A review of the Movie ‘Return of Sunday Dagboru’

Reviewer Olugbenga Toluwalogo John

Duration 1:45:31


Odunlade Adekola

Ireti Osayemi Adeoye

Kola Ajeyemi


Odunlade Adekola

Owolabi Ajasa

Sola Oyedele


Odunlade Adekola


On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate the movie a 5.




The movie is a Yoruba movie. It is set around a rural area in the south – western Nigeria. It  revolves around a ruthless hoodlum by name Sunday who with his gang terrorizes his neighborhood in other to get his way at all times. He was the notorious king pin of the Adugbo. He falls in love with a woman who leads him to Christ; it was while in love with this woman that he gets into trouble and is taken to a pastor who tells both him and his father that his problems are as a result of the girl he raped years ago. He finds out that the girl he raped is also the woman he broke her sacrifice pot few months ago. He is then told scared with making incisions on his body and private part by an herbalist whom the raped girl took him to. He was finally asked to prostrate and he was set free of the troublesome spirit.

Element of production (types of shot,picture quality,and make up)

·        Picture quality: The picture quality of the movie would get a 4 over 10 if I was to rate it. Some of the images were blurry while some too bright.

·        Make up: The make-up would get a 6 over 10 because for the kind of vicinity in which they were in it was OK

·        Types of shot: They did not really make use of the right kind of shot and this affected the way in which the message was passed across

Close up shot

Description: C:\Users\OLUGBENGA TOLUWALOGO\Pictures\vlcsnap-2015-10-29-20h23m01s134.png

Medium shot

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Wide shot

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The movie is a continuation of “Sunday Dagboru”.It is also divided into 2 parts the criminal and anti-criminal Dagboru. The criminal Dagboru was portrayed for more than half of the movie while the anti-criminal Dagboru wasn’t portrayed for the rest of the movie.

The movie portrayed the Nigerian society as being weak in dealing with criminals.A clear scenario was when Dagboru punched a guy to death and went scot free. It also portrayed the power of the tongue; when the mother of the rape victim placed a curse on Dagboru and it affected both Dagboru and her Child(the rape victim).

The movie was also badly directed as there were many unnecessary scenes in the movie.The camera position and shots were also not managed appropriately therefore not relaying the message well.