/10


    CAST:Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Kenneth Okolie Mary Lazarus , Tamara Eteimo


    REVIEWER: Comfort Elaigwu




    Three frustrated street girls working in a local buka where they are constantly harassed by randy old men whimsically leave their jobs and decide to become house girls with the intent to steal and seduce their way to riches.






    The movie which turned out to be a piece of cake for all the casts present in the movie, talks about three beautiful, smart and young girls who have had enough of the ghetto life. In their bid to step up their fortune, they decided to become house girls to rich families or die trying to get rich. The movie revolves around the lives of three beautiful, smart, young girls living the ghetto life.


     Frustrated over the low class lifestyle and accompanying financial challenges, the trio come up with a plan to bid poverty goodbye. It’s really easy… all they have to do is become house girls to the elites and scheme their way into the life of affluence. It’s a mission they must accomplish, it  portrays the Elliot family, who change house girls on a weekly basis, Femi and Ada. A happily married couple has what appears to be the perfect house girl until she becomes very close to the boss of the house.


     “Desperate House Girls” is a hit! It cleverly weaved romance and humour into a get rich quick story. It’s a well-written screenplay but not everyone lived happily ever after.


    The story left a few questions. Both Victoria and Ekemini were caught in the act. What made Segun come back into the house and catch Victoria? He was last seen in the car. Also, what made Mark’s wife appear in Ekemini’s bedroom? Without visual proper cause these scenes came off as convenient for the story. Also, what became of Ekemini at the end of the movie?


    Performances? Spot on. Every actor was believable and there was no dead weight. Hallelujah.


    The cinematography, music, and dialogue were great and the chemistry between Ini Edo and Kenneth Okolie worked. Kudos to Desmond Elliott and Uduak Isong on a fine production! RECOMMEND


    It’s a big problem dealing with the tricks of house helps who end up being mistresses and end up running the home… of course with the wife out of the way. We see and hear such happening every day. Well some women have gotten smart while some … hmm… are still living in the world of make belief, that they have the perfect house girl.


    Desperate House girls, brings to bear the reality of this marital virus that plagues and ravages a lot of homes.




  • Oloibiri

    Release Date: May, 2015


    Year    :    May, 2015
    By    :    Rightangle Productions Limited
    Slogan    :    Revenge has come
    Genre    :    Action/Adventure
    Time    :    106 min.
    Budget    :     
    Age    :     


    An action thriller, “Oloibiri” mirrors fear, dread, international exploitation, governmental responsibility and unseen benefits of desperate hope. Olu Jacobs (AMVCA & AMAA award winning veteran), Richard Mofe Damijo (Multiple award winning actor/politician), William R. Moses (CSI, Touched by an Angel), Taiwo Ajai-Lycett (Multiple award winning actress), Ivie Okujaye (AMVCA) and Ifeanyi Williams all star in this blockbuster.

  • wicked intention


    By chimuanya amarachi



    RELEASE DATE: 2008
    LENGTH OF MOVIE: 2:17:60
    PLOT: The plot is more like the Nigerian version of play-boy series (a thin line between love and hate). The story reveals Jim (Desmond Elliot) as a player who was only going to settle down if he found a high-class lady with affluence and the right connections. He is on a trial-and-error mission with ladies and thus decides that I.J (Chika Ginika) his fiancé is no longer fit for the fiancé title, and he moves along with Clara (Amanda Ebege) an undergraduate, and a host of other physically graced ladies, who he still dumps for being over indulging.
    Jim’s lust-o-meter is on a weird scale as he falls in lust with a lady who co-incidentally shared the same surname with the bank manager who she works for. Jim quickly got her to sleep with him so that he could inherit “her father’s wealth” the shocker drops when he realizes that it was a mere coincidence of name.
    On the other side of the feminist globe, stood the tall, dark, wealthy, independent Charlene (Stephanie Okereke) who was every man’s dream but was not willing to get involved with any man because of the torment her father caused her mother and her because she bore him a female first instead of a son who ‘’could carry on the family name”.
    She turns down so many men Including Jim but his good looks coupled with persistence was too much for her to fight alone, so she plans with her confidant Kamsi (Nadia Buari) to use Jim in the same way he is scheming to use her. While Jim plots to sleep with Charlene, get married to her and drain her, Charlene simply employs the services of his manhood to get herself a child (a girl) as she runs off on the wedding day, leaving Jim at the climax of foolishness and discontentment.
    Theme: betrayal and indecisiveness
    Main cast: Desmond Elliot, Stephanie Okereke, Nadia Buari, Muna Obiekwe, Chika Ginika
    Setting: Nigeria.
    Language: English
    Shots: the Extreme close up shots was used in the scene several times when Desmond and Stephanie were making out. The EX CU was evident in so many scenes especially when his expression was highlighted to show his grief over Charlene’s disappearance.
    Make up: all the characters in the movie- WICKED INTENTION wore light but meaning portraying colors 
    Costume: every piece of clothing contributed to the development of the plot as it gave deeper meaning to the personalities of the characters.
    Review: The movie is like every other nigerian movie produced at that time, the boy is poor and a social climber who tries to use his charm to get what he wants. There is also the girl that goes out with him(the boy) as a rebellion against her father and so she can get a female child. The shots are good but there where some unnecessary scenes like driving on the road. The people watching the film do not need to know the length of the journey. There where situations when both sides of the conversation where being told. There was almost no mystery in the movie. If i were to rate this movie i would give it a six out of ten that is sixty percent. 


  • MR & MRS


    TITLE: Mr. and Mrs.


    PRODUCER:  Chinwe Egwuagu


    DIRECTOR: Ikechukwu Onyeka


    YEAR: March 2012


    DURATION: 1:39:34


    LOCATION: Abuja


    GENRE: melodrama


    MOVIE RATING: 8/10


    CAST: Joseph Benjamin, Nse Ikpe Etim, Theresa Okodua, Paul Apel, and Barbara Sokey


    REVIEWER: Faith Lamptey Lamiokor




    Mr. and Mrs. is a melodramatic rendition that attempts to convey the anger, the hurt and the pain that come to fore when marriages seem to take the wrong turn. I could only imagine the million and one thoughts that ran through Susan Abbah’s (Nse Ikpe Etim) mind as she sat on the floor weeping, and the pestle she had tried using to hit her husband beside her.


    Kenneth Abbah (Joseph Benjamin) was her husband, her lover of sixteen years, the father of her children, the man she loved, adored and worshipped, her slave master, the man that had relegated her to the background and confined her, a lawyer, to his kitchen. He never hesitated to praise his father for their good fortunes and seized every opportunity to remind her that she was nothing but the daughter of a washman. Yet she loved him and worshipped the ground he walked on. For him and her children whom we never saw all through the movie, she endured the pain and took the shame.


    However, when Ken begins to cheat on Susan, she loses it and this compels her to heed her friend, Linda’s (Thelma Okodua) advice to see a marriage counselor. Linda is however oblivious to the fact that her seemingly loving and understanding husband who she claims is cool with her being a career woman and only entering the kitchen on Sundays to make breakfast, was sleeping with her maid.


    Mr. and Mrs. is impressive with regards to the storyline, the content, the production quality and the plot. It showcased a level of professionalism that is lacking in most Nollywood movies.


    The movie exhibits elements of suspense as we are left wondering about what would become of Susan at the point of divorce and what would become of Ken when Susan finally gains her freedom. It also professional intertwines some form of humor to lighten the mood of the story as it is an issue that is usually addressed seriously. We could see from the movie when Ken felt challenged when Susan brings a dildo into the house and also when Maggie, the maid was dumb enough to pour out wine and wash the wine bottle, that brings some form of relief to viewers who have been forced to identify with Susan’s pains.


    The movie is very realistic and the cast portrayed each character very well as they were real and convincing. The storyline is informative and we also find that scriptural references were introduced at certain points and in a way that didn’t make the movie appear churchy.


    The picture quality was good, so also the mixture of different camera shots and angles. However, most times the images were blurry when the camera attempted to zoom in also the story is told in a linear way, with no flashbacks or foreshadow, however, there are times the viewer disconnects from the movie as a result of some weak transitions.
    The movie was shot indoors and straight to the point. No unnecessarily prolonged scenes which is common with Nigerian movie. All in all, the movie is a must-watch and I would rate it 8 out of 10. if anyone calls your father a washman do not forget to reply…”dry cleaner I always insist”



     Medium shots




          MR&MRS A MUST WATCH!!!!


  • mixed feelings


    TITLE: Mixed feelings

    PRODUCER: Okey Ifeanyi

    DIRECTOR: Okey Ifeanyi

    SCREENPLAY: Okey Ifeanyi

    MAINCASTS: Juliet Mgborukwe (as Amanda)

                            Alex Ekubo (as Jeff)

    DURATION: 1hour20minutes

    MOVIE RATING: on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 been the highest, I will rate this movie 5.

    DATE OF RELEASE: 8th of April, 2015.

    REVIEWER: Ekpin Iniobong


    SYNOPSIS: This movie is about a loving couple who would have taken their relationship to the next level but due to the suspicion the lady had of her fiancé cheating on her, she decided to redeem herself by taking a desperate measure.



    Extremely long shot

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-18-09-12.png


    Long shot

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-17-54-59.png

    Medium shot

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-18-07-36.png

    Close up shot

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-17-58-21.png


    Extremely close up shot

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-18-15-27.png



    High angle

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-18-09-45.png

    Low angle

    Description: C:\Users\PC SUPPORT\Pictures\review pictures\Screenshot_2015-11-04-18-04-14.png

    REVIEW: this movie ‘mixed feelings’ as already said in the synopsis, has to do with a loving couple that decides to take their relationship to the next level then the lady been suspicious of her fiancé cheating on her decides to redeem herself by taking a very drastic measure. In this movie, although nice story line, I felt there were so many unnecessary scenes. Like the scene where the fiancé in person of (Jeff) was dancing with the supposed wedding planner and also when they were in the car driving to where we were not told. The viewers didn’t need all the details of the dance or should we say the process. Also I don’t understand how the girl wasn’t expected to feel that he was cheating on her, because the boy was acting very suspicious. If you want to say Jeff had nothing to do with Kiki, then the scene of the two of them dancing beside the pool was not needed, or should I say the type of dance they were dancing was not needed for a normal “fiancé and wedding planner” relationship they supposedly had. If I didn’t know the point of the movie was to make us believe that Jeff was not cheating on Amanda but planning a surprise for her, I would have actually said he was cheating. That is , the main intention was not properly portrayed. But apart from this few pointed out mistakes, the movie can be seen as interesting. Well, that depends on the viewer’s definition of interesting though.


    CONCLUSION: the movie was not bad, the actors and actresses where ok to apart from Ken, the male best friend. That’s all I can say because “it’s not over, until it is over” so “shut up fool… tell that to the devil when you get to hell. Well nice one Amanda. 

  • Tango with me




    Producer: Mahmood Ali- Balogun.

    Director: Mahmood Ali- Balogun.

    Screenplay: Fani Kayode.


    ·         Joseph Benjamin

    ·         Genevieve Nnaji.


    Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

    Duration: 1: 50

    Movie rating:  6.1

    Date of release: 2010

     Reviewer: Aderoju Adedunni

    Matriculation Number: 14BE016549


    Lola (Genevieve Nnaji) and Uzo (Joseph Benjamin) meet during her youth service and are married after a 3 year of courtship. On their wedding night Lola, a virgin is raped by armed robbers who broke into their hotel suite, right in front of her husband. Both bear the emotional and psychological trauma that the rape places on them. She is emotionally scared of having sexual relationship with her husband, while her husband bears the guilt of him unable to protect when she most needed him to. Their marriage is only two months and they are seeing a marriage counselor. It remains to be seen if they are able to break down the psychological walls that keep them apart.

    Element of production.

    Ø  Pictures: the pictures were so nice and clear unlike some Nigerian movies that will be blurry.

    Ø  Sound effect: sound effects were not really used which I feel was to make audience focus on the movie unlike other Nigerian film that you find sound effects almost in every scene.

    Ø  Costume: Ankara was mostly used in this film, which I feel is to celebrate the African culture.

    Ø  Lighting: the lighting was okay and cool which was in line with the movie.

    Ø   Camera shots: different camera shots were used in this movie. Examples are:

    ·         Long shot (LS):

    ·         Medium shot(Ms):

    ·         High angle:

    ·         Mid angle:


    Tango with me is a contemporary story about forgiveness about some of our core values and our faith. A story that proves that above all, love does indeed conquer all.

    There was a deal of silence in this movie; no use of unnecessary sound effect, few music that were used just flow to make it as emotional as possible and enables the audience to focus on the movie unlike other Nigerian movies that have different sound tracks in it. The production, sound quality, picture quality, location were all fantastic which made it a good movie.

    The story imposes sobriety on us as we examine the societal values and teaches us priceless lesson about love and life. It reveals the under minded formula that solves looming challenges ravaging one’s marriage and even altar bound relationships. Joseph and Genevieve performances very passionate and drew you in.

    I love the way Ankara was used as decoration in the movie, which also celebrates African culture, but at the same time, it was off because no one wears Ankara 24/7. The story line was just basic which made the movie simple though almost relating to the movie “Act of faith”.


    Frankly, Tango with me is an entertaining movie although over hyped, which talks about love and forgiveness. This film is sure to provoke you emotionally and intellectually.

  • Akan

    Capture 7

    Title: Akan

    Producer: Archibong Archibong

    Director: Desmond Elliot

    Screenplay: Archibong Archibong, Rita Onwurah

    Main Cast:  Alex Ekubo, Venita Akpofure, Ime Bishop Umoh, Grace Johnson

    Genre: Comedy, Drama

    Location: Calabar, Nigeria

    Duration: 1:36:22

    Date of Release: August 8, 2014

    Movie Rating: 7

    Reviewer: Okoronkwo John Chinedu

    Matriculation Number: 13BE014777


    Akan is a family comedy-drama revolving around the lives of Akan (Alex Ekubo) and Sophie (Venita Akpofure), who have just returned from the United States and plan to get married. Akan’s father does not approve of Sophie because she is too westernized and not of the same tribal background and sets out to find a ‘decent’ girl for his son. Chaos and hilarity ensues when a greedy, interfering uncle and a homely village girl join the fray.

    Elements of Production

    Selective Focus: Capture 8

    Over-the-Shoulder Shot: Capture 9

    High Angle Shot:

    Close-up Shot: Capture 10Capture 11

    Medium Shot: Capture 12



    When I stumbled across this movie, the poster alone had me salivating and anticipating its release. I was ready for a drama-packed, mouth-watering experience that would keep me glued to my seat and my eyes glued to the screen. I was quite disappointed however, as the movie turned out to be less exciting than I expected it to be.

    This movie is follows the predictable, over-used, Nigerian plot of a parent being against their child’s marriage plans and does not really apply to the evolving Nigerian society we have today. There is no twist or suspense; the plot is practically flat all through, drama-wise, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Comedy-wise, however, the movie will leave the audience in stitches, especially the scenes with Ime Bishop, whom I suppose was meant to serve as a comic relief to the “drama”.

    Kudos to Desmond Elliot, however, as the movie was well directed. Aside from a few redundant scenes, the settings, lighting, camera quality and general cinematography were superb and should be commended. Costumes and make-up were good too, as the cast were dressed to fit their roles. As for the acting… well, the cast (especially Alex Ekubo and Ime Bishop) are good, no doubt, but the efforts to mimic American accents were quite embarrassing and, in my opinion, uncalled for.  The moral of the story? This is one aspect that is lost to me but I suppose it would suffice to say parents should not enforce their will over that of their children.


    While the producers of Akan may boast of superb cinematography, their plot-work leaves much to be desired. I was greatly disappointed at the lack of substance to the plot. For what it’s worth however, this movie would be a great stress-reliever and guarantees a few laughs along the line

  • Career Woman



    PRODUCER: Uchenna Mbunabo & Osita Iheme

    DIRECTOR: Chidi Anyanwu Chidox

    WRITTEN BY: Chidi Anyanwu Chidox

    PRODUCTION COMPANY: East Coast International, One & Two Film Productions

    YEAR: 2014

    DURATION: 1:08:51

    LOCATION: Nigeria

    GENRE: Drama

    MOVIE RATING: 6/10

    CAST: : Jackie Appiah, Fredrick Leonard, Frances Odega, Calista Okoronkwo, Amanda Ebeye, Maureen Ginika, Stanley Okoro, Sam Sunny, Deinso Odukwe, Charles Billion. 

    REVIEWER: Nwokike Tobechukwu


    The Career Woman features a lawyer Anita (Jackie Appiah); a successful lawyer, excellent in what she does- never lost a case. Anita is happily married, with a single child, to Richard (Fredrick Leonard). Her single, younger sister, Queen (Calista Okoronkwo) lives with her.

    Queen, trying to get her own man, to no avail, has some interest in her sister’s husband. The comic relief of the movie is the gateman, who can’t pass by anyone without a silly comment.

    Flashback is used in the movie, when Anita’s mother visits from the village, and Anita’s pre-career life is revealed. However, her mother’s role in the movie is insignificant and not needed. Her presence leads to the flashback of Anita’s pre-career life, but any other character could have also done that.

    The movie has a good storyline, but some characters and plots are not needed. The costumes used in the film are good. The camera shots were also okay.

    Scene transitions are okay in the movie, but the video and picture quality is poor. The movie intro, although not excellent, is okay to some extent. The movie also has crowded subplots.








    TITILE: Tempting Fate

    PRODUCER:  Kelvin Nkem Nwankwor

    DIRECTOR: Kelvin Nkem Nwankwor

    YEAR:  2015

    DURATION: 2 hours

    LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

    MOVIE RATING: 8/10

    Genre: Drama

    CAST: Ramsey Noah (Ugo), Dan Davies, Kimberley Kral (Tiffany), Tiffany Denish Tuner (Tracey),

    Reviewer: Ayemere Francess Ainose -14BE016561

    Synopsis: It is about two brothers, one of deep faith and the other buried in a life of crime have their worlds torn apart, then things goes wrong one goes to jail the other committed.


    CAMERA SHOT: High shot

                               Extreme close up shot

                               Medium shot

                              Close up shot

                             Extreme close up shot

    CAMERA ANGLE: Extreme angle

                                    Mid angle

                                     Low angle

                                   High angle



    Ugo Okoye (Ramsey Noah) is an armed robber while his brother, Chinedu(Edu) Okoye (Andrew Onochie), is a devout Christian and a talented singer. Edu has cancer and has a girlfriend Tracy.

    Edu’s cancer is worsening and Ugo needs to stay in his life of crime to pay for his brother’s surgery which is needed urgently. Ugo then decides to sell drugs(cocaine) and he brings it to the house he shares with his brother not knowing that he is been monitored by police. As they break into the house Edu was shocked and Ugo escaped but because Edu was caught red-handed, he takes the blame for his brother thinking that his brother would not do such a thing and because he loves his brother.

    For his silence he is given 3 years jail term, which devastates his fiancée, who has to make a choice between waiting for him and moving on with her life. At the begning of the movie we would see the mother of Ugo and Chinedu about to die telling Ugo to take good care of his younger brother. It is inexplicable when siblings manifest such opposing values despite the fact that they were nurtured in the same home by the same parents. Could it be friends they kept or something else that influenced them.

    Tracy (Giffany Denise Tuner’s) character is inconsistent, she just sits comfortably to drink with Ugo, and someone she despises if at all her body language is anything to go by. She is engaged to Chinedu but got pregnant for Ugo during Chinedu stay in prison.

    The medical and crime aspect of the movie is actually good and the make-up done on Chinedu to show that he was critically sick was wonderful. Ramsey Noah acting as Ugo did a very good job in bringing the movie to life so much that we could not help but hate him which is the best thing an actor could do.

    I think the movie is good, I like the fact that it was on the aspect of Christianity. I also appreciate the hard work and money that was put in it.

    I loved the part where Chinedu found out about was his brother had done to his fiancée, and his reaction was very natural. The death scene were Ugo died was very painful to me I actually did not want him to die. And it was also funny because of the way he asked his brother the question of what happened between them.

    Something that baffles me in the movie is the fact that Chinedu was arrested for Ugo’s crime. Does it mean that the detectives could not differentiate Chinedu from Ugo? They arrest Chinedu who is clearly not the same person they see strolling into the apartment. Ugo walks into the same police station twice and he is not arrested. REALLY?