Producer: Mahmood Ali- Balogun.

Director: Mahmood Ali- Balogun.

Screenplay: Fani Kayode.


·         Joseph Benjamin

·         Genevieve Nnaji.


Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Duration: 1: 50

Movie rating:  6.1

Date of release: 2010

 Reviewer: Aderoju Adedunni

Matriculation Number: 14BE016549


Lola (Genevieve Nnaji) and Uzo (Joseph Benjamin) meet during her youth service and are married after a 3 year of courtship. On their wedding night Lola, a virgin is raped by armed robbers who broke into their hotel suite, right in front of her husband. Both bear the emotional and psychological trauma that the rape places on them. She is emotionally scared of having sexual relationship with her husband, while her husband bears the guilt of him unable to protect when she most needed him to. Their marriage is only two months and they are seeing a marriage counselor. It remains to be seen if they are able to break down the psychological walls that keep them apart.

Element of production.

Ø  Pictures: the pictures were so nice and clear unlike some Nigerian movies that will be blurry.

Ø  Sound effect: sound effects were not really used which I feel was to make audience focus on the movie unlike other Nigerian film that you find sound effects almost in every scene.

Ø  Costume: Ankara was mostly used in this film, which I feel is to celebrate the African culture.

Ø  Lighting: the lighting was okay and cool which was in line with the movie.

Ø   Camera shots: different camera shots were used in this movie. Examples are:

·         Long shot (LS):

·         Medium shot(Ms):

·         High angle:

·         Mid angle:


Tango with me is a contemporary story about forgiveness about some of our core values and our faith. A story that proves that above all, love does indeed conquer all.

There was a deal of silence in this movie; no use of unnecessary sound effect, few music that were used just flow to make it as emotional as possible and enables the audience to focus on the movie unlike other Nigerian movies that have different sound tracks in it. The production, sound quality, picture quality, location were all fantastic which made it a good movie.

The story imposes sobriety on us as we examine the societal values and teaches us priceless lesson about love and life. It reveals the under minded formula that solves looming challenges ravaging one’s marriage and even altar bound relationships. Joseph and Genevieve performances very passionate and drew you in.

I love the way Ankara was used as decoration in the movie, which also celebrates African culture, but at the same time, it was off because no one wears Ankara 24/7. The story line was just basic which made the movie simple though almost relating to the movie “Act of faith”.


Frankly, Tango with me is an entertaining movie although over hyped, which talks about love and forgiveness. This film is sure to provoke you emotionally and intellectually.