TITILE: Tempting Fate

PRODUCER:  Kelvin Nkem Nwankwor

DIRECTOR: Kelvin Nkem Nwankwor

YEAR:  2015

DURATION: 2 hours

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria


Genre: Drama

CAST: Ramsey Noah (Ugo), Dan Davies, Kimberley Kral (Tiffany), Tiffany Denish Tuner (Tracey),

Reviewer: Ayemere Francess Ainose -14BE016561

Synopsis: It is about two brothers, one of deep faith and the other buried in a life of crime have their worlds torn apart, then things goes wrong one goes to jail the other committed.


CAMERA SHOT: High shot

                           Extreme close up shot

                           Medium shot

                          Close up shot

                         Extreme close up shot

CAMERA ANGLE: Extreme angle

                                Mid angle

                                 Low angle

                               High angle



Ugo Okoye (Ramsey Noah) is an armed robber while his brother, Chinedu(Edu) Okoye (Andrew Onochie), is a devout Christian and a talented singer. Edu has cancer and has a girlfriend Tracy.

Edu’s cancer is worsening and Ugo needs to stay in his life of crime to pay for his brother’s surgery which is needed urgently. Ugo then decides to sell drugs(cocaine) and he brings it to the house he shares with his brother not knowing that he is been monitored by police. As they break into the house Edu was shocked and Ugo escaped but because Edu was caught red-handed, he takes the blame for his brother thinking that his brother would not do such a thing and because he loves his brother.

For his silence he is given 3 years jail term, which devastates his fiancée, who has to make a choice between waiting for him and moving on with her life. At the begning of the movie we would see the mother of Ugo and Chinedu about to die telling Ugo to take good care of his younger brother. It is inexplicable when siblings manifest such opposing values despite the fact that they were nurtured in the same home by the same parents. Could it be friends they kept or something else that influenced them.

Tracy (Giffany Denise Tuner’s) character is inconsistent, she just sits comfortably to drink with Ugo, and someone she despises if at all her body language is anything to go by. She is engaged to Chinedu but got pregnant for Ugo during Chinedu stay in prison.

The medical and crime aspect of the movie is actually good and the make-up done on Chinedu to show that he was critically sick was wonderful. Ramsey Noah acting as Ugo did a very good job in bringing the movie to life so much that we could not help but hate him which is the best thing an actor could do.

I think the movie is good, I like the fact that it was on the aspect of Christianity. I also appreciate the hard work and money that was put in it.

I loved the part where Chinedu found out about was his brother had done to his fiancée, and his reaction was very natural. The death scene were Ugo died was very painful to me I actually did not want him to die. And it was also funny because of the way he asked his brother the question of what happened between them.

Something that baffles me in the movie is the fact that Chinedu was arrested for Ugo’s crime. Does it mean that the detectives could not differentiate Chinedu from Ugo? They arrest Chinedu who is clearly not the same person they see strolling into the apartment. Ugo walks into the same police station twice and he is not arrested. REALLY?