Title of movie: The Figurine


 Producer: Kunle Afolayan


Director: Kunle Afolayan


Screenplay: Kemi Adesoye


Main cast:  Kunle Afolayan (Sola), Ramsey Nouah (Femi), Omoni Oboli (Mona)


Location: Martin Aworinlewo Museum and Lagos, Nigeria


Duration: 121 minutes, 50 seconds


Initially released: February 6, 2009


Rating: 9/10


Reviewer: Ohiemi Blessing Ojochenemi (14BE016595)


       This movie begins with a prologue about an old folktale of a goddess named Araromire and a little village which is named after her. The goddess is believed to grant her worshippers prosperity and good health for seven years and after those years, she takes away their prosperity, leaving with them misery and ill luck after which the villagers revolt against her and burn down her shrine after she strikes down her own custodian, the priest.


The main actors of the movie are Ramsey Nouah (Femi), Kunle Afolayan (Sola Fajure) and Omoni Oboli (Mona).


 They (the main actors) are done with their University Programme and have been posted to Araromire, the mysterious village for their NYSC Programme. Later on in the movie, after one of their tedious exercises, Femi and Sola are seen walking back to camp together when it begins to pour. They find shelter in a hut and there, the figurine, the goddess Araromire is discovered and stolen by Sola. Towards the end of the NYSC Programme, Mona meets Femi, her first love and breaks the sad good news of her marriage to Sola to him. She also does not hide the fact that she is pregnant. Femi is broken but holds his peace. Seven years after, everything works out well for the duo. Sola is rich and married to Mona, has a son and is expecting another, Femi is  now working and his ailing father gets well, Femi is no longer asthmatic and no longer needs glasses…well, seven years after, things turn out worse and it is traced to the figurine in Sola’s study.


In the movie, the theme of betrayal is portrayed. Femi (Ramsey Nouah) and Omoni Oboli (Mona) used to be close friends. It was clear that they were not as close as before when she (Mona) asks Femi. ‘What happened to us?’ it was clear that she was dating someone else (who was later found out to be Sola, Femi’s friend) instead of Femi, her first love.


Since they (Femi and Mona) left for Araromire, it was as though they were back together until Sola arrives and ‘steals her’ from Femi. The greatest form of betrayal is where she tolls Femi about her plans to get married to Sola and not hiding from him that she is carrying Sola’s baby.




In the movie, the African culture is also appreciated deeply and portrayed. This is actually the main focus of the movie. Take this away and all you have is just something abstract. The movie is centred on Araromire and her seven years of good and seven years of evil.


In the movie, the Dean of Archaeology tells Sola how priceless the artefacts in his office are and how he would not want to sell them to any foreign museum if contacted. If only some of us Nigerians could do that! I am really impressed with the show of appreciation for the African culture.


This movie goes deep into the roots of a community and shows us about their beliefs and paints for us a picture of the past. Here, I would like to commend Jovi Babs, the writer of the story. The plot of the movie is so unpredictable that one would have to stay glued till the end.  


Well, my favourite quote from the movie is, ‘this is not Jesus, it is Araromire’ this was made by Sola to Femi when he dropped the figurine on Femi’s lap and Femi reacted fearfully.


The sound quality was really good, thanks to the sound director and editor. The choice of music is good. It was nicely composed.


The lighting is okay; it improved the visual quality of the movie. Also, the colour grading is perfect. The black and white video of the story of Araromire is an excellent choice theme to tell an old story.


This movie is one of a kind! Kudos to the Director and Executive Producer of The Figurine, Kunle Afolayan. This is one movie that keeps one in suspense, trying to connect one end of a story to another. This movie was well planned and directed. It really takes a lot of creativity and dedication to birth this masterpiece. Thumbs up!




Camera placements and angles


 In the movie, these were some of the shots used:

Screenshot (122)Screenshot (103)

EXTREME LONG SHOT            high angle shot

Screenshot (130)Screenshot (117)

 MEDIUM CLOSE UP SHOT  over the shoulder shot                          

Screenshot (147)

  Low angle shot