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Title of the movie: Power of Faith

Producer: Chidi Chijioke

Director: KenSteve Anuka

Genre: Family Drama (Religious)

Main cast: Amaechi Monagor, Michael Godson, Patience Ozokwor, ChaCha Eke Ikechukwu, Adamma Luke

Location: Enugu and Benin

Duration: 1hr 7minutes

Date of release: 31st December, 2014.

Movie rating: 7/10

Reviewer: Nwagboso Prayer


           POWER OF FAITH is a religious movie, centred on the tragic life of Ikem (Michael Godson). Ikem is a businessman, an only son and child of his parent.

    After being visited by armed robbers, he finds himself in a fixed state, struggling for survival. In order to preserve his family’s lineage, his parents married a pregnant girl for fear of their generation being wiped out.

After passing through this phase, Ikem goes through another trial of faith. Would he eventually over come or would he give up? All these would be unravelled as the events unfold.


Some of the notable shots, angles and camera movements that were used in the movie are displayed below:


a. Extreme long shot (Ex Ls)

Screenshot (7)

Screenshot (13)

b. Long shot (Ls)

 Screenshot (9)


Screenshot (56)-1

c. Medium shot (Ms)

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (2)

d. Close up shot (Cs)

Screenshot (23)

e. Extreme close-up shot (Ex Cu)

Screenshot (53)-1-1-1

f. High angle

Screenshot (15)

g. Low angle

Screenshot (20)

h. Mid angle

Screenshot (38)

There were lots of tilting up and down, a lot of zooming in and out of the camera especially when they wanted to bring our attention to something.

Camera movements used in the movie: Dolly in, Dolly out were used, tilt up and down were also used. Hand held cameras were used as well.

Transition: cut was used at the beginning of the movie and fade out was used at the end of the movie.



The beginning part of the movie is captivating, and full of motivational words. The location of the movie is well situated. The movie is an interesting one that brought out the reality of what people go through, and how their faith in a particular god or God decides the outcome of their lives. I must commend the script writer and the director, they both did a good job. The song used for the movie fitted every scene of the play, such that it passed the message across to the audience(s) easily. The actors and actresses made the play so real, especially the lead actor Ikem (Michael Godson); he poured his heart into the movie, in fact he’s my hero in the play.

The extras in the movie messed it up, especially the scene where the villagers were attacking the taxi for killing a big snake. They acted as though they were not sure of their roles in the play; in fact some of them were confused, they didn’t add energy to the movie, their acting was too fake. The snake used was also fake. They didn’t even try to make it look real to some extent, it was so obvious that it was a stick and not a snake.

Another aspect that was over-emphasised was the role of Catholicism. So does it mean that all Reverend Fathers cared for their church members like that? The aspect of the Catholic church involvement in the lives of its members was exaggerated.


The movie started as a tragedy but ended on a happy note, so I would categorize it as a tragicomedy movie although it has some element of melodrama. The movie is a wonderful one and is also educative. My best quote in my movie is “Live your life one day at a time, see everyday that comes as a gift, thank God for everyday. Stop seeing your circumstance as a problem rather, as a challenge you must conquer”.