Producer: Okwudili Ejiofor

Director: Henry Mgbemele

Screenplay: Henry Mgbemele

Main cast: Regina Daniels, Donbrymo Uchegbu, Mike Odiachi.

Location(s):Ajaji Hotels,Asaba; 

Duration: 1hr 20 min 

Date of release: 7th of August, 2016

Movie rating: 3 of 10


Synopsis:  This Nigerian Nollywood Ghallywood Movie is about a certain woman has been barren for sometime and is been mocked by her fellow women,when desperation set in she went to the river to ask the gods for a child which was granted to her,but the child became a mystery that no one can understand.

Elements of production: Medium shot

Review: The film is a nice movie. it had the dramatic effect it was meant to show. All this didn’t cover some of the inevitable situations done in the movie.

In the movie, there was a scene where the girl who was surprised to be a mermaid wasn’t what I expected. The costume she used for that scene was not realistic enough to make her look like one.

There was only one camera shot, which didn’t give the film the dynamism it was meant to take. Also, they could have used a material almost resembling a fish’s tail instead of the cloth they sew together.


Conclusion: The movie had a good ring to it but the title made me laugh at first which actually attracted me to see the contents but, it just made me think that Nigeria has a long way to go in edition and special effects. My favorite words were”Now it is time to take her back Nnwanfor receive your sight”. Thank you