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MOVIE: Phone Swap

PRODUCER: Kunle Afolayan

DIRECTOR: Kunle Afolayan

SCREEN PLAY: Kemi Adesoye


Wale Ojo

Nse Ikpe Etim

Lydia Forson

Joke Sliva

Chika Okpala

RELEASED DATE: 30 March 2012


GENRE: Drama, Comedy

DURATION: 1 hour 50 minutes


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Golden Effects Pictures

RATING: 8/10

REVIEWER: Itegbe George 14BE016585




          Akin played by Wole Ojo is in rush to make a company conference in Abuja after finding about it last minute. Mary too (Nse Ikpe Etim) too is in a rush to visit her family in the village in Owerri. Her sister has been terrorizing her husband and her father has called an urgent family meeting which she has to attend. Akin and Mary bump into each other in the airport and accidentally swap their phones which were identical. This switch leads to a mix up with their destinations after they both receive a text with regards to where each is heading. As a result, they agree to help each other with their responsibilities with leads to hilarious results.




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          I must congratulate the actors in this movie because they did a real fine job. Afeeze Aiyetoro Plays a bumbling employee who can’t keep his mouth shut. Nse Etim did an awesome job in portraying the character Mary. The scene she finds out her boyfriend was a married man, was particularly emotional. Nse dug deep to channel the emotions of a heartbroken woman. Her facial expression and the tears in her eyes, it was such a powerful moment. It must be said that the whole cast did a great job even the minor characters, there were no weak links.

            My only problem with this movie was the product placement. While the Blackberry placement wasn’t too obvious, Globacoms banner was showing everywhere as if to say “WE PAID FOR THIS MOVIE SO WE OWN IT” It was too much, I feel the movie would have done better without it but if this is the only way we can get brilliant movies like this then so be it.


“Do you have any cutlery”

          This was a particularly hilarious scene; Even as I was sitting watching the movie I couldn’t stop laughing and waiting for their reaction considering everyone were eating their Amala with their fingers and this spoilt man comes and asks for a fork.



            Phone swap by all regards was one of the best Nollywood movies I have seen in a while, it displayed our comedic side, I will rate it 8/10