Title of the movie: The Advocate

Genre: Drama

Director: Desmond Elliot

Producer: Dominion Bassey

Screenplay: Dominion Bassey and Effiong Akaniinyene

Locations: Cross- River state, Lagos state and University of Lagos 

Duration: 2:12:30

Year of release: 2012

Movie rating: 8/10

Main Cast: Desmond Elliot, Dominion Bassey, Eric Anderson, Ema Etukudoh, Maureen Ekpenyong and Rico Ekpenyong.

Reviewer: Aina Faith, 14BE016552


A movie about the daughter of a renowned pastor who died and came back to life after two days. Filled with a zealous spirituality after her encounter with God, she now stands as an advocate to fulfil her purpose by causing all her loved ones to get back to the place of righteous with God, particularly her father.

Elements of production

In the movie, camera movements, angles, shots such as

·         Tracking shot

·         Pan

·         Zoom in and zoom out

·         Long shots

·         Close up shots

Were used in the movie.


This movie stars Desmond Elliot, a popular Nollywood actor who acts the role of Pastor Ifiok, a renowned pastor who still acts in hypocrisy. His daughter, Caroline Ifiok tries to change him back to righteousness with God, after her encounter with God.

Basically, this movie is a Christian movie that aims at drawing Christians back to the place of righteousness with God.

The lead actress, Caroline Ifiok after her encounter, keeps on lecturing her father to stop being a hypocrite and using The name of God to make money. She also lectures her other loved ones such as Mary and Mercy to go back to the place of righteousness with God. The Advocate conveys the lesson of forgiveness and righteousness. The movie also shows the punishments that some persons reaped as a result of the evil they did in the past. For instance, Elder Patrick suffered a stroke because of he raped a girl in his church.

The lead actress acting was impressive and good for an upcoming Nollywood actress. While, Desmond Elliot displayed his great acting skills as usual.

Asides, the bad soundtrack and poor costume for the choir members, this movie gets an 8 out of 10 because there were a lot of valuable lessons to everyone in the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone particularly Christians because of the lessons entailed in the movie. This lessons will help us in our walk with God.

Favorite quote: “No evil goes unpunished and every good done will always get rewarded”.