MATRIC NO: 15BE02312



TITLE: Purple Rose

PRODUCER: Pascal Amanfo

DIRECTOR: Pascal Amanfo

SCREEN PLAY :  Barbara Anakwa

MAIN CAST: Nse Ikpe Etim and Eddie Watson 

LOCATION(S): Kene-Bi Hotel, Pemisca Hotel, Sakumuno Beach, Kotoka International Beach (Nigeria/Ghana)

DURATION: 1 hour, 50 minutes and 42 seconds.

DATE OF RELEASE:  February 28, 2013

MOVIE RATING (From 1 being poor and 10 being excellent) : 10

REVIEWER: Erigbemi Sadeju, 15BE02312


In Purple Rose, a movie featuring Nse Ikpe Etim, Eddie Watson and Roselyn Ngissah, Annette (Nse Ikpe Etim) is a journalist who journeys to see a man who can see the future for an article she is writing but instead, he tells her that she will never know what love is until she see a purple rose and hears the sound of a guitar. She is engaged to marry.

She reunites with Dylan, an old childhood friend who is partly separated from his wife and child. One thing leads to another and they both begin to have sex and develop feelings for each other up until Annette’s fiancé, Ethan (Kweku Elliot) returns home for their wedding and Dylan’s wife, Ama (Barbara Anakwa) returns unannounced to fix their marital issues. 

Is Annette’s wedding still going to hold despite her cheating and confused feelings?  Is Dylan going to be able to patch things up with his wife now that his heart desires another woman? 


Sound Effect: The sound presence was very strong in the movie. Asides the fact that we were able to hear clearly all of the dialogue going on between the characters, the songs/sounds used for the scenes or specific scenes were all right and suited the scenes properly. 

Shots/Angles: There was a showcase of different shots and angles in the movie although the medium shot, long shot and close up shot were the most used ones. 



Every aspect of this movie surpasses the normal expectation of Nigerian movies. It is a lot more different from the kind of Nigerian movies we are used to where you can already foresee the end from the beginning. This movie had a twist to it. It was able to create a bubble and conflict of emotions in the viewers because you can clearly see what is morally wrong but for some reason it feels right to do it even though there are glaring consequences. The actors were able to bring to life their characters therefore putting up an outstanding act and carrying us along so we are able to feel all of their emotions and that had their viewers captivated and almost unable to decide if doing the morally right thing is more important than the genuine happiness that is being felt despite doing the wrong thing. 

Purple Rose also taught us that love truly does have ups and down so if  two people are meant for each other, despite whatever problems they might encounter, they will still find a way back to each other somehow. The movie production, scripting, lighting, costume, make up were all very good and that goes to show that the Nigerian movie industry is getting better and they should be highly commended. Purple Rose is a movie I recommend for everyone to see.


 Purple Rose is one of the all round outstanding movies that has been produced in Nigeria because it stands out from all the normal Nigerian movies we are used to. The quality is also very high and impressive so I recommend Purple Rose for everyone. You won’t be disappointed. 

My favourite quote is by Thomas (Pascal Amanfo) : “Then what would you say if I told you you’ll never truly know what that means till you hear the sound of a guitar and set your eyes on a purple rose?”